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Thanks for your positive review of this film. Of all the many VHS films I rented when the VCR craze was in its glory in the 80's, THE REDEEMER is one of my favorites. From the moment I popped it into my player, and that scene of the foreboding lake appeared and the haunting music started playing, I knew this would be one weird film. Rich in symbolism, you are correct in saying that it requires more than one viewing to appreciate it. I've read several other reviews of it, and they're invariable snarky, without a clue as to what was going on. I enjoyed this film mainly because of the range of emotions it was able to arouse in me, enhanced, like you noted, by the score. Plus the fact that I always enjoy films that give you a few things to wonder about, along the way. Good job with this one!

William Z

Emails like this are why I love my job! It's nice to hear that other people love these neglected gems as much as I do. - Editor


Glad I found your site. There's a movie I've been looking for and no one seems to know anything about it. Movie in question was being shown on latenight television in the 80s. There is an evil witch in it who employs traps and tricks to deter the good knights from completing their quest. Not necessarily a quest. Any help in finding this movie is greatly appreciated.
A few more hazy details:
The movie is not Camelot.
Could be in black and white (or that I viewed it on a black and white screen).
Evil witch.
A knight trapped in a well.
A castle.
The dialogue is in English.
Thank you in advance for your help.

It sounds like THE MAGIC SWORD (1962), starring Basil Rathbone and Gary Lockwood. Do a Google search on the title and let me know if it is the film you are talking about. This use to show up endlessly on late night TV in the 70's & 80's, but like everything else, these movies were replaced by infomercials. Stupid informercials!!!!!!! - Editor

Snagged THE MAGIC SWORD from - it's in the public domain! Scanned it and it seems to be the movie I remember from way back. Are there similar movies? Thank you for your help - you've been great!

Glad it was the movie you were thinking of! As for similar films, try CAPTAIN SINBAD (1963), directed by Byron Haskin and starring Guy Williams as the title character. It's even better than THE MAGIC SWORD, in my opinion and it contains plenty of fantasy elements, including something in a box that I won't give away. - Editor

I'm covering Shout's LETHAL LADIES COLLECTION VOLUME 2 featuring THE ARENA, COVER GIRL MODELS, and FLY ME for DVD Drive-In.  I came across your Cirio H. Santiago page just now, which was valuable in helping me find out who played one of the main characters.  I'm not very well-versed in Fillipino exploitation, so I don't always recognize
faces of prolific actors, so I had no idea who played the secret agent character. Leo Martinez is credited in the closing cast scroll as "Tourist Guide" (his character has a name and he passes himself off as an importer, not a tour guide, which was the cover of the spy character in COVER GIRL MODELS).
Also, the Jonathan Demme-directed sequences (which do look like they are from an entirely different film) were shot by Stephan Katz, the cinematographer of MESSIAH OF EVIL.  Sean Doyle, also credited with the photography, was Katz's assistant cameraman on MESSIAH.
Anyway, thanks for the resource.  I'll have to give the page a thorough reading some time to see which Santiago films to actually seek out.

Eric Cotenas

Thanks for the valuable information, Eric. As far as what Santiago films to seek out: I would seek them all out, except for his two horror films (VAMPIRE HOOKERS; DEMON OF PARADISE). Those two are simply horrible! - Editor

Hey Fred, 

I'm a HUGE fan of your website. Got a quick question for you. Where in the world can a guy track down a copy of BATTLE RATS? I've looked everywhere for a VHS or DVD-R copy, but to no avail. Any suggestions on where to look would be very much appreciated. Thanks again for all the work you do.


Thanks for the kind words about my site. It is appreciated. A lot of these Filipino war actioners are near impossible to find in the States. I downloaded my copy off of Cinemageddon, a torrent site (and the only one I use). It seems the Dutch and the Greeks had lot of these films released on VHS in their countries. It also seems that unless you have a multi-region VCR and are willing to shell out big bucks for an original VHS copy, torrents are the only way to go. I don't like defending torrents sites because most of them deal in illegal copies of readily available films, but it is a double-edged sword because it is also the only way fans like you and me can get our hands on copies of these rare Filipino and Indonesian actioners. - Editor

Hey Fred, thanks for the response. That would be great if you could get me an invite. I actually never download movies. Sometimes I'll buy a DVD, but 99% of the time I'll track down a VHS copy somewhere. Half the satisfaction of watching these types of movies comes from being able to track them down in the first place. But some are just too hard to come across. So I give you my word I won't download anything I couldn't buy.  Anyways as a fellow VHS enthusiast, your website is like the holy grail of the internet.

Thanks again,


I was doing research on some '80s genre titles for a project I'm working on and stumbled across your website page on 80s video labels. I want to make a comment about the following:
According to Sal Richichi Jr. (who kindly emailed me with informative corrections), DEATH ROW DINER, EVIL SPAWN, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, and ROCK AND THE MONEY HUNGRY PARTY GIRLS were all Camp productions and not licensed product (as erroneously reported by Fred Olen Ray).
I was the Director of Acquisitions for Troma in 1987.  Fred Olen Ray sent me HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, of course I loved it.  I got together the theatrical dept (Carl Morano), home video (Ron ??) and foreign sales (Mike ??), long time -- only sporadically keep in touch with Carl (Media Blasters), and we came up with a sales projection.  We jointly went in to meet with Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz with a spreadsheet and ad campaign, asking that they sit there and watch the film.  After viewing the film I was authorized to make an offer.  Alas, as Lloyd and Michael are too cheap, they told me to offer Fred $10K for the negative (he was desperate for cash and wanted $20K).  Us staffers pleaded with Lloyd & Michael to go up to $20K as we'd make it back on one sale at MIFED.  Lloyd has the $10K/negative imprinted in his brain, for that he missed out on a number of really good titles that went on to acclaimand mega profits. This would have been August/September 1987.
I left Troma and joined Caridi Entertainment.  There we had an in-office meeting with Jim Golff of Camp Video (it turned out he went to school with the director [Scott Apostolou] of MUTANTS IN PARADISE that we distributed) to talk about them licensing some titles.  We licensed them one, I can't remember which.  This would have been 1988.  At that time Camp was a newish company.  It was at this meeting that Golff informed me that they had just put out HCH, he never mentioned that they were one of the producers.  (Then again, in this biz people who put up completion money usually wrangle themselves a credit that is a bit misleading.)
What's interesting is that Fred Olen Rey released it on his Retromedia Entertainment label in 2002 (American Independent Productions is his producing arm).

Peter (Last name withheld for legal reasons)

As far as Fred Olen Ray goes, he has threatened to take me to court on several occasions (it was all about his feud with Bill Rebane in Wisconsin), but I still love the guy. It doesn't surprise me that Retromedia Entertainment has released HCH on DVD. He always releases "iffy" legal titles and will retract them from distribution if he gets a legal letter from the proper rights holder. Let's just say that he doesn't go out of the way to find them (although, in his defense, finding the legal rights holders to some of these films can be a real hassle and sometimes it is downright impossible). Thanks for all the information! - Editor

Hello there,

I'm wondering if you can help me. I watched a film when I was younger, I can't remember alot and I can't even remember the name! Its really bugging me.
I'm sure it would of been from 1980's/1990's latest. The only details I can remember are some children playing around outside when they come across what looks like a massive mole hill. One stands on top but starts sinking/getting pulled down? There's some kind of population, if I can remember correctly they were dwarfs, that live underground and eat humans, or torture them.
I'm afraid thats all I got to go on, thank you for taking the time to read this, if you can't help no worries.

Thank you again,

It sounds like the film THE PIT (1981). Click on the link and let me know if it rings any bells! - Editor

My name is John Ninnis I be making this documentary on independent filmmaking in the UK.  Two of the subjects is Cliff Twemlow and Mike J. Murphy.
Just wondering if you know of them or their films.
John Ninnis

I know nothing about Cliff Twemlow, but I have seen some of the films of Mike J. Murphy and review his BLOODSTREAM (1985) on this site. He's not a good filmmaker by any stretch of the imagination (I call him "Britain's answer to Ted V. Mikels"), but he always manages to give his characters a very nasty edge. We here in the U.S. neeed to see more of his films. As far as I know, the only films of his to get a legitimate VHS release in the United Stares were THE HEREAFTER (1983; also reviewed on this site) and the ultimately weird post-apoctalyptic thriller DEATH RUN (1987). Even a popular site like The Internet Movie Database doesn't list his impressive resume of films. There was a minor shred of hope to see more of his films on DVD from a company called Sarcophilous Films, but they unfortunately went out of business after releasing a couple of his films. - Editor

I sure hope you can help me out once again.  I have some questions for you:
1. On BLOODY MOON, there is a rare VHS cover with CIC at the top right hand corner of the artwork box.  Do you know what is the name of the video company that did this?
2. I believe BLOODY MOON the DVD is from the Barrell Entertainment group.  I could not find anything out about them.  I don’t think they were around much and made very many movies.
3. The next question is about FUN HOUSE.  I believe the production company was MIDNIGHT VIDEO.  Is this correct? 
4. Also, is there a MIDNIGHT VIDEO from Japan and America?  I believe MIDNIGHT VIDEO in Japan is no longer there?
5. Is NIGHTMARE, done by Midnight Video?
6. And do you know anything about Sun Video?
I will appreciate you letting me know about this.  Can you let me know if the about is on your website and where to look for it&ldots;if you can &ldots;thanks.

Thanks very much,
Nancy J. Cole

Here are the answers to your questions:
1) CIC was a Canadian VHS label that released many films on VHS.
2) Unfortunately, Barrel Entertainment went out of business. Their most famous release was the two-disc DVD of LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET. They only released three or four films on DVD before they went out of business.
3) FUN HOUSE was an alternate title to LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET. The Sun Video version of that film is highly collectable. The Midnight Video version is a boot. I don't believe that it was ever released on VHS as THE FUN HOUSE.
4) There were Midnight Video labels around the world, including Japan, Great Britain and America. They are all no longer in business. There was also a gray market label called Midnight Video that went legit last year. They changed their name to Midnight Legacy and released ALIEN 2: ON EARTH (1980) on Blu-Ray and DVD.
5) NIGHTMARE was released by many companies, the most famous being Planet Video and Cinema Group Home Video (the uncut version). I don't think the legitimate Midnight Video label in the U.S. released the film. Code Red released the film on DVD.
6) I don't know much about Sun Video except that if you have any releases from them, they are worth a lot of money on the collectors circuit, especially their VHS of LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET.
I hope this helps - Editor


Thank you so much for the answers.  I really appreciate it.  My boyfriend will be so excited to get this information.  I am helping him with this and I am really getting into it.  I can see why so many people collect these VHS tapes.  Thanks again.


Dear Mr. Adelman,

My name is Brad Zybert and I have recently discovered your Critical Condition website.  I am VERY impressed with not only your site, but with the knowledge and enthusiasm you put into it.  I can tell you know what you are talking about and since you were writing about horror films at the time of its' release, I was hoping you could help me with some information on the writing credits for the Spanish film PIECES
I write a blog, under the psudonym JustinCase, about exploitation films, focusing mostly on the British Video Nasties. While researching the film, I came across numerous references to Aristide Massaccesi/Joe D'Amato using the alias John Shadow for his writing credit. While this has been repeated in numerous places, I have yet to see any real proof of his authorship.  There is another filmmaker named John W. Shadow who is credited on imdb with writing PIECES.  This John Shadow was married to actress Ewa Aulin who divorced Shadow in 1972. She then starred in Massaccesi's DEATH SMILES AT A MURDERER in 1973. The connection this woman makes between the two men causes me to question whether John Shadow is an alias for Joe D'Amato at all.  Mr. Adelman, I can see that you are an authority on genre films with many more years of experience writing about them than myself (and you may know all of what I have said already), and so I ask you: Where can I find the real facts of who wrote this film?  Dick Randall, J.P. Simon and Massaccesi have all died, so I can't ask them!  Is this information to be found anywhere? Have I missed something?  I would really appreciate your help, and I will be sure to give you credit on my blog with any information you can provide.  I would like to thank you again for all of your hard work on Critical Condition, you have opened my eyes to the existence of films I had never heard mentioned anywhere else.  I will keep reading as long as you keep writing.

A million thanks,
Brad Zybert

Brad: I have been hearing this rumor for years and there is no concrete proof that Joe D'Amato had anything to do with the screenplay or the story. I'm more inclined to believe that Juan Piquer Simon was using the alias "John Shadow" (Both names begin with "JS") when writing the screenplay to PIECES. The film contains Simon's patented inaccuracies: Push-button phones and plastic bags in the 1940's prologue and "What The Fuck" moments like the martial arts guy appearing out of nowhere. I'm also a big fan of Joe D'Amato, but this film bears none of his handiwork. At least in my opinion. - Editor


I love your site (great review selection), but I was reading your WRESTLEMANIAC write-up and noticed that you list Rey Misterio as the WWE's Rey Mysterio's father, which is not the case. They're related, but Rey Sr. is Rey Jr.'s uncle.

Joey Vintage

Thanks for the information and I've changed it on the review. Without readers like you, my web site would be chock-full of errors. Keep up the good work (and that goes for everyone who have found or will find a mistake in my reviews). - Editor

I have a VHS that I just found that I have never seen before and not that its a movie I haven't heard of its just I have never seen this release or even heard of this video company. I have seen a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Video Warehouse release but the cover looks nothing at all like this one. This VHS actually kind of resembles the Sun Video releases where they have a sticker of some sort on the slipcase where in these pictures I show you they have sticker labels on the cover. It's the movie PSYCHOMANIA with George Sanders, but I have never seen this release. I'm sure its rare or maybe its even junk I just want your expertise on this. The front label picture is a sticker and the synopsis on the back is a sticker label as well. Here's the pictures (click link to see the actual photos). Lemme know what you think.

Albert Moschetti

That's one of countless early budget releases (usually recorded in the crappy EP or LP modes) for this film, which was in the public domain since the late 70's. It's really not worth that much, unless someone collects every known version of PSYCHOMANIA (hey, stranger things have happened!). Judging by that generic face label on the VHS tape itself, I'm willing to bet that there weren't too many produced (if I were to hazard a guess, I would say this particular version of the film was sold between 1985 - 1988). Cable channel Turner Classic Movies (TCM) shows a great widescreen version of this film occasionally. It's really the only way to view it, in my opinion. - Editor

Hey man, we've never officially communicated but I've seen you around Facebook and I bought quite a few tapes from your Wensy auctions last year. I know from your blog that you are one of the few experts on NTSC releases and distribution companies.
I would like your opinion on the following:
I have in my possession several sealed (not factory) copies of THE DEVIL WALKS AT MIDNIGHT from Regal Video (1985). I sold one of these to a person in the Collector's group about two months ago. He recently opened it and made the claim that the tape is a BOOT due to the difference in the case (hard plastic vs. soft clam) and the weight of the tape.
For the record, we've talked it over and there seems to be no bad blood at this point. I sent him a "make good" item just for the trouble, but I don't fully concede that the copies I have are boots.
Compared to other ex-rental Regals I own, the case IS different. The insert is flat on the blank side vs. glossy (double-sided) on the older versions. And the tape itself is much lighter (EPish vs. heavier SP). One of the obvious giveaways is that the film starts with the Saturn Productions logo and has a semi-trailer reel at the end showing only the covers of other Saturn releases.
Keep in mind, this item was sealed when I sold it. Had I known it was somewhat different from other Regals I have, I would have held back.
In your experience, have you seen Saturn "sell-throughs" with every marking of a Regal release? The insert/tape label both say Regal. The film says Saturn. Is it possible that this is merely a late generation Regal (made with a cheaper kit) released by Saturn? Did Saturn at some point buy Regal's catalog?
Your one of the few people I would actually trust with an opinion. With so many self-appointed experts, it's hard to determine what's real. I'm basically having to prove a negative with this. I would much rather be able to say what this IS than what it IS NOT.
If possible, and if you're interested, I would be more than happy to send you one of the sealed copies of this tape for you to examine (at no cost, of course). I would really appreciate any feedback you could offer.

Benny Junko

So many things happened at the end of the VHS era, that anything is possible. That being said, though, I believe that the tapes are boots. Regal sold their film rights to Video Treasures in the U.S. and Interglobal Home Video in Canada, not Saturn, and Video Treasures and Interglobal released all the Regal films in regular cardboard slipcases, not clamshells, usually recorded in the inferior LP or EP Modes. Sorry to tell you that. There's a lot of VHS boots being sold as the real thing. It started with Japanese tapes and then moved across the Pacific Ocean and U.S. tapes were being booted. All it takes is a couple of VHS recorders, a computer and a fairly good inkjet or color laser printer. Also. most bootleggers own a plastic sealer, so their product looks unopened. - Editor

Hi Fred,

I recently read online that you're no longer with us!!! Can this be a prank or sick rumour or, if true, is there anyone else now reading your emails?
Critical Condition is a wonderful source of info, images and amusingly opinionated reviews and I just wanted to know that it'll be online for years to come, even if maintained by someone else?
Hope you're still there!!!

Adrian Luther-Smith
(author of Blood and Black Lace and Delirium, many moons ago)

Adrian: Call it a sick prank, rumor, or whatever else these hackers do, but I am still here. Read the letter directly across from yours to see the full story. Sometimes, people can be real assholes and they deserve whatever justice is meted out to them. As for Critical Condition: It will be around for a long. long time. I have it in my will (which is fully legal and binding!). VHS will never die! - Editor


I like many in the VHS community was sad to hear of Fred's passing, from forum reading I understand a lot of his tapes he hadn't sold himself were being used to pay back rent? And that his childhood friend would be keeping the website going, will there be further sale/auction of VHS to help take care of costs? There are many in the community who would like to assist and help keep Fred's treasures alive rather than them going thrown out or going to someone who doesn't place the proper value on them. In particular, if you, the caretaker of Fred's site/estate, do eventually read this, I have been in the pursuit of the film DEMON DOLLS for nearly 20 years since it's release, Fred has a review for it on his site and I always wanted to believe he possessed an actual copy of this forgotten film. I also know Fred backed up his VHS to DVD-Rs. If a VHS or DVD-R of this film does exist, I would like to contribute to helping pay any outstanding debts by purchasing this and possibly other films, if this film is nowhere in Fred's archives please let me know of any future auction sites or estate sales, thank you.

Well, as you probably know by now, I'm still alive & kicking. As for DEMON DOLLS, that review was part of the FILMS ON THE FRINGE section of the site and all the reviews there were written by expert no-budget reviewer/filmmaker Mario Dominick. If anyone has an original VHS of that film, it will be Mario. - Editor

Hey what's going on man? I love your site its very helpful and you are very knowledgable. I have a quick question I went digging in a local store today and I found a Unicorn Video clamshell by the name of "THE PIRATES OF THE COAST" but I can't seem to find any information about this Unicorn release ANYWHERE and I wonder how rare this thing is. I took a picture. I'll post it below I would just like your critic on my little problem here. I found info about the movie but not of this VHS and I can't find any pictures either. Please get back to me thanks!

Albert Moschetti

PIRATES OF THE COAST is a 1960 Italian swashbuckler directed by Domenico Paolella. It is the first that I have seen that Unicorn clamshell, so if I were you, I would pick it up! As far as I know, it is rare. I've seen a U.S. poster of the film go for over $500 and have never seen another VHS of the film from any other U.S. company. - Editor

Yea, no I bought it immediately. LOL. Whenever I see Unicorn I grab it but I've never seen that clamshell either I just wanted to know what the deal was.. I guess I snagged a gem lol for cheap.

A man after my own heart. Good man! You can't let something like this slip through your fingers. This is why I love doing this. I get to see something on VHS I never saw before on a regular basis. It warns the cockels of my heart! - Editor

Hi Fred, 

A special Thanks for the incredible package you sent of DVD-Rs as I actually got it on Monday this week. WOW, I have only viewed partial files and it is mind blowing awesome. I have to take a easy on viewing til the weekend because I am staying up too late the last few days.
Thanks also for the free movie, I never heard of it but it sounds good. I had a moment to send you  the newest Cinema Sewer issue, its a bit thin in quantity but not bad. A trend in Vancouver is really good book stores closing forever, some places I use to rely on for horror/exploitation books are simply vanishing, all going on-line. I will not be a stranger and will continue to check your website and see how your doing.

Thanks once more,
John Borkowski

Thanks, John, for the nice words about by Binder Scan and Complete Scan disc offers. Nearly everyone who has received them seem to love them. It took a lifetime to collect these items and nearly a year to scan them all. Believe me, they are worth every penny. As for Cinema Sewer (Thanks for sending me the issue, btw!), I absolutely think CS editor/owner Robin Bougie is one of the best writers of genre-related films and adult movies today. I simply love everything he does and encourage everyone to Google Cinema Sewer and become a regular subscriber. There really is a total lack of good zines out there (Has anyone read Tim Lucas' overblown 24-page article on "Continental Op"? in Issue #168 of Video Watchdog? It certainly wasn't my cup of tea [He seems intent of creating new catch-phrases and failing miserably] and shows the shift in tone the zine has taken in the past couple of years. That is why I no longer subscribe to it and I was a subscriber since the very first issue.) and Cinema Sewer is a must for genre fans who don't take offense to drawings and photos of naked female bodies. For Christ's sake, search it out! Subscribing is really the only answer because all the major bookstore chains (not only the ones in Canada) are closing up shop or have cut back on their magazine section. - Editor


I am looking for the name of a movie. The only thing I remember about it was two guys fighting in the streets bare knuckles. They were nude and they used their penises too fight by grabing the guy's head and jumping at him hitting him with his penis and two nuns were betting on the fight. It was probably made in the 1970’s but I saw it in I think it was 1985-1986. I think it was a low budget comedy type movie but not sure. Could you help or don't you think you know what the movie was called?

Robert McLellan

Penis fighting? Nuns betting on the outcome? Where can I find this film? Sorry, Robert, I haven't got a clue what the film could be (It's not STREET TRASH - 1987 or SOUL VENGEANCE - 1975, which both deal with penis violence), but if I were a betting man, it sounds like some Troma film  or some 70's Hong Kong martial arts film to me. Maybe some reader could fill us in? - Editor

And here's the answer:

Dear Mr. F. Adelman  

You posted an e-mail from a 'Robert McLellan' that's near the bottom of Page 3 of your 'E-mails From Famous People And Fans'.  In case no one has answered you elsewhere the movie containing the scene with the 2 naked men fighting with their 'loins' with a couple of nuns standing to the side betting is NIGHT PATROL (1984).  Directed by Jackie Kong.  That scene was meant to depict a REAL cockfight!  Instead of roosters there were ostensibly nude men in an alley fighting it out!  You don't actually see any naked 'parts', but you do see a nun shouting to one of them "Get him you bitch!".  First released on NEW WORLD VIDEO and then STARMAKER and probably by myriad DVD companies by now. 
 Also, I believe you're located in New Jersey.  Should you ever have a cause to come to the Atlanta area I have LOADS of VHS tapes perhaps you could use to scan for your site?  I cannot do it myself, but if ever you mosey down to GA, USA  I have bunches of aging VHS tapes from 1977- 1989.  Magnetics, Allied's, Fotomats, Astrals, Meda/Media's, Imperials, Unicorns, Electric Video, Inc., VCI's, United's, Warner Big Boxes, you get the idea.


Mr. Adelman:

I'm Italian, I apologize for my bad English. Congratulations for your beautiful site. I often come in it during my researches... I’m writing a book on the cult movies of the 80's. I really don't know how to reach Sal Richichi, co-head along with James Golff of the C.A.M.P. Video. I'd be happy to ask Mr. Richichi some questions on DEATH HOUSE and TERROR NIGHT (both produced by Nick Marino, with the C.A.M.P.'s involvement) and DEATH ROW DINER, shot in the same sets of DEATH HOUSE. I found in your site that you received an email from Mr. Richichi (I don't know the year, I hope the message is not too old and his email still is active) about some films produced by his company. I ask you if you can forward on to Mr. Richichi my request. I'll close my book at April 2013. My questions are on: How C.A.M.P. Video became involved with the Nick Marino's productions, recollections of the shot and the making of (I'm aware that TERROR NIGHT was a really troubled production). Mr. Adelman, thanks for your time and attention. I assure you a quote in the "special thanks" page for your "logistic" help if you'll manage to do this "connection"... Happy 2013.

Best regards,
Francesco  Borseti  
(Rieti, Italy )

Francesco: I sent you the email address of Sal Richichi, but be aware that it is over four years old and may not be operational now. I've had the same email address for over 13 years, so you never know. Good luck with your book and I look forward to reading it when you get it published. We need more books on the genre films of the 80's, especially the lesser-known ones. Thanks for the kind words about my site. Your English is great as far as I'm concerned. And please, call me Fred. - Editor

I just browsed your site Critical Condition and just have this quick question, I'm trying to identify this horror film I watched when I was young. This is the description I gave on
"The hero is some kind of Indiana Jones poltergeist investigator, he wears a red track suit because his work is physical. At the beginning a taxi or chafeur drops him off at a house where his first job begins and he fights flying cutlery and furniture. At the end of the film he's in some kind of arabic temple where an arabic magician shoots flames and beams out of his body, but then this hero gets taken over and goes all zombie-like and also shoots flames and beams out of his body at the bad guys."
Do you have any ideas? I've been through loads of obscure titles but haven't yet seen anything like it. It has a aura about it like The Keep....but any suggestions would be good (someone said ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE LOST TREASURE!!)


As far as I know, there is no such film as ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE LOST TREASURE, but there is a 1986 film titled ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD and an Asylum Film titled ALLAN QUATERMAIN AND THE TEMPLE OF SKULLS (2008). Neither is the film you are talking about. As a matter of fact, I'm stumped, but the description you give makes it sound like some 70's - 80's Hong Kong or Italian fantasy. If anyone out there knows the title, please email me. - Editor


While researching posters and ads for SECONDS (the 1966 John Frankenheimer movie), I found this image on your website:
Would you by any chance happen to still have the original ad that the scan came from?  If so, would you be interested in selling it?  I’d love to add it to my collection.  Please let me know.  Thanks in advance for your time!

Jason Pritchett

Yes, I do have the original ad, but it is part of a binder series of TV Guide ads from 1972 that I do not want to split up. I've attached a 300dpi scan of the ad, so you can print it out. Hey, it's better than nothing! LOL - Editor

Fred, can you please remove your bad review from my Amazon E-zine? I don’t make much from writing and publishing Monster Menagerie Magazine. The 70 cents a month stopped completely after you wrote a bad review. Furthermore, the fact that you maintain a website that covers the same film genre puts your review in the position of a conflict of interest. I’ve been a published author, covering monster conversations for paper magazines since 2010 and I’ve learned that getting along with our fellow Monster Fans has more benefits than being snarky. I learned early on that being snarky in my reviews didn’t help me, but writing positive reviews opened doors! A lot of doors!

Thank you. 

98% of my reviews on Amazon are positive. For you to get a negative review from me (a long, long time ago!) must mean that the writing didn't please me. I have been running my website since 1999 and published a zine since 1982 before then. I will try to remove my negative review, but something like that goes against everything I stand for. I saw your snarky comment about me on Facebook and was not happy about it. You did the same thing you accused me of doing. I am not about writing positive or negative reviews. I am about telling it like it is. Give me some time to think about this. - Editor

(One Day Later...)

I removed my negative review from Amazon. I read my post and saw how unfair it was. Sorry about the negative comment. I hope my deletion gets you where you want to be. I do apologize for being such a prick in my review. I must have had a very bad day to write such a review, because I am usually not that nasty. Please accept my apology. I am usually a very fair person. - Editor

In your review of ENCOUNTERS IN THE DEEP (1979), you mention "Tonino Ricci directed a film called CAVE OF THE SHARKS (1978) made back-to-back with this film, also starring Andres Garcia, which touches on many of the points in this film, but it is very hard to find (I tried). When I find a copy, I will be reviewing it." Attached is a PDF from my "Mexican Film Bulletin" (way back in 2006) that reviews this film.  I have a copy (can't remember where I got it, but it was probably somewhere online, possibly on cable TV) and I can make you a DVD copy if you like.  However, it is Spanish-language only.  I saw the film so many years ago that I don't have any strong memories of it (in fact, I wasn't even sure I'd seen it!).  I also got a copy of "Encuentros en el abismo" a few years back but never got around to watching that one.
I've enjoyed your website for quite a few years now--film reviews, obits, general commentary, etc.  Keep up the good work.

Dr. David Wilt

No need to bother, I found a fairly good copy of the film on DVD. A review of the film will be coming shortly. Thanks for the nice words about my little website. I know I have fallen behind in my obituaries, but I promise to catch up and try to keep it current. As you can see, I have been concentrating on Italian or Italy co-produced films for the past year and I have been getting a lot of good responses, so I'm going to continue reviewing them until I run out of titles (which I don't see happening any time soon!). Keep on reading and I will keep on writing. Thanks again. - Editor

I have tried to look for a movie I watched with my friends when I was a teenager. It is a really bad horror/scifi-movie where some robots are killing people at a park at night, as far as my memory goes. My friends and I loved the movie, because it was so badly made. I can only remember one line from the movie, wich is: “Look at me while I rape you, damn it”. When I googled that line, only your homepage turned up. I tried to look for the line in your writing about scifi-movies, but since you have written so much, I kind of gave up, since Danish is my native language. Can you help me with the title of the movie??? Maybe you can look up the line in the text, that is on your homepage?


This is an easy one to answer. That quote came from the Italian post-apocalypse film ENDGAME (1983), directed by Joe D'Amato as "Steve Benson. It's my favorite film of that genre! - Editor

I succeded in making a copy of your description as a pdf and could look up the line I wrote you about. It turned up, that the line was from ENDGAME. I have mixed up two movies, because ENDGAME is not the movie with the robots that kill people in a park at night. Maybe you know the movie with the killer robots, as I would also like to find the title of that movie? I can remember, that one of the small robots only has one eye, and is often blinking with it, in the way humans (and many other species do). Can you help me out about the movie with the killer robots, or if not, then send me a suggestion on where to look it up on the internet or whom to contact, if you through your network  might know somebody, with an interrest in horror/scifi-movies, like your own interrest? I hope that you can help me out!?

That killer robot movie you are talking about could only be director Tim Kincaid's ROBOT HOLOCAUST (1986), a cheapjack sc-fier with nothing much to offer the genre besides boredom and bad acting. - Editor

Hi Fred,

I have been hunting for a film that I saw some time ago. I only remember one scene and while that's not much to go on it is a rather unique scene.
The setting appeared to be a castle dungeon/dining room with characters sitting at a large table. I believe a woman was at the head of the table but I do not know the actress's name. In the scene while having a meal, a nude young woman is brought into the room and restrained for the guests to see. The young woman is then subjected to rat torture in which a metal pot/cauldron is placed against her stomach with rats in it and a torch applied to the container as to cause the rats to attack her and burrow out through her stomach. It was a gory scene from what I remember.
This is the only scene from the film that I remember and finding it so that I can finally make sense of the whole reason the girl was killed and what the film was about overall has been haunting my mind. I found your page while searching for it and have enjoyed finding the films you review and watching them as a break from my studies.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.


The Rat "torture" device is used in a lot of films, but I believe the movie you are describing is EPITAPH (1987), sometimes referred to as MOMMY'S EPITAPH. If the film wasn't EPITAPH, it could be TERROR AT ORGY CASTLE (1971). It also has a strikingly similar scene you described. It's a softcore horror film full of nudity and sex, so this scene came as quite a surprise. Let me know if I can help you with anything else. - Editor


I appreciate your help in finding those films. Both fit what I asked for and I watched both just to be sure I saw the one I wanted. I'm happy to finally know the whole story to which one it was I saw years ago (EPITAPH).

Thank you,

It always makes me happy when I can solve someone's longtime memory mystery! - Editor



Can I just say thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of Godfrey Ho? Every since I read your NINJA TERMINATOR review I've been sweeping up as many Ho/Lai films as possible, and over here (Glasgow, Scotland) these ninja films usually turn up very cheap, in 2 for 1 deals. Also - thanks for making me aware of regional filmaking too - these flicks also seem to make their way over here - films like "THE DREADED" and "DARK HERITAGE".
Great site - just about the only one I read now. I thought I had a fairly large collection of films but it's just a drop in the ocean compared to sheer amount covered on Criticon. For the last ten years or so I've been mainly concentrating on Italian movies, but now, after reading your reviews, I think I'll try picking up some Phillipino stuff. There's a company in the US called Popflix that seems to be selling 5 movie box sets of Italian crime films for practically pennies - I've picked up fifteen films for under ten pounds, and got some really rare stuff like "BIG GUNS - TONY ARZENTA", "CONFESSIONS OF A POLICE CAPTAIN" and "THE LONG ARM OF THE GODFATHER". Good stuff. If you're interested I can give you a list of what I've got, if there's anything you're missing.
Bizarre thing is - these films are hard enough to get, but in Rome you go to any street market and pick them up for about 2 Euros a pop - last time I was there I picked up the SYNDICATE SADISTS, CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT (based on your review - cheers), SEVEN DEATHS IN THE CATS EYE, and NIGHTMARE BEACH.
So - keep up the good work. I actually found your site looking for information on the film "THE STRANGENESS". There's a couple of films I'm trying to track down from vague childhood memories, but I won't bother you with that just yet until I've done my research (I understand you're a busy man).
P.S I noticed you gave praise to Tangerine Dream and their fans - I've passed this on to a Tangerine Dream uber-fan (he dragged me to Edinburgh to see them a couple of years back).

Steven Jackson

Anyone who doesn't like Tangerine Dream is really not a film fan in my book (just listen to their music in director Michael Mann's THIEF - 1981). I'm glad you and your uber-fan friend are fans. Same thing for Godfrey Ho. It takes a strong constitution to enjoy his films. You sound like the perfect candidate! - Editor

Hello there

I was  trying to look for a old movie when i saw when i was a kid but havent found it, saw your collection in the GUILTY PLEASURES section of your site, but couldn't find it here, I was wondering if you can help me?
What I remember about the movie is this:
A plane is hijacked and landed on a island, then they killed all they males and keep the females , there seem to be a girl that is the daughter of someone important, governor or president or something like that, then the girls are drugged and raped, one of the scenes I remember is the soldier guy injecting himself with something before raping one of the girls in a bamboo made chair bed?
Then they tried to escape and some of them are killed and one of the girls is killed by one of the Indians with an arrow , not very old movie.
Do you think you can help me? I would really appreciated it.
It took me a while to find ANIMAL INSTINCTS and CAGED HEAT 2.

Freddy Chan

It sounds like the film JUNGLE WARRIORS (1984). Let me know if I am correct or wrong. - Editor

I just saw your great presentation and of course loved your VidAmerica write up.  Having been the GM and worked with VidAmerica from 1980 until the end, it brings back fond memories and I appreciate the research done to cover that whole era in our industry.  It brought back some very fond memories that have been filed away in the recesses of my mind.
Not sure if you know, there was a remake of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE done last year (2010) and I was involved as one of the executive producers. Released by Anchor Bay.
Any way, please feel free to include me in your mailing list and thank you again for this great work. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

Best regards,
Gary Needle

It's nice to get things right every now and then and I thank you for your validation. I've seen the I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE remake on DVD and enjoyed it very much. It was one of the better 70's remakes to come down the pike in quite a while. I'm looking forward to more of your work. - Editor

Hi there, 

I was browsing your website, and I see you have a copy of "5 DEADLY ANGELS".
I'm looking for the uncut version of "DEADLY ANGELS STRIKE BACK".  A clip of all the fighting action was put up on a website which I downloaded, but when viewing the clip, it looks like alot of scenes are not complete. For example, there is a scene in which Eva Arnaz (I think) and her Angels....are fighting a guard in a captive prison scene. She arm strikes him to the ground, before what looks like is going to be an awesome stomp scene to the guard. The yell is there and even the sound effect, but the visual scene is gone! She then throws the captives a set of keys.
I guess there are loads of cut scenes in the version I saw? It was unfortuantely also in German language with no subtitles.
I have the clip, so can mail it over if you are unsure. 
Many thanks, :)

No need to send me the clip, Mark. The Germans are known for cutting films to shreds. It's unfortunately part of their political climate right now (and back in the 80's & 90's), but things are slowly beginning to change. Usually the Greeks and the Dutch had the uncut versions of foreign action films (usually dubbed in English with their country's subtitles) on VHS. Like I have said many times before, they were lucky bastards. - Editor


Love the site.  
I'm a big Wizard Video/Charles Band fan and would love to know more about the underworld/murder story rumor you hinted at with the Media company. 

Anthony Maranville

If I told you, I would have to kill you! - Editor

I am trying to find out the value of a VHS tape. STANLEY starring Chris Robinson by Gemstone Entertainment. It is still in factory wrap. The cardboard sleeve is green. On the front is a multi colored snake, a burning building with a man laying in the doorway and a woman running away. On the back is a picture of Chris Robinson with a snake around his shoulders. He is standing next to a tree. There is no date. The number is 5193.
Any help would be great.


Sorry to say Paul that I'm 99.9% sure that this tape is recorded in the inferior EP (SLP) Mode. Gemstone was a budget label and most of their tapes are nearly unwatchable (especially on today's LED or Plasma TVs). It's also the cut TV version. The only uncut version of STANLEY released on VHS was from VidAmerica. That's not to say that someone on an auction site wouldn't pay good money for the tape if he/she was a STANLEY completist. Good luck! - Editor


A kung fu collector/fan here at the end of my rope searching for some possible rare tapes! A video catalogue from a company called Lex International indicates a number of martial arts/horror films were released under their "Orchid" label in the early 80's. Besides a review in an older book, none of the collectors I know have any evidence that these tapes were released anywhere, even though the catalogue claims they were sold in the US. The titles are below:
SHADOW FIST CHASER/BRUCE LEE'S SHADOW FIST (only film I can find a copyright claim for)
CHINESE WHIMSY (possible release from Orchid though I could be wrong)
Have you ever seen or heard of the Orchid label from Lex International Video? Is there anywhere I can go besides the US Copyright database to find more info? Figured I'd ask everyone I can and you appear to have some broad knowledge on this topic.

Best regards,
Erik Knutsen

I can't say that I ever heard of Orchid, but it is quite possible that they were a regional VHS label that never released tapes in my area. It amazes me that I continually discover unheard of VHS companies from the 80's at least once a week and Orchid is merely another one. It's those titles of the martial arts films that you supplied that really has me stymied. I have no ad mats for any of those titles and, believe me, that's quite a feat. Maybe Orchid retitled better-known martial, arts films and released them under the titles you supplied. Sorry I couldn't be more help, but maybe an eagle-eyed reader has more information. - Editor

Very, very good stuff. I absolutely love your site.
Two things:
First, I love the older, B movies from becoming a MST3K fan back in the day. The show helped me appreciate the obscure and sometimes really bad movies that hardly anyone has seen.
Second, I work in Shelby, NC. You know? Earl Owensby’s hometown. The office where I work has been used, I think, in one of his films. The father or my employer knows him and was associate producer for “CHAIN GANG.”. We actually have some of his movie posters in our flat files.  I’ve actually only seen one of his films. At the time it was titled, “ROTTWEILER 3-D.” (reviewed on this site as DOGS OF HELL). A bunch of us went to the movies to watch it because a few local personalities were in the movie. Seeing them getting mauled by dogs was really strange.
Keep up the good work. You are now one of my favorite and I will be coming back often to get an idea of what “bad” movies I need to watch.

Todd Clapp

Thanks for the information, Todd, and the nice words about the site. It's always great when someone appreciates your work. We all need a little validation every now and then! - Editor


A few years ago I emailed you about SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED and you said that you had seen the film several times in the early mid-1970's before it was cut. Do you happen to remember what Karen sees in the shower when Prell and Company are trying to scare her to death? She looks opens the shower curtain and is horrified by what she has seen, but there is a obvious cut in both video and audio in all extant prints of the film and we don't get to see what horrified her.
Thanks for any info you can give me.


I'm afraid we'll never know what Karen sees in the shower. That cut is in all the prints I have seen, both theatrical and on home video. It must have been something quite hideous to get cut to achieve an R-Rating. Or, knowing Michael Findlay, it was never filmed at all. - Editor

First off, I gotta say that your work over the years has been awesome.  Thank you.
Next, I found a copy of REVENGE OF THE MERCENARIES at a small pawn shop on the Canadian prairies.  It does not include any credits before or after the film.  The only thing I have to go on is what is printed on the box and that is not much.  Do you know anything more?  Have you heard of AVEC as a company?


Ah, this old chestnut! I'm afraid unless the persons that actually made the film comes forward, we will never know who directed it. All I do know is that it was shot on video (SOV) sometime in the mid-80's in Canada and was also released as THE BOUNTY HUNTERS (also without any credits). The AVEC VHS tape of REVENGE OF THE MERCENARIES is fairly easy to come by (although expensive) and many people are selling bootleg DVD-Rs of the Video-To-Video VHS version under THE BOUNTY HUNTERS name. - Editor

Sweet!  That is more than I had.  I appreciate your reply.

Hello Fred,

We've never met, but I love your site.  I wrote you some time ago about a movie I'm still as eager as ever to find a copy of -- "FLY ME."  You are the ONLY person I know of with a copy!  We had a brief exchange quite a while back but, since you're plenty busy with more pressing business, nothing came of it.
I live in Los Angeles now and have been asking about this title with friends at conventions, the New Beverly theater, Amoeba, everywhere!  No luck at all.
If you could possibly point me in the right direction on this or perhaps accept a donation towards your website in exchange for a copy, I'd be happy to work something out.  I promise, although it won't be easy, not to bug you about getting copies of any other titles!

Thank you for any help!

As you probably know by now, Shout! Factory has put out an edition of FLY ME as part of their LETHAL LADIES COLLECTION VOLUME 2 triple feature DVD set. It's not in the the best condition and is missing some bits here and there (especially at reel  changes), but it is the best you're ever going to see this film. I recommend it wholeheartedly. - Editor

Good Afternoon,

Do you know if the movie, “CONVICT WOMEN” with Mickey Rooney came out on VHS tape? And does this movie have A/K/A title for it.
But I cannot locate a photo of the CONVICT WOMEN VHS tape.
Any help will be appreciated.


The film was available from Prism Entertainment under the title THUNDER COUNTY. It was also available from Something Weird Video under the title SWAMP FEVER (now discontinued). And finally, it was released as budget tapes with the titles CELL BLOCK WOMEN and WOMEN'S PENITENTIARY XI. Search eBay. You should find a copy under one of those four titles for a pretty low price. And now it is available on DVD under its original title (from an unknown company called Seedmans Group, so buyer beware)! - Editor


I'm really impressed by your website and your huge knowledge regarding horror movies.
I was wondering if you could help me to identify a horror movie from my childhood.
I guess it's from the 80's. A father and a son. The father thinks he is going crazy. He says something like: "you're not crazy if you can estimate 30 seconds with your eyes closed" and tests himself this way. When he looks into a mirror there is some weird pulsating stuff growing out of his forehead. As I remember, even a worm-like thing pops out of his “third eye” (like in “FROM BEYOND”, but this worm appears maybe only once and doesn't hurt anyone, just frighten). The man takes pills to stop this. Strange things are also happening to his son. The son has been taken to a hospital, but the father takes him home, because he doesn't want doctors to examine him...
Sorry, I don't remember much and some details may be incorrect. I would really appreciate any information regarding this movie.

Thank you.
And thanks again for a great website ;)
Alexander Suvorov

Wow, this one has me stumped. It doesn't ring a bell at all. Maybe some CritCon reader will recognize the plot and solve this mystery! - Editor

Great site, but how about a "best of" section for your personal favorites?

Cody Janssen

Well, Cody, a "best of" section is a great idea, except for one thing: My tastes are always changing, so I would be changing the section constantly. That is why I have a GUILTY PLEASURES section. It's full of films I should dislike, but for one reason or another, I find myself watching them over and over. I will tell you one thing and this will never change: The first time I saw PHANTASM (1979) in a theater, I was in Film Heaven. It still remains one of my favorite films and I always play it on Halloween. I like the film so much, I find that I can't write a review of it, because it would feel the same way like cheating on one's wife. I also have a list of some of my favorite films HERE, but it needs to be badly updated. I hope I have explained myself clearly enough so that you and readers of CritCon understand where I am coming from. - Editor

Hi there,

Will you give me information concerning the movie SNUFF from 1976.  How many movie companies released this movie. I know Astra Video did this from England. Blue Underworld did the DVD. As far as the black bottom artwork big box, what movie company did this one.  Or can you tell me the movie companies that release the movie per video box.  I think there were 5 boxes.  Most interested in the black bottom vhs tape box.


SNUFF was released by so many VHS companies around the world, it's nearly Impossible to know which company you are talking about. I'll create a page HERE with all the VHS scans of the film that I have. Maybe you will find it there. - Editor


I just happen to know a movie called SPECIAL SILENCERS and is really good action movie & it also made your list of the twenty best films of all time! I went to your Critical Condition web to search for your list but can't find the list, can you tell me where I can find your list?

Thank You so much!

There really isn't such a list, Louie. It's just something I say when a film really catches my fancy and I love the film. - Editor

Hi, Fred,

I got your email, so thanks for letting me know I got NIGHT OF BLOODY HORROR. Maybe you remember, but I've purchased a few tapes from you on Wensy, including THE SHOUT and THE JAR. Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks again for those movies (and one or two others I cannot immediately recall), as they fit nicely into my collection. I bid on DEAR DEAD DELILAH, too, as I'm sure you know. Well, have a good week and maybe I'll hear from you again on the other tape. Hey, if you don't mind my saying, I haven't seen any new updates on Critical Condition in a while. I remember you said you had to deal with some stuff a while back that took you away from CC. Will you be posting reviews again anytime in the forseeable future or is that too rude of me to ask about? Sorry if it is.

Take it easy,

I will be posting reviews soon, but before that I have quite a story to tell my readers. I was a Facebook member and someone I thought I never heard of before hacked my account and told everyone that I died and my estate needed money to retrieve my collection of movie memorabilia. It seems he "data mined" every bit of information about me that he could find on Facebook (and figured out my password) and created a "mirror" PayPal account and changed all the passwords on my email accounts. I wasn't even aware of this until a friend of mine from Chicago called my ex-sister-in-law and yelled at her for not telling him that I died. I contacted Facebook technicians by phone and told them what was happening (beleive me, for tech-heads these people haven't got a clue what their software does) and eventually they restored my account to my regular password (it took over three weeks!) and had them track this phantom asshole's IP Address who hijacked my account. I quit using Facebook the same day and deleted my account. Since no one put any money in his mirror PayPal account, it seems that he did not commit any arrestable crimes, except to sully my good name and Googling my name will prove it. Now that I have this asswipe's name (seems he was a member of the same non-Facebook forum I was for years), he will get what's coming to him very soon. Here's my warning to everyone who has a Facebook account: You have no privacy at all. People with hacking software and some time on their hands can completely destroy your life (or end it in my case!). Facebook got way too big for its britches and lost control along the way, not to mention there is a total lack of privacy even with all the privacy filters checked-on. Unless you absolutely have to be on Facebook, delete your account (Nothing made me happier than Facebook's IPO taking a nosedive on its first day of trading!). Even when you delete your account, Facebook still keeps all your personal information for at least 90 days! The only thing I do now on the Internet is work on this web site, run my (User Name: fadelman) auction site and answer emails. I refuse to be a member of any corporate "social networking" site that can kill me off without my permission. I may not be in the best of health, but I am still stong enough to TCB. Well, that's my story. - Editor

Hello there.  

I love your website.  I am hopeful that you might be able to help me with some information.  There is an Italian horror film by Lucio Fulci titled ZOMBI 2 (or "ZOMBIE" in the United States).  I want to find out the various US video releases (beta videotape, VHS, Laserdisc, etc) by Wizard Video, Magnum Entertainment, Lightning Video, Ace Video, etc. of this film.  I need to know what editions exist in order to collect them.  I am hoping you can help me answer these three questions:
1. Is there an online website that will tell me the various releases of "ZOMBIE" in the United States?
2. Is there an online website that will tell me the various releases of "ZOMBIE" in the foreign countries around the globe?
3. Is there an online website that will tell me the various titles "ZOMBIE" was released under for Cinema box office?  In France it was "L'ender des Zombies" in Germany it was "WOODOO", etc.
Please help!  I have been searching the web for many, many days with no success (except in England, I found everything there--they know how to document well).

Thanks in advance.
Gene M. Broxson

I did an extensive search on all the major search engines and wasn't able to come up with any websites strictly devoted to ZOMBIE. This has also happened to me many times when I look for images and artwork for certain films. The Internet is a wellspring of information (some of it true, most of it false), but it has yet to achieve the status of being the depository of everything genre related. That's not to say that there aren't web sites devoted to the film, but search engines are now all about making money and unless you pay them money for placement (that is why when you look for a certain film, the Internet Movie Database is usually the first choice), it's a hit-or-miss affair. That is why Critical Condition is usually always at the bottom of every search engine out there. And most people don't take the time to look all the way to the bottom. I really don't care, because my core base of fans are fantastic, but I see where it can be a problem for a lot of people. Hey, we all have to make a buck, but I refuse to play by their rules. I will never pay for placement on search engines or put ads on my site. I will continue to say what I please without worrying if some advertiser is going to take offense. Fuck them! I do this for the love, not for the money. - Editor

Hi Fred, 

It's Alex M from AVManiacs. I got home tonight to find a mail from Troy, letting me know what decisions were made by Edwin. He asked me to let Jimmy Simard know that he'd (only) been suspended for a couple of weeks, Kev B had been banned, and finally, that you'd been banned as well.
This is a real shame. What happened? Yesterday, you were restricted on your posts and today you're banned. I and a lot of members have learned a lot from you over the years, and although outspoken (which isn't a bad thing), your posts were always informative and well written. Speaking for myself, you'll be missed. I find that if you treat somebody with respect, you'll receive the same, and I see you in this light. You were never aggressive for no good reason. I guess I'm mystified as to why they banned you.
Anyway, I'll continue reading your library (CritConOnline), and maybe see you on another forum. Will you be signing up to Ian's forum ?

Kind Regards,
Alex Manuel

Thanks for the support, I appreciate it, but let's just say Troy and I never saw eye-to-eye. We were never on the best of terms, but when I returned about a year ago to the forum, Troy sent me a PM asking if we could bury the hatchet and be friendly once again. I stupidly agreed. Little did I know that it was a trap and he had been keeping tabs on my "infractions" since the first day that I had returned. It seems every time I disagreed with a poster, Troy would tick it off his imaginary list. When Edwin contacted me a few days after the fracas (In which Kev B [a new member] was being a raving racist), he told me to "take a break, because I don't have time for this". My account was suddenly restricted, but I wasn't banned. Then Troy sent me a PM later that night telling me to expect the worse. My question is, how the hell would he know if he didn't instigate it? (He basically blamed moderators Wayne and Daniel, whom I never even talked to in a PM!). Troy was once a mod for the forum years ago, but was forced to give it up because Edwin found him unable to be "objectionable".  I'm not surprised that he still has that attitude. Troy and Edwin are much too buried in making money writing liner notes and performing other duties for a certain DVD company (with ties to a known plagarist) to be partial and fair.
And no, I will not be joining Ian's forum. I'm kinda done with these type of forums (especially after being "killed off" on Facebook), where "keyboard terrorists" (Not that I consider Ian that type of person. I like the guy, even with all our differences.) take control and if you put up a fight or disagree, you are considered a "troublemaker". I haven't been on any forums since 2011, not even as a guest and I don't miss it one bit. Thanks for everything and talk to you soon - Editor

To be honest, Troy said that he didn't instigate the decision (he only pushed for Kev to go, apparently). Take this as you like: I let Troy know by mail a few days ago that I didn't feel the mods were doing their jobs correctly recently (I made it clear that I felt Kev should be banned. Of course I have no say in the matter but I wanted to voice my opinion. He didn't really like this, and said that the whole thing had been blown out of proportion). Today he tells me that he pushed for Kev to be banned. So, that is indeed a little suspect. I'm in agreement with your comment on Troy being unable to be objectionable.
Take care of yourself and keep up your good work.


I sent Troy the same type of PM you did and he went into this missive against me about how I should quit jumping to "negative conclusions" (even though it was apparent to everyone that Kev B was being racist towards Jimmy Simard and his French Canadian heritage). The next thing that happened was I was banned. I find it a little more than suspect. In his general warning thread, it was plain to see that he was sticking up for new posters like mondojustin and Kev B and putting down longstanding posters like Jimmy and myself. And how about Vincent Perierra? He can suddenly come on, make accusations of homosexual bias against me (which couldn't be further from the truth) and I can't even defend myself? Fuck him and fuck Troy. It's apparent he's the brains behind this whole mess since Edwin doesn't give a damn about the site any more. Every time Troy states that it is up to Edwin to make the final decisions, I have to laugh, because it was clearly Troy running the show. I get emails all the time from former members telling me that the AVManiacs forum has turned into nothing more than a DVD release schedule for Arrow, Code Red and Shout! Factory. And a whole lot of bitching about defects in Blu-Ray discs. Not to mention a total lack of new subjects. Who needs that type of drama in their lives?  Thanks for everything and keep in touch. - Editor

Dear Fred:

I'm an avid reader of Critical Condition from Ukraine and till this moment I was sure that you're dead for half-a-year. And I wasn't just glad that you're alive and well - the more suitable words are happy and shocked. Despite it was a great mystery for me, who updates the pictures on the main page. Now the far more great mystery is who updated it with a picture "Just a kind of humour Fred would've liked", that ensured me that you're already in the other world... And what I'm glad for is the fact that I never was in any wide social networks (not counting the fake account need to one Russian as there are LOTS of really rare movies). Never the less, you're on of the greatest genre film critics on the web and I'm glad you're alive as there are not so many Ukrainian and Russian films (are there any? I can't found!) and there are quite a few you must see, and the lot more of just nice movies a few people knows apart from Post-Soviet countries due to this awful iron curtain. Which is sad, to say the least. I really thank you that you're saving, systemathizing and popularizing rare films. If there was no Critical Condition I'd never known about such interesting, strange, or just good films as THE MANIPULATOR, among many others. Actually, I'm trying to develop something of a website in three languages (Russian, Ukrainian, English), dedicated to cinema and an independent film-maker myself (many short movies, many of them lost, many of them bad, some of them are okay, I hope, trying to create a full feature). It will be a great honor and pleasure for me to keep a contact with you. 

Best Regards, 
Nikolay Yeriomin 
(Donetsk, Ukraine)

I can assure you that I am alive and well. One of my internet "friends" started the death rumors on Facebook to try and line his pockets with money. He didn't receive one cent. That's the reason I quit Facebook. It's too easy to hack and the internet trolls were out in full force putting the blame on me. Screw them! Thanks for the nice words about my web site and I would like to read your web site once it's up and running. We need more sites about weird and obscure films to educate the public. If you don't mind me saying so, your English is perfect. I hope everything is good for you in the Ukraine and wish you nothing but the happiest Holidays. Thanks again for your support and talk to you soon! If you need help with anything, please contact me. - Editor


Wondering if you were going to do a review on the outpost films, seems like the Nazi zombie thing is become more common. Great job on the site.

AOC (AW) Philip A. Brousseau
NAVAIR ACC Ordnance Class Desk

I reviewed the films called THE OBJECTIVE (2007) and RED SANDS (2009) and am in the midst of reviewing a few more. I agree, the Nazi zombie thing is getting out of hand, but more and more horror films are taking place at outposts in Afghanistan, Iraq and other Muslim countries. The first one seems to be the Sci Fi Pictures Original Film MANTICORE (2005), but the less said about it, the better. The Muslim beliefs are ripe for horror flicks and some of the films being made now are quite good. I will alert you by email when I post them.
Thanks for keeping our country safe. I salute you! - Editor

I asked this in other groups. A film that played trailer at drive in around 1979-81. Creatures or demons that grab a woman's feet legs that drag her into the floor. A trap door of some kind. It's not THE UNSEEN (1980). I own it and not it. It was drive in movie from 1979-81 as I saw trailer for it in 1980 at drive in . Would love Code Red to get it, once I figure out what it is! She was wearing a brown robe or cloak.

Brian Riccomini

OK, this one has been racking our brains on Facebook. We have already eliminated THE LITTLE GIRL WHO LIVES DOWN THE LANE (1976); THE EVIL (1978); DEMON RAGE (1980); THE INCUBUS (1980); THE BOOGENS (1981); HELL NIGHT (1981); DEADLY BLESSING (1981) or THE PIT (1981). Remember, the film could be made no later than 1981 and Brian remembers seeing it at a drive-in showing the double feature SILENT SCREAM - HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP. If anyone has an idea of what this film could be, please email me HERE. It has been driving us crazy and any help would be appreciated. - Editor

Hi Fred,

My name is Bill, I've been a Critical Condition reader for quite a few years now and your reviews have helped me make a number of happy additions to my movie collection. I've even bought a few tapes you've had up for sale online. You'll always have my thanks and gratitude for the hard work you do, esp. those really informative and respectful obituaries carry on a great tradition that Psychotronic magazine used to do (hopefully you'll remember what I mean).
I just read your take on Lamberto Bava's DEMONS III: THE OGRE. I haven't had the benefit of a recent re-watch but I have viewed this one on more than one occasion, and while not a well-paced story nor a grippingly told one, I certainly feel I've seen worse. Lucio Fulci's DOOR TO SILENCE springs to mind. Or MANHATTAN BABY. Or SODOMA'S GHOST. Or HOUSE OF CLOCKS!!! Geez, the Maestro of Gore's ouevre isn't looking so hot to me in retrospect! All kidding aside, Fulci rocks but I do honestly feel that D3TO is (maybe) better than all of the previously named titles given us by one of the genre's most beloved practitioners. I can't actually make much of an argument in favor of The Ogre here, suffice it to say that I guess I just don't hold it against the film that Bava left out all the gooey goodies that usually makes most Italo horrors so delectable to us fans. The ogre itself looks pretty cool to me as does the scene near the end where Virginia Bryant's character gets completely wet in a dungeon pool (unless I'm incorrect in my memory of the film), so there's that AT LEAST. Dario Argento gave us a not-too-watered-down version of his kind of film in the made-for-tv DO YOU LIKE HITCHCOCK?, although that came 16 years or so later and Italian tv must have loosened up quite a bit since The Ogre's days. All in all I miss the Silver Age of Italian horror (I'm reserving the late 60's, 70s & early 80s as the Golden Age), as it's last gasps, D3TO among them, are glaringly absent from today's filmic landscape. I didn't feel that SONNO PROFUNDO (2013) recaptured the true classic giallo vibe although it's aesthetic look was a near-perfect mimic.

Well, take care Fred! Have a great weekend,

Thanks for your honest opinion. And yes, Virginia Bryant does get wet in the dungeon pool, seeing the corpse of babysitter Maria floating by her (as well as many other rotten corpses). But that's all for naught, especially in the throwaway line Cheryl tells Tom at the end of the film, saying Maria returned home with her boyfriend! It's like none of it ever happened and Cheryl suffers from a case of mental illness! That's just sloppy writing and that is the main reason why the film is so bad to me. I do agree, the Beast was somewhat of an awesome creation, but the film doesn't do it justice, at least for me. Believe me, I do appreciate people sharing their opinions with me and I do know that not everyone shares my opinion, which is why writing reviews is so enjoyable for me. I love hearing other people's opinions, especially when they disagree with me. Hey, if we all thought alike, what a boring world this would be! - Editor

Hi there! 

I noticed you have a scan of the Code Red SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT BluRay.  I have been trying to track down this BluRay since I saw that Code Red was working on releasing it again from the original negatives at a longer-running version, but I cannot seem to find it anywhere (not the Code Red version, at least).  Do you know where I can purchase one?  I tried reaching out to Code Red but never got a response.


I don't personally own the Blu-Ray and could never get my hands on one, even though I know Bill Olsen from Code Red. This was his fastest selling Blu-Ray that he had and his pressing of 1,000 copies was all he was allowed to make. You can probably find a used one on eBay, but be prepared to pay a lot for it. Sorry I couldn't help you. - Editor

Hey no problem.  Ironically, I’ve been checking on ebay and haven’t had any luck, but I just checked today and (very surprisingly) there was a brand-new listing for a brand-new sealed copy of it!  I bought it as fast as I could! I’ve never grown out of these types of movies.  Ever since I was very young in the days of the good old video stores I used to be fascinated walking down the aisles looking at the covers and begging my parents to let me watch them.  I sometimes look through the scans on your site and remember those days vividly.

That's what my little site is all about: memories. The 80's were a wonderful time, the likes of which we will never see again. I try to bring those memories back the best I can. I am happy you found a copy. Thanks for looking at my site. - Editor


I don’t write to everyone who writes a review of my movie, “ONE EYED MONSTER” but when it’s a review like the one you wrote, I feel compelled to.   Mostly, I just want to say thank you.   My brothers and I are always delighted when someone gets what we were going for.  
By the way, yes—I did leave the business entirely.   It wasn’t just about the reception to the film—my brothers and I were just...done.  
Thank you again for your enthusiastic response to and review of our film.   It means a lot.

Adam Fields

It's not often directors email me to thank me for my review, so thank you very much! It's a shame you left the business, because you have a talent that is lacking from most low budget filmmakers. I enjoyed ONE-EYED MONSTER because of your talent. You should really direct more films. I know I would watch them!
Please stay safe in this time of uncertainty and thanks for the email. It certainly brightened up my day! - Editor

I found your page trying to find movie I watched 27-28 years ago. I tried to find it multiple times but cannot Google it. Of course I do not know the title. It was VHS in early 90s (and American movies was so cool after many years of Communism regime we had in Poland). Maybe you will be able to help me with movie title. I asume movie is from 80's or very early 90's.
I see some blond man who was lost in some jungle/forest after some time spend there somehow he gets to the city (in the USA not Asia) and what I remember somebody wants to serve him hamburger in the bar but he does not want to wait to grill it and eat it raw. There is also some conflict and he is a good guy.
Sounds like mix of Missing in Action with Tarzan. I know my e-mail can be strange and do not remember more characteristic things but it sits in my head for 27 years. Maybe you know this movie?

Best regards, 

I'm not able to come up with a title, but it does sound very familiar. Can anyone help Hubert out with this one? Email me if you know the name of the film! - Editor

Not sure if this email works as I got it from a very old looking website but if it does I just wanted to thank you as it has allowed me to finally find the title of a film I have been searching for for years.
It was a film I saw in a theater sometime in the early 70's and all I could remember was one particular scene, one in which a church bell severs off a man's legs. I've searched online for years trying to figure out which film it was until I came across your listing of ...AND GOD SAID TO CAIN... and knew I'd finally found it!
I have not had time to check out the rest of the site, but as an avaid cinephile and film reviewer myself, I just had to reach out and tell you your site helped.

Thanks so much.

Thanks for your email. I'm always glad to help an avid cinephile as yourself. As for my website looking very old: It was meant to look that way; a reminder of simpler times when you could walk into a VHS rental store and take home a film you knew nothing about. Don't worry about it, though, many people have said the same thing to me. I consider it a badge of honor!
For the past few years, I have been reviewing nothing but Italian and Euro genre films. I find them more fascinating than homegrown U.S. fare, for reasons that are very obvious. They break taboos that my country was afraid to break back then, especially in the nudity, sex and violence departments.
Thanks again for your email. I'm glad my little website helped someone who had a memory stuck in their brain they couldn't get rid of! My website is now celebrating twenty years on the web (and many years before that as a zine). It will end when I do! - Editor





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