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"Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one." - Harry Callahan, THE DEAD POOL.
"Anyone proud of being a critic is a fucking fool" - Scooter McCrae (Director, Screenwriter and Movie Critic)
"You do not choose the Soy Sauce. The Soy Sauce chooses you!" - JOHN DIES AT THE END

Welcome to the Critical Condition web site. For those of you unfamiliar with Critical Condition, let me give a little background. Critical Condition (CritCon for short) was started as a small  bi-monthly newsletter in 1982 to alert my friends about the new horror films that were released to theaters. The early 80's were a boon to the horror business as many home-grown and foreign-made horror films         Leonard Nimoy  

03/26/1931 - 02/27/2105

  "Live Long And Prosper"were being released to theaters every month. Some were good (Lucio Fulci's THE BEYOND; Gary Sherman's DEAD & BURIED) but most were bad (Jim Henley's JUNIOR; Bruno Mattei's NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIES and countless others). Being the horror maven that I am (and will always be), I started CritCon to separate the cream from the crap. The first CritCon newsletter was merely one typewritten xeroxed page that I passed out to my friends. By 1985 CritCon had mushroomed into a 20 page semi-pro magazine that had a circulation of about 1,000. The year 1985 was a turning point in the horror film business. It was the year that home video became wildly popular and forever changed the way we viewed movies. Cheap horror films were no longer being screened in theaters. Video distributors got wise and started releasing every cheap horror film they could get their hands on. I must have viewed over a thousand horror movies on video in 1985 alone! By 1987, I had burned-out writing about all the horror films that I had watched and ceased publishing CritCon with one final 100 page issue. By this time  there were plenty of other semi-pro magazines on the market that were covering the same market that I was. I took a much-needed rest from the writing game and began to read all these other magazines. For the next five years I kept a low profile but I was also becoming somewhat disillusioned. While some of these magazines flourished and were quite well done (Tim & Donna Lucas' VIDEO WATCHDOG, Mike Accomando's DREADFUL PLEASURES [now defunct]; Mike Weldon's PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO [also now no longer publishing]), most were merely rants disguising themselves as film reviews. You would be lucky to get the name of the actor who starred in the films they were reviewing. Forget about getting the directing, producing or screenwriting credits because they were non-existant. They seemed more interested in raving about their political views or complaining about some insignificant pimple on their ass. By 1992, I'd had enough and decided to begin publishing Critical Condition on a semi-regular basis. I kept my own politics to a minimum (usually confined to the editorial page) and concentrated on the films and filmmakers themselves. Each issue of CritCon was jam-packed with reviews of films that you probably never heard of along with full cast and crew credits as well as original rare ad mats. CritCon accepted no advertising making it a complete read from the first page to the last. NOTE: After a long and hard look at the publishing business (or the "rip-off business" as I call it), I will no longer be publishing Critical Condition. It will now be completely web-based. I hope you enjoy this web site. If you do (or if you don't), drop me an e-mail and let me know what you think. Check back often to read the new reviews, news, scans and informative emails. NOTE #2: Now with the advent of "Publishing On Demand" there has been a new proliferation of genre zines flooding the market, some excellent and some self-serving. But bringing print back to horror is always a good thing and I wish these people nothing but the best of luck. I buy a lot of these POD zines and enjoy the hell out of them (check out Tim Paxton's MONSTER!, Brian Harris, Paxton and Tony Strauss' WENG'S CHOP and Billy & Vanessa Nocera's EVILSPEAK to read some of the best new zines on the market [look them up by name on Facebook for ordering information]), but don't look for me to revive CRITICAL CONDITION in print form. I'm a lazy bastard.

Fred Adelman
Editor & Publisher

PS: For all of you that have emailed me asking if I sell the films I review, the answer is NO!!!. I do this for the sheer joy of it and would never think of turning a profit off of something I love so dearly. While most of the films I review are available from reliable distributors, some of the films have been out of circulation for years and will probably never get a legal DVD release in the near or distant future. If you do not see a link to a distributor at the end of my reviews, I could probably make you a copy of the film on DVD-R (which will play on most DVD players sold in the last couple of years) if you have films to trade. Email me with your inquiries (I have over 7,500 films in my library) and I'll see what I can do for you. These films are to be distributed from one collector to another (Legal disclaimer). Don't expect crystal clarity as they are being copied from VHS to DVD-R and you may be able to get your hands on a film that you've been dying to see for many years. (Good news: I've completely turned all my VHS tapes to DVD-R, so you can probably get any film you want reviewed on this web site.) Good luck! To see my VHS and DVD library list (it's not complete and badly needs an updating), click HERE. You must have Microsoft Excel 2000 or later to view the file.

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*Another case of Political Correctness gone amok. Amazon has been putting ads up on subways for its new series THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE, a series which imagines that we lost World War II and they had to immediately pull them because of Nazi imagery. People need to know what they are rebelling about before they start to complain, but they see a swastika and go crazy (there wasn't even swastikas in the ads, only Nazi imagery), Believe me, I understand the way Jewish people think about the Nazis, but let's put things in the proper perspective here. We are talking about a TV show, not a neo-Nazi uprising. When political correctness starts to rule, we as human beings suffer for it. Imagine a United States without free thought. At least Amazon had the nerve to say they were proud of their advertizing campaign before they were made to pull it. People today are too lazy to read. They see an image that offends them and they are off to the races with their social injustice routine on the internet without bothering to read the entire ad. Ridiculous. Must everything be insulting? I said it once and I'll say it again: People are stupid.

*According to The Wrap: Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15.6 years in prison for conspiracy to receive child pornography and traveling to have sex with a minor by an Indiana judge on Thursday (November 19, 2015), Indianapolis station Fox 59 reports. Fogle will also be subjected to lifetime supervised release following the completion of his sentence. In August, the former Subway spokesman agreed to plead guilty to receiving and distributing child pornography, as well as engaging in an unlawful sex act with a minor. Fogle has paid out $1.4 million in restitution, $100,000 each of his 14 victims. (Fucking scumbag. I hope he gets raped every day in prison. And shame on Subway for not vetting its spokespeople with a simple lie detector test. For Christ's sake, he has two kids! I can't even imagine how they feel. Suffer the little children. Fuck the people who make them suffer. The divorce is finalized and Fogel's wife gets $7 million as well as sole custody of the kids. That will barely cover the poor kids' psychiatric sessions. If Jared Fogle has any more money, it should automatically go to the wife and kids. Let him work in prison for 30 cents an hour. - Editor)

*Congratulations  to sitcom director James Burrows for directing 1,000 TV episodes (so far). He started directing episodes of THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW in the mid-70's and hasn't stopped since, directing episodes of TAXI (75 episodes), CHEERS (237 episodes), CAROLINE IN THE CITY (21 episodes), FRAZIER (32 episodes), FRIENDS (15 episodes), WILL & GRACE (188 episodes), THE BIG BANG THEORY, (both the aired and unaired pilots), TWO AND A HALF MEN (both pilot episodes [it's a complicated story]), GARY UNMARRIED (36 episodes), MIKE & MOLLY (48 episodes), THE MILLERS (32 episodes) and now CROWDED. Mr. Burrows is also the go-to guy to direct sitcom pilots (he directed dozens of unaired sitcoms, as well as some that would last only one season or less). He also directed several TV movies and his only theatrical film PARTNERS (1982), that dealt with homophobia in a comedic way. He has won 10 Emmy Awards® and 4 DGA Awards®. Here's to many more years of you making us laugh!

*It breaks my heart when I hear anyone tests HIV Positive, but Charlie Sheen's announcement today (November 17, 2015) that he had tested positive four years ago and was paying off "blackmailers" to keep it quiet comes as no surprise. He went off the rails for over a year, bragging about doing piles of cocaine like Al Pacino in SCARFACE (1983), banging porn stars (sometimes two or three at a time) and generally acting like a madman. When your brain was coked-out like his, the "no glove, no love" rule is quickly forgotten. HIV is no longer a death sentence, so I hope he lives a long life, but this time, I hope he acts like a normal human being. I just wonder how many women he had sex with are infected, too. When you bed as many women as he did, you should be tested monthly, just like porn stars do (He says that only two women may be exposed, a statement I find hard to believe). No more "Winning!" or "Tiger's Blood", because he has neither now. I do wish him well, though. No one deserves to test positive no matter what the circumstances are. But we have been living in a different sexual age since the 1980's and Sheen should have known to be more careful. And my sincerest good wishes go out to his ex-wives and kids. And Charlie: Take your meds!

*TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES (TCM) showed ABAR (THE FIRST BLACK SUPERMAN - 1977) on it's TCM Underground program early this morning (November 15, 2015) and they actually had the nerve to show Xenon Pictures' fullscreen DVD print of it! I thought TCM had standards because trying to watch this film (which I have never seen before) was really a trial, especially when trying to watch it in HD (I actually had to switch to my old Tube TV to make it look better!). It was just as bad as when they showed the overly red print of POOR PRETTY EDDIE (1974). While I applaud TCM for showing such unusual films (They followed it with a nice widescreen print of THREE THE HARD WAY [1974], my favorite blaxploitation film), they should try to find better prints. Otherwise, keep up the good work, TCM!

*The Islamic State's (IS) attack on France yesterday (November 13, 2015), killing over 150 innocent people, proves that members of IS don't deserve to live. My heart goes out to the people of France and I hope they take no mercy on any member of IS. Gun them down on the street if you have to. Show these cowards that you mean business. Gather all the intel you have, arrest everyone involved in IS in your country and shoot them down. Over-reacting by me? NO. I'm just sick and tired of all this useless violence and sometimes you have to fight violence with violence.  Killing 128 people at a music concert and at least 5 more simultaneous attacks at bars and restaurants, where people are only there to enjoy the music, drink and eat proves what cowards they are. I only hope that if and when France asks for our help, we give it to them. Hell, I'll go over there myself. This murder disguised in the name of religion has to stop. And the only way to stop them is to squash them like the insects they are. Sorry that I gave insects a bad name. Insects are good. IS are killing machines. Time for all the countries, including ours, to get some balls and get rid of these murderers. If it can happen in France, it CAN happen here. No more Mr. Nice Guy. And an especially inspired "Thank You" to John Oliver for saying what we all think on his Sunday Night HBO show. "Fuck those assholes sideways" indeed!

*Donald "Big Mouth" Trump just equated opponent Ben Carson to a child molestor. Sure, some facts about Carson's past may be overplayed or downright untrue, but to equate him with a child molestor is the lowest of the low. Is this who you want as President? And when you get booed by your own party at the last debate, it shows that even Republicans are starting to see his racism, too. Trump is the last thing this country needs. This man can't go one day without calling out someone. He even went after Starbucks for the color of their Christmas cups! Can you imagine how he would interact with our world leaders? I'd rather not see that at all. Just one visit with Vladimir Putin and we will go back to the 50's & 60's again, where all the school children will have to do daily drills of going to the bomb shelter (Fact: Most schools built in the 60's or later don't have bomb shelters, so our children are screwed). If you value your country, just bypass his name on the 2016 primary ticket. Some reporter with balls should write an in-depth piece about all of Trump's outright lies. It would probably run half an issue of Time Magazine. And don't support anything with Trump's name on it. If you do, you are supporting a racist. Ask his ex-wives. He has to give his daughter Ivanka a job within his own organization (as well as financial support for her clothing line) just so he can see her. This man has no shame. I sometimes wonder if he keeps his hair that way to cover-up the "666" on his scalp. Now he wants every Muslim in the United States to be put into some new kind of registery so we can keep an eye on them all. What's next, concentration camps? This man is absolutely crazy and everyone who votes for him are crazy, too. This man is a ticking time bomb who wants to take away everyone's privacy, so only the rich can counteract it. His idea of freedom is Big Brother.

*One thing that bothered me this year just before football season was all the gambling fantasy football commercials that suddenly flooded the airwaves. It all seemed so hinky to me and seemed to be trying to turn regular people into gambling addicts. Well, the New York Attorney General said today (November 11, 2015) that an investigation by his office has determined that FanDuel and DraftKings are illegal and will be banned in the Empire State. This move heavily impacts directly several big media companies that have ownership in DraftKings and FanDuel, including 21st Century Fox, Time Warner and Comcast, as well as Silicon Valley giant Google. Another Hollywood media giant, Disney, already grappled with the controversy surrounding the fantasy sports sites last month. Disney-owned ESPN, which in July signed a major deal with DraftKings to be its exclusive daily fantasy sports partner, severed ties with the online company, pulling sponsored segments and ads in light of insider trader accusations. Earlier today, Schneiderman sent cease and desist letters to FanDuel CEO Nigel Eccles and DraftKings CEO Jason Robins: “The illegality of DFS is clear from any reasonable interpretation of our laws, beginning with the New York State Constitution,” said the letter to Robins on Tuesday. “The Constitution prohibits gambling in all forms not specifically authorized.” The N.Y. A.G. gave both companies five days to reply with a reason why the state “should not initiate any proceedings.” It is clear that DraftKings and FanDuel are the leaders of a massive, multibillion-dollar scheme intended to evade the law and fleece sports fans across the country,” Schneiderman said in a statement today, telling the sites to stop taking orders from N.Y. residents. “Today we have sent a clear message: not in New York, and not on my watch.” DraftKings and FanDuel essentially lost their Nevada privileges last month when the home of Sin City insisted they obtain a gambling license. Of course, with billions at play literally, this is far from over and could soon see a response from FanDuel and DraftKings in the courts. Bet you didn't know they had ownership in these sites, did you? Seems like over-charging for cable was just not making them enough money. And shame on Google. And double-shame on 21st Century Fox. Want to make more money? Make better movies! (Both companies plan on challenging the ban saying that playing Fantasy Football is a "skill", not a game of chance. Tell that to the millions of losers. It's bullshit and just another ploy to try and bypass gambling laws. What's next, selling bubblegum-flavored beer to children?).

*Let's get one thing straight: When I pay to see a movie streamed that has just had a "limited theatrical release", the most I am willing to spend is $6.99. I would gladly spend more if it was playing at a theater near me and I could see it in the big screen, but streaming (even in HD) is so compressed on the internet, I can notice it on my 60" plasma TV.  So until compression rates come down. it better be a movie I really, really want to see if you want me to spend $6.99. I've seen some films as high as $19.99 (just to rent, not to buy!) and I'll wait for their eventual disc release and I'll guarantee you I will spend a lot less than $19.99. On another note: Companies that gave up on releasing DVDs and spend their time just releasing their films on "HD Digital Streaming" (What a joke! Just a ploy from some phone and internet companies to put caps on people's downloading capacities. I have already seen it happen, where some people have to pay through the nose for downloading a "HD Digital Streaming" film because they went past their cap.) and Blu-Ray will no longer get my support. To deny people who only have DVD players (I have DVD, Blu-Ray & Roku 3, but I stand on principle) is slapping them in their faces. I'm thankful smaller companies, the ones that I actually do buy DVDs & Blu-Rays from, care about their audiences. I'll wait for the major motion pictures to show up on pay cable and ignore their prejudiced releasing policies. A lot of people have not switched over to Blu-Ray and refuse to do so. To try and force them to should be against the law. Personally, I am more than happy with most of my films being on DVD. It doesn't help when Blu-Ray releases are shown using 25GB of space instead of the full 50GB. That is not High Definition. That is half High Definition. I'm not against Blu-Ray because it has afforded me to see some of the finer things in films I never noticed before (like book titles on a bookcase or patterns on wallpaper) But when it comes to horror films, HD makes very little difference. We just want to be scared. I don't care if Jason, Freddy or Michael look great; just scare me.

*Short, But Sweet Part 2: When a pay cable channel like Encore starts showing a widescreen version of MONSTER DOG (1984), that is a sign that I should keep paying my cable bill. I just wish there was a version where Alice Cooper loops his own voice. The two music videos he shoots in the film are his voice and he speaks perfect theatrical English. I guess he couldn't stay in Italy or Spain to loop his own dialogue. Maybe one day he will do it just for the shits and giggles. But to see this atmospheric horror film in widescreen without commercials for the fist time was certainly a treat. Way to go, Encore! Show many more ignored 80's horror flicks!

*Short, but sweet: Thank you InterVision Picture Corp. for releasing the uncut version of the late Bruno Mattei's THE JAIL: THE WOMEN'S HELL (2006), the last film in Mattei's New Millennium catalog that had not been released on DVD in the U.S. yet. I tip my hat to you, not just for this film (the second-to-last film he directed before he passed away), but all of Mattei's last films except for the god-awful THE TOMB (2004), which was released on disc by York Entertainment in what looked like a home made DVD.

*I like Quentin Tarantino, but when he goes public calling all police officers "murderers", I have to draw the line. I will not be watching any of his forthcoming films, including THE HATEFUL EIGHT. It's apparent that he never had any run-ins with the police who tried to take his life and is just trying to appease minorities with his hateful comments about law enforcement. It also didn't help that his stupid commentsPull the trigger, Quentin. Pull the trigger. came four days after NYPD Officer Randolph Holder was shot in the head and killed while chasing a gunman in East Harlem (and people there are making the gunman look like the victim!). I was in law enforcement for 20 years and all I did was HELP people and not once did I ever have to draw my weapon (The only time I ever used my weapon was for my mandatory yearly weapons evaluation). Most officers I know and knew never used their weapon in their careers (but we've been spit on and had rocks and bottles thrown at us just because we wore a uniform), but in really big cities, there may be a difference. They may have to draw their weapons to defend themselves, not murder someone. It didn't matter the color or religion of anyone, I was there to help, not murder. And everyone I worked with over the years were the same way. I think minorities should be more worried about Tarantino's continued use of the "N" word in his films (see how many times you can count it being used in DJANGO UNCHAINED or JACKIE BROWN and his "reasoning" for using that word. I wonder how many times it will be used in his new film?) than his inflammatory remarks about the police force. Unless he issues an apology, he has lost a major fan. I know this breaks one of my tenants in life (see below), but what he said was akin to sucker punching me and every other officer who puts on a uniform every day, not knowing if they are going to make it home that night. Yeah, being a director is a tough job......not! Listen: Just like any occupation, there are bad apples. But to label and entire occupation by the actions of a few is idiotic. And right now, I do consider Quentin Tarantino an idiot of the first degree, but I don't consider all directors idiots. I hope he gets no police security wherever he films. He will then know how important it is to have police officers protecting you. Like I have said many times before: Just because you are a celebrity doesn't make your words any more important than the average citizen's, but there are people out there who think it does. If one officer dies because of Tarantino's statement, I hope he gets put in prison and becomes someone's bitch (but we all know that will never happen). It just may put an end to his more-than-noticeable cocaine addiction. He's a notorious attention whore who probably made this stupid statement so newscasters would mention his new film, thinking free publicity is good publicity. But not in this case. Quentin Tarantino is a fucking jerkoff. And I DARE him to try and make me take my opinion down. Scumbag. You see, I can get through my life without ever watching a Tarantino film again (and I was a huge fan who went to theaters to see every one of his films), but can Tarantino say the same thing if those who support police officers and non-racists boycott his films? I hope he is cursed to making films about talking bears. It would serve him right. More and more police departments are condemning Tarantino's statement, but the usual speed-talker has remained unusually silent. Could it be because he knows he is wrong? Crisis expert (is there even such an occuppation?) Howard Bragman says that Tarantino is "watchful waiting" (another made-up term [like "nose blind" and "deep couch city"] to show how a guilty man can get out of such a dire situation with minimal damage). Guess what asshole? Police officers never forget. And you should have kept your mouth shut. It's like calling all white males "pedophiles" because 80% of pedophiles are white males. Tarantino is a stupid idiot. The longer he waits to make an apology, the less validity it holds. UPDATE: Tarantino has told friends that he will apologize for his anti-police rant, but no date given on when he plans on doing it. My guess is that he is waiting for everyone to forget about it (newscasters, newspaper reporters, internet sites, etc.) so that everyone will wonder what all the hub-bub is about when he does apologize. But like I said before: Police officers never forget. Believe me, Tarantino has dug a hole so deep, he will not be able to crawl out of it. Yet you know what? Police officers will still pull him out of that hole, because they are there to "protect and serve", not murder. And here's a shout out to Jamie Foxx: nobody cares what you think. Punk-ass "celebrity". From my experience, it's the guilty who scream the loudest. I wonder what Foxx has to hide? UPDATE #2: In his first remarks since police unions across the country announced a boycott of his films, Quentin Tarantino slammed the campaign against him as a cynical move to shift the focus from police brutality. The trouble began on October 24, when the director spoke at a rally against "police terror" in New York City, saying, "I have to call a murder a murder, and I have to call the murderers the murderers." The NYPD's Patrolmen's Benevolent Association criticized the timing of the remarks — which occurred four days after an officer was killed in Harlem — and called for a boycott of Tarantino's films, which soon went nationwide. Now Tarantino tells the L.A. Times his remarks have been purposefully misconstrued. "I'm not a cop hater. That is a misrepresentation," he told the paper, adding that he never said all cops are murderers. Tarantino also took on the police unions, which have launched a boycott against the upcoming film, saying: “They want to slander me and imply I’m saying things I didn’t say. The reason is because they want me to shut up (oh, please do, but cocaine makes it hard to keep yout trap shut, doesn't it?)...It’s much easier to feign outrage and start arguments with celebrities than deal with the fact that the citizenry has lost trust in them." He even compares himself to Bill DeBlasio and President Obama! (That's enough of Tarantino. He did call all cops "murderers" and he can't backtrack on his remarks, especially since they are recorded. I am now officially boycotting that pussy Tarantino's body of work, especially since this latest rant comes just before his latest film. No apology. No remorse. No humanity. And in return, no ticket buying, no renting, buying or streaming. Tarantino is out of my life for good. I only hope some day he needs a police officer and not one will be around since he "has lost trust in them". His remarks will come back and bite him in the ass. If he is still alive, that is. This is what happens when people listen to an avowed cocaine addict. I can usually separate the art from the artist, but not on this case. What he called my profession is inexcusable and I have a permanent moratorium on his films. - Editor) UPDATE #3: Quentin Tarantino is once again nervous about police, as he was in his youth.  The embattled director appeared Friday night, November 6, 2015 on REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER where he talked about the recent controversy surrounding him and remarks he made during an anti-police brutality rally in New York late last month.  As he has previously done, the director of the upcoming HATEFUL EIGHT said his comments about police being "murderers" have been misconstrued. And what's more, the backlash from numerous law enforcement agencies around the country has made him uneasy. (Look over every shoulder, Quentin, you coked-out fool. Notice how his new movie gets mentioned in every new story? This is what you get when you refuse to apologize for saying something stupid and cow-towing to minorities [but not all minorities, only the ones with police records and there are some minorities that have real, legitimate problems with the police]. But why did Tarantino get involved (I have said several times that celebrity opinions hold very little weight with me, but he is using giving the police a black eye simply for promotion)? Because he has a new movie coming out, that's why. As usual, he talked super-fast on Bill Maher's show like he was high on something. Hmmm...I wonder what drug that could be? It's not pot. I like Maher, but he will tell you straight to your face that he is a pothead and proud of it. Hell, half the time Maher does his show high as a kite and still makes a lot of sense. Unlike Tarantino and his conspiracy theories. He should snort some lines with Charlie Sheen and discuss how our government was responsible for 9-11. Makes me wonder if Tarantino owns a gun. I know people who hate the police just because they wear the uniform, but Tarantino's reasons go much deeper. Otherwise he wouldn't keep digging his own grave deeper. And he will fall in it. - Editor)

*A Happy 25th Anniversary to The Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com). They may not always be correct in the credits they list (after all, a lot of info is supplied by readers, who purposely make the errors for their own reasons, but they are always quick to take the false info down when I email them) and some of the reviews may be written by trolls, but this site has been visited daily by me ever since I joined it in 1999 (and we've become friendly enough to trust one another). It's an invaluable source to start your film research and I hope they last as long as there is an internet. It's the most complete compendium of films on the internet and it has helped me immensely throughout the years. It may not be perfect (what is?), but it is essential to anyone interested in film and TV. If you are not a member, I suggest you join (they do not sell your email address to third parties, so your inbox will not be filled with junk mail), because non-members get their information in a different, more complex way. And it's free! (The only service that costs you is IMDb Pro [it's more for industry insiders than normal people], but I have been able to get by the last 16 years without joining it.)

*Whenever a commercial comes on TV for a new drug and it spends 75% or more of its running time listing the side effects (And since when is "it may lead to death" a side effect? Death isn't a side effect. It's finality.), something tells me deep inside that these drugs are not safe to take. I know that most drugs have side effects, but when was the last time you heard a drug may cause "uncontrollable gambling" or "driving or eating while unconscious"? And all these new conditions keep on showing up on drug commercials ("Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarreha [IBS-D] and Pseudobulbar Affect [PBA]) that I have to wonder if they are creating diseases so they can sell their drugs. (Constipation while on Opiates? We have a drug for that, but one of the side effects is the feeling of withdrawal from opiates!) And why are most drug commercials animated? None if this feels kosher to me. How about just coming up with a cure for the common cold or cancer? I'll tell you exactly why. It would put 90% of Big Pharm out of business.

*Playboy announced on October 12, 2015 that they are abandoning full nudity in their magazine. That sound you are hearing is millions of pre-teen boys crying. Now I guess you will actually have to buy Playboy for their articles. Playboy without nudity? What's the point? My prediction is that Playboy Magazine will cease operations or will reinstate the nudity after a few issues. Playboy does have some great interviews and articles, but it's not enough to keep it healthy in a world addicted to internet porn (Personally, I can't stand internet porn). Some people like to feel paper in their hands. And you can't tape a centerfold on your wall from the internet (Well, you can, but it will be all pixelated and blocky).

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FORREST J. ACKERMAN  1916 - 2008, R.I.P.

PAUL NASCHY (Jacinto Molina Alvarez)  1934 - 2009, R.I.P.


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R.I.P. JOHN GUILLERMIN  11/25/1925 - 09/28/2015
R.I.P. AL MOLINARO  06/29/1919 - 10/29/2015
R.I.P. FRED DALTON THOMPSON  08/19/1942 - 11/01/2015
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R.I.P DAVID CANARY  08/25/1938 - 11/16/2015

August 31, 2015: According to The Hollywood Reporter: CBS will not be spending another summer UNDER THE DOME. The serial adaptation of Stephen King's novel of the same name has been canceled after three seasons. The network announced the series would conclude with its Sept. 10 finale, promising closure to the storyline about the mysterious dome that's kept the occupants of a small Maine town separated from the rest of the world. This is what happens when you run two competing scripted shows against each other, It ran against HANNIBAL, which was also canceled. Reality shows and crap like ZOO have won the Summer again. I hope all you BIG BROTHER fans are happy with yourselves. Yes, that show teaches you how to be a total cunt. Every time I see two people grabbing for the last box of Frosted Flakes at a grocery store, screaming at each other at the top of their lungs and using language I would never use in public, I think to myself, "I bet they both watch BIG BROTHER religiously." - Editor

AUGUST 11, 2015: According to Deadline.com: There’s a new legal chill hitting the unscripted cold-case procedural this summer. TNT, COLD JUSTICE producers Wolf Films and Magical Elves and on-air talent Kelly Siegler, Yolanda McClary and Alan Brown are among those who acquitted murder suspect Steven Noffsinger is taking to court over civil rights violations and defamation. “The defendants’ collective investigations, which occurred in 2014, were an attempt to resurrect a ‘cold case,’ and resulted in an unreasonably reckless disregard for and malicious prosecution of plaintiff in violation of the United States and Ohio Constitutions and state law,” says the seven-claim jury seeking complaint filed on August 7 in federal court in (read it here). The episode of COLD JUSTICE focusing on the December 17, 1981, death of the plaintiff’s ex-wife aired on August 8 last year. It also is available online. TNT had no response to the lawsuit today when contacted by Deadline. This is the second time TNT and COLD JUSTICE had been sued by a subject of one of their shows in just over a year. Late last August, John Singletary filed for damages over more than $100,000 over COLD JUSTICE and local police re-linking him to a 2010 murder from which he had previously been dismissed over insufficient evidence at the State of Tennessee’s request. That case is still before the courts. “The production, taken as a whole, leaves the unmistakable impression with the audience that the plaintiff is a killer and, specifically, that he was the perpetrator in the murder of Alma Noffsinger, without ever mentioning that the State of Ohio determined not to pursue the matter with the evidence it had in 1981, which was more than the evidence presented in the production,” said the more recent filing by attorneys Michael Rumer, Victoria Maisch Rumer, Zachary Maisch and Andrea M. Brown of Lima, Ohio firm Rumer & Maisch Co. LLC. Seeking more than $75,000 in damages in this case, Noffsinger also named Sheriff Jason Landers and two Paulding County deputies as defendants in the matter. Noffsinger was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife on August 1, 2014. After more than 260 days behind bars, he was found not guilty on May 1 this year after a four-day trial. “The publicity of said television production invaded plaintiff’s privacy by placing plaintiff before the public at large in a false light because the television production contained false and inaccurate statements about plaintiff,” says the complaint of last week. “The false light in which plaintiff was placed would be highly offensive to a reasonable person because it depicted plaintiff as the perpetrator of the homicide of Alma Noffsinger.” Debuting in September 2013, COLD JUSTICE follows former Texas prosecutor Siegler and ex-crime scene investigator McClary as they work with local police to reopen and solve unresolved cases. Wolf Reality and Magical Elves produce for the series for TNT, with Dick Wolf, Dan Cutforth & Jane Lipsitz, and Tom Thayer serving as EPs. A COLD JUSTICE: SEX CRIMES spinoff debuted on July 31, 2015 on TNT. (And this is what happens when we let reality series come up with their own version of reality [which is worse than actual reality]. Is putting one innocent man in jail worth putting 10 guilty men in the slammer? I guess this is what Reality Televison is becoming. Putting someone in jail with iffy evidence over 30 years old over using practical common sense and documents that exonerated him from the crime. It makes my blood boil because I can see what direction Reality Television is heading. And the Editors of these shows should be held just as culpable for manipulating "reality" to suit the "stars" of these "real-life" reality shows. There have already been too many suicides and murders connected to Reality TV to make it entertainment anymore. It has become a sickness. When a person's 15 minutes of fame runs out, some people take the low road, which eventually leads to death, whether their own or their friends and family. If these shows didn't exist, none of this would be happening. But, since they are so cheap to make, human life be damned. This is just a little more proof. This is no better than a teacher making front page news for days for being a child molestor and then being found out that it was all a lie made up by the child to get out of a test and the newspaper retraction is a small one column apology on Page 39. TV News won't apologize at all. People who think Reality TV is actual reality should get to their psychiatrist as soon as possible. It's easy to accuse. It ruins peoples' lives. It's so much harder to get your reputation back if you are falsely accused. We should understand that and move more slowly before making accusations. I learned a long time ago not to accuse anyone unless the facts were irrefutable. We seem to have lost sight of that fact. And it doesn't exist on Reality TV. - Editor)

AUGUST 03, 2015: I received a package from Amazon of Full Moon's DVD of TRAUMA (1978; stop judging me!) and it had a bright blue sticker on the cellophane wrapper that said "Physical Goods Still Rule.". That thought made me extremely happy because I will always pick physical media over streaming versions (The best reason being that the compression rates of streamed files are so low, they look like crap most the time, especially on a good HDTV set. The second reason is that hard drives fail a lot more than discs do.) But imagine my surprise when I opened a second Full Moon DVD (this one being of the new Spanish horror film WAX) and the first thing that comes on screen is Charles Band declaring that DVDs and Blu-Rays are dead, which is why we should all join his Full Moon Streaming site. He even contradicts himself by saying if we invest $18.00 for the first three months of his streaming site, he will send us three DVDs or Blu-Rays as a way of saying thanks! He decries all the losses of the brick and mortar stores as a reason why physical goods don't sell well any more (which is a bunch of bullshit, since internet stores like Amazon, Screen Media Archives, Oldies.com, Diabolik DVD, Vinegar Syndrome, Code Red and dozens of others sell physical discs at prices much better than you can find in any brick-and-mortar store). I'm all for Charles Band pitching his new streaming site (where it will be the only place you can view Full Moon films, including premieres before they make it to DVD or Blu-Ray and Blue Underground & Something Weird Video announcing themselves as exclusives to the Full Moon Streaming site, increasing Band's site worthiness immensely and $6.00 a month is a steal! [He says $6.00/month in the DVD commercial, but it says $6.99/month in the full page ads.]), but to say physical media is dead after slapping on a sticker on another Full Moon DVD is just more crazy Charles Band hucksterism. Don't get me wrong. I like Band and he is one of the very few independent filmmakers to survive through the good and the bad times from the 1970's till today, but you can't say one thing and do another without being called out on it. Dear Charles Band: Both streaming and physical media can survive side-by-side. There is no reason to decry the death of physical media (especially on a DVD!!!) when I bought it and I know I'm not the only one who loves physical media. I am also of the mindset that if I see something I watch streaming that I like, I ALWAYS buy the physical media version of it. Just like I refuse to read ebooks (I love the feel of paper between my fingers), I feel the same way about owning films. Just the idea that my entire library of films resides on a few terabytes of hard disk space makes my skin crawl.

Is it just me or does everyone understand the conundrum of Visual Effects house Rhythm & Hues winning the Academy Award for best visual effects for the film LIFE OF PI (2012), yet they had to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection? Hey, I'm not a big proponent of CGI, but when it is done well, so well that you don't even notice it is CGI, a place like Rythm & Hues should be commended, not go out of business. It just proves that movie making is a tricky gamble, with studios conveniently blaming effects houses for holding up production, yet the studios fail to mention that they have changed the release date to sometime earlier or some other financial mumbo-jumbo shit developed by studio financial lawyers in $1,000 suits that makes effect houses employees work overtime to the point of exhaustion. I believe all VFX companies should go on strike, just to see how many summer blockbusters would be released. My bet would be zero. Hell, even regular films use visual effects to a certain degree. These people should be applauded, not be out of a job. UPDATE: Since the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection of Rhythm & Hues (It looks like it will be purchased by a company in Mumbai, India), several other effect houses have closed-up shop or cut staff. Phil Tippett Studios has cut their staff by 40%. Tippett Studios will remain in California, but many of the VFX companies are being purchased by companies in China and India (So what else is new? China owns half of the United States anyway.) so they can apply the newest technology to their films (and maybe steal some tech in the process). The only good point I can see in this whole mess is that maybe practical effects will make a major comback in films (although it is nearly impossible to use practical effects if you are showing landscapes of a different time period, like the 1800's). The bad points I see in this is that CGI could look like the stuff in Asylum Films or SyFy Original Movies. Now that would really suck! UPDATE #2: February 25, 2014: To show just how badly Rhythm & Hues failed and declared bankruptcy (I challenge anyone to show me one instance when you didn't think that tiger was real. Just one instance.), two former employees have made a YouTube documentary called “Life After Pi”. Just go to YouTube and type in the title. I guarantee you will be devastated. It's only 30 minutes long, but will stay with you forever.

Valerie Harper is facing a devastating diagnosis: terminal brain cancer. The television icon, Click For Larger Photobeloved for her role as brash New Yorker Rhoda Morgenstern on THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW and its spin-off, RHODA, received the news on Jan. 15, 2013 she revealed to PEOPLE. A battery of tests revealed she has leptomeningeal carcinomatosis, a rare condition that occurs when cancer cells spread into the fluid-filled membrane surrounding the brain. Her doctors say she has as little as three months left to live. Resolved to face her last days with courage and humor, "I don't think of dying," says the actress, 73, who previously battled lung cancer in 2009. "I think of being here now." (I was never a big fan of Moore's or Harper's TV shows, but she was also an excellent actress, appearing in such films as FREEBIE AND THE BEAN - 1974; NIGHT TERROR - 1977; DON'T GO TO SLEEP - 1982; THE EXECUTION - 1985; THE PEOPLE ACROSS THE LAKE - 1988; MY FUTURE BOYFRIEND - 2011; SHIVER - 2012; as well as dozens of TV show appearances. It breaks my heart every time I hear news like this. UPDATE: It's now June of 2013 and I'm happy to say that Valerie Harper is still alive, defying doctors' predictions. UPDATE #2: August 29, 2013: Doctors have said that Valerie Harper's brain cancer is "close to remission", but say the prognosis could change at any time. To say I am happy for Ms. Harper is an understatement and apparently she is back at work on TV and is even appearing as a contestant on DANCING WITH THE STARS. While I am not a big fan of the series, here's to wishing that she wins the competition [she didn't]. She has handled herself with grace, gratitude and, above all, with a sense of humor. People could learn a thing or two from her behavior. UPDATE #3: February 25, 2014: Ms. Harper is still alive and kicking, proving once again to never believe your doctor. Your brain has ways of fighting off the most horrid of conditions. May she live a long and healthy life. - Editor)

HANNIBAL just got harder to find in Utah. KSL TV, the Salt Lake City NBC affiliate which has previously vetoed THE PLAYBOY CLUB (2011; NBC only aired 7 episodes before canceling it) and THE NEW NORMAL (2012 - 2013; NBC just announced that there wouldn't be a second season) over content issues, announced on its Facebook page that it will no longer be airing the spin on SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. "After viewing the past few episodes, as well as receiving numerous complaints from viewers, KSL TV will cancel the airing of the NBC show HANNIBAL on Thursday evenings," reads the post. "This decision was made due to the extensive graphic nature of this show. The time slot will be replaced with a special edition of KSL 5 News at 9 p.m. NBC remains a valued partner to KSL TV. KSL is confident that with the proliferation of digital media, those who wish to view the program can easily do so." KSL is owned by Bonneville International Corporation, a Church of Latter-day Saints company. The Mormon ownership and largely Mormon audience in the market make the move a not entirely unsurprising one. Ahead of the 2012-13 season, KSL preemptively pulled Ryan Murphy's gay couple comedy NEW NORMAL for what it called "rude and crude dialogue." As it has in the past, KUCW (an Ogden-licensed station with ties to The CW, ABC and NBC) has picked up KSL's discards. The affiliate will air HANNIBAL on Saturday nights after fellow NBC series SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. This is not the first preemption news for HANNIBAL. At the insistence of showrunner Bryan Fuller, NBC decided opted not to air an April 25 episode about violent children out of respect for bombing at the Boston Marathon. Parts of the episode were later repurposed for a series of web shorts. (This is exactly what happens when you let a major network affiliate use their religion as an excuse for not showing network programs. I don't care whether they are Mormons, Christians, Jews, Muslim or Hindi, they have no business dictating what the audience should or shouldn't see, even if a small minority of the viewers voice their complaints. If they want to own a TV station, let them show nothing but religious programs. Lord knows there are plenty of them! As for HANNIBAL showrunner Bryan Fuller refusing to show Episode 4 out of "respect" for the bombing at the Boston Marathon, my feelings can be read HERE. NOTE: Season 3 of the show will not be shown until the Summer of 2015, but don't fear that the show is in jeopardy. It's a smart move by NBC to show original programming during the Summer, where there is a lack of new scripted TV series and is usually populated by idiotic reality programming and repeats. I predict that HANNIBAL will get better ratings during the Summer than it would during its usual late-Winter/early-Spring showing. - Editor) NOTE #2: On June 22, 2015, NBC announced that the third season would be its last. NBC claims rights issues are the cause because Season Four was supposed to go into SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991) territory and introduce new character Clarice Starling, but they didn't have the rights to that property. This doesn't track for me because the show has been mapped out since Season One on where the show was heading. You would think that they would have solved this problem long before now. The truth is, HANNIBAL (and its lead-in series AQUARIUS; see my review HERE) has been getting anemic ratings during its Summer run, which is quite surprising to me, since the networks have few new scripted series on during the Summer. It is mostly reality-based series or game shows. Which proves once again that TV viewers' tastes are in their asses. Let's hope a streaming service like Netflix picks it up so it can continue it gory, beautiful story. NOTE #3: July 1, 2015: Things are looking grim for HANNIBAL. Ten days after NBC cancelled HANNIBAL, the series no longer has its cast under contract. It has been reported that starting today, stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen are free agents, and they are already fielding film and TV offers. Their options expired last night and were not extended by HANNIBAL producer Gaumont International Television. Still, the independent production company continues talks with potential distributors. ADDENDUM: It looks even more bleak since both Netflix and Amazon passed on picking up the series, so showrunner Bryan Fuller is throwing a Hail Mary and looking to wrap up the series with a satisfying conclusion by hoping he can make a movie, either for TV or theatrical, that will wrap up the story. It looks like fans of HANNIBAL are getting unfairly screwed in the ass for having faith in a beautifully shot and atmospheric show that was one of the best series on network TV, proving once and for all that the major networks only care about numbers and not the millions of people who watch the show every week. If HANNIBAL were a theatrical film and drew in those numbers, it would be a hit! And if Fuller started a Kickstarter campaign to ask for money for the making of a film, I, for the first time, would contribute money, as long as the original cast members return. (It looks more and more like there will not be a Season 4 anywhere. My heart just sank a little. Please, will some billionaire throw Gaumont International Television a few bucks to give fans what they want! I know, billionaires [or at least most of them] only care about making more billions, so that scenario will probably never happen. - Editor) NOTE #4: In the most idiotic and puzzling decision in history, NBC moved both AQUARIUS and HANNIBAL to Saturdays from 9:00 to 11:00 pm. starting July 18, 2015, assuring AQUARIUS, which was pulling in decent numbers, will never see a Season 2. Good move, you fucking retards at NBC. You know full well that Saturday nights are when most adults go out for the evening. Pissed-off doesn't describe my feelings at this moment. NBC stated they did this move because their affiliates were tired of pulling in such low numbers. Since HANNIBAL only cost NBC $100,000 per episode (That's the total cost for all of NBC and their affiliates combined) and they more than quadruple that in advertising dollars alone per episode (and that is per station and affiliate, so think of that staggering profit), I'm not buying that explanation. It is Summer, after all, and profit is profit. It looks like my DVR will be set on Saturdays for the first time in my DVR's history. NBC should stand for "No Body Cares" or "'Nother Boneheaded Cock-up." Wanna bet they fill those empty two hours on Thursdays with reality shows? (The first week is a two-hour DATELINE NBC. I'm sure that will draw huge numbers [insert sarcasm here]). NOTE #5: Even after putting an extra 30 minutes on my DVR, I still missed the final episode (ever?) of HANNIBAL because of pre-football season overruns. I am now officially canceling any viewing on NBC from now on and that includes LAW & ORDER: SVU, (I can catch the repeats on the USA Network eventually and, yes, I know they are owned by the same company who owns NBC) the only series I watched on NBC to begin with. Is it any wonder they are in last place in the ratings? Fuck you, NBC!

Talk about a sign of things to come. According to the IMDB regarding Marvel's IRON MAN 3 (2013): "The film was heavily edited for Chinese audiences. The Chinese edit has additional scenes featuring the character Dr. Wu and his assistant (played by Chinese stars Xueqi Wang and Bingbing Fan respectively)." This was a money-making decision by Paramount/Walt Disney Productions to cave-in to China for finally letting more of their theaters show American-made films. The gamble paid off. The film was the highest grossing film overseas, especially in China (as of this writing, it was close to grossing one billion dollars). I don't know about you, but this seems a little dangerous to me. More and more American films are opening overseas before making their United States debut (corporate greed once again raises its ugly head) and cow-towing to China to give them their own version of the film, especially since it was successful, opens the floodgates for other films to do the same thing. I don't know about you, but I want to see a film as it was originally made, not an altered version made for a communist country. Imagine the possibilities in the future. We already owe China billions of dollars that our government borrowed from them (not to mention that they own a huge amount of American real estate) and now we are giving them films in versions that we think they will appreciate. I'll only be satisfied when the Chinese people are as free as we are (Cutting ties with North Korea would be a nice start). Giving them altered films to appease their palate is the last thing we should be doing. This is not the same thing as movies making both clothed and naked versions of scenes in their films (especially European films during the 60's & 70's); this is about changing the actual plot of a film which, again, is a dangerous proposition. At least in my opinion. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T WARN YOU DEPT.: Chinese actress Li Bingbing has been cast in TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION (2014). The news was first reported by China’s m1905.com, a state-owned film site. The casting comes during recent high-profile efforts to court and increase Chinese interest in Hollywood tent-poles: IRON MAN 3 was shot with footage specifically for the country, which is now the world’s second-largest film market. Meanwhile, TRANSFORMERS 4 CHINESE ACTORS TALENT SEARCH REALITY SHOW will air Summer 2013, a reality TV competition to cast four speaking roles in the upcoming film, which jettisons franchise star Shia LaBeouf in favor of Mark Wahlberg. Bay also intends to shoot in China, which will help it qualify as a Sino-U.S. co-production and thus avoid the country’s import quota on foreign films, which is designed in part to promote its own domestic (and relatively much less lucrative) film industry. Bingbing’s role wasn’t specified by the story Paramount, though the news is surely more evidence that the film’s plot is headed East. One request: No more racist robots. UPDATE: EW has confirmed the casting. “I am excited to have Li Bingbing join our cast and to be shooting portions of the movie in her native China,” Bay said in a statement. Said Bingbing: “I am very happy to be able to join this international production. Thank you Paramount for the invitation!” (And it starts. - Editor) UPDATE #2: Prime Focus will open a new office in Beijing later this year, the visual-effects company said Wednesday. In addition to effects work, Prime Focus said it will also offer 3D conversion and animation work. The company, which has worked on recent big-budget films such as THE GREAT GATSBY and WORLD WAR Z expects to open its doors in the third quarter of 2013. The move is only the latest in a series of Hollywood investments in China, which surpassed Japan last year to become the second largest market for films. Lured by its burgeoning population of moviegoers and its financial resources, companies like DreamWorks Animation and Legendary Entertainment are establishing Chinese footholds. Prime Focus will team up on the venture with Hong Kong-based private equity firm AID Partners Capital and its Chinese partner Zhejiang Jingqi Wenhua Chuanbo Company. In March, Prime Focus announced that AID Partners had made a $10 million equity investment in return for a stake in the visual-effects company. “We are enthusiastic about the shared opportunities our expansion into China brings,” Namit Malhotra, founder of Prime Focus, said in a statement. "We have always recognized the advantages that globalization coupled with intense localization brings and have evolved our business strategy accordingly. After India, Europe and North America, China was the growth story waiting to happen." Prime Focus also maintains offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, New York, London and Mumbai. UPDATE #3: March 6, 2014: In the latest linkup between Hollywood and the booming Chinese film business, Walt Disney Studios has struck a multi-year deal with Shanghai Media Group Pictures to co-develop Disney-branded movies for China and other markets.  Under the deal, Burbank-based Disney Studios will partner U.S. screenwriters with writers and directors in China to co-develop film projects that are essentially Disney, yet contain "Chinese elements." Also: In one of the biggest China-Hollywood teamups so far, a spokesperson for Chinese production company Huayi Brothers says it plans to inject between $120 million and $150 million in Studio 8, a firm to be launched by former Warner Bros. film studio chief Jeff Robinov. “Once Huayi Brothers become the shareholder of Studio 8, Huayi will be responsible for the issue of all its movies in Greater China,” a Huayi Brothers spokesperson told The Hollywood Reporter. The spokesperson said the details of the agreement have not been finalized and the timing remains unclear. ("Chinese elements"? Isn't that just film-speak for cow-towing to Chinese demands? It just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The Chinese have conquered everything else. Why not the American Film Business? - Editor) UPDATE #4: June 23, 2014: John Cleese, founding member of Monty Python and eminence grise of British comedy, has taken aim at one of the U.K.'s most beloved film franchises: James Bond. The 74-year-old actor said he believes the Bond films have sacrificed their signature English wit in order to pander to the booming movie markets of Asia. In an interview with the U.K.'s Radio Times magazine, Cleese said: "I did two James Bond movies and then I believe that they decided that the tone they needed was that of the Bourne action movies, which are very gritty and humorless. Also the big money was coming from Asia, from the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, where the audiences go to watch the action sequences, and that's why in my opinion the action sequences go on for too long, and it's a fundamental flaw. The audiences in Asia are not going for the subtle British humor or the class jokes." Cleese played Bond's gadget guru Q in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH (1999) and DIE ANOTHER DAY (2002). Both films performed well at the box office, but have paled in comparison to blockbuster Bond films of the Daniel Craig era. Whatever Cleese's gripes, the international strategy behind any shift in tone for the Bond franchise appears to be working, financially. The latest installment, SKYFALL, grossed $304 million in the U.S. and $804 million internationally. It is also the highest-grossing film ever at the U.K. box office. (Sometimes making money is not the answer. It's why they switch the formula to fit the world's biggest film market and pander to their needs while ignoring everyone else's. The film world is changing. And not for the better. The newest TRANSFORMERS film runs a mind-numbing 2 hours and 45 minutes and much of it takes place in Hong Kong. Just who was Michael Bay catering to? - Editor). Just last week, Zhang Hongsen, a director at the powerful regulator, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), said 2014 was “the year when the battle between Hollywood and China really begins.” He called on theater chain owners not to give TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION 100 percent of the screening time and encouraged them to help boost locally made products. However, theater chain owners seem happier to reap the rewards of the growing popularity of the Transformers franchise. Many multiplexes showed the film in all their theaters. Based on a trawl of Beijing venues, THE BREAK-UP GURU was seemingly the only Chinese movie available -- with just a couple of showings at that. The movie’s success was boosted by the decision to weave strong Chinese elements into TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, such as using popular actress Li Bingbing and heartthrob Han Geng, and choosing young actors in the fourth installment via a Chinese reality TV show. It also premiered in Hong Kong and closed the Shanghai International Film Festival, and also opened day-and-date with the rest of the world. Chinese theater owners ignored the Film Bureau’s call not to give too many screens to TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, as the Paramount tentpole notched up the biggest opening weekend ever for a foreign movie with a gross of $90 million. The $90 million haul in just three days puts it within striking distance of the biggest ever opening in China, which is the $106 million that Stephen Chow’s JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS grossed in its first week (It performed poorly in the States, taking in less than $100,000 in seven theaters in about two months). It is is shaping up to be a big year for Hollywood in China, the world’s second largest market. (Didn't I warn you? China is now where most of our Summer blockbusters will be made for. - Editor) Don't say I didn't warn you about China taking over Hollywood, but they will get to see the new POINT BREAK remake December 3, 2015, a good three weeks before it makes its U.S. debut. Funny how things come true, huh?

The Twitterverse and other social media sites were all aflutter over the July, 11, 2013 premiere of SyFy's latest cheesefest original film SHARKNADO, another one of The Asylum's ultra-cheap CGI monster flicks. All manner of celebrities were Tweeting and Facebooking humorous posts about this film, making it look to be the best thing other than sliced bread. Unfortunately, they seem to be the only ones  who actually watched it, because the ratings were a paltry 1.4 million viewers, no different than any other SyFy original film (Which they moved from Saturday nights to Thursday nights). It seems the days when the Internet could attribute to the success of a movie (like it did for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT - 1999) are over. It reminds me of all the Internet buzz for SNAKES ON A PLANE (2006), which then went on to fail miserably in theaters (and that was a pretty entertaining movie, unlike these SyFy films). It just proves one thing: You can give a film the most humorous name you can think of, but if it isn't good, people won't watch it. I expect that The Asylum will churn out more of these grade-school CGI films as long as SyFy will air them. With all the coverage this film got on the TV news and entertainment programs after the fact, and because it caused a frenzy on Twitter, why wouldn't they? Any publicity is good publicity in the film business. UPDATE: A sequel has already been announced (A repeat of the film, shown Thursday, July 18 at 7 PM EST, drew 1.7 million viewers and a later showing drew over 2 million viewers), this time taking place in New York City. Stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, screenwriter Thunder Levin and director Anthony C. Ferrente are all slated to return because, really, what else do they have to do? UPDATE #2: SHARKNADO is getting a one-night-only cinema replay, with Regal Entertainment Group set to stage midnight showings of the creature feature on about 200 screens on Friday night, Aug. 2, 2013. Tickets are priced at $12.50 apiece, hoping to build a potential of having another ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW type of franchise on their hands. (Anyone who would spend $12.50 to see this piece of crap in a theater deserves their fate. It will never achieve the status ROCKY HORROR did because, let's face it, SHARKNADO stinks on ice - Editor) UPDATE #3: Apparently, the theatrical showing of SHARKNADO sold out in the one theater showing it in New York City, so they added two more showings. Theater owners and reporters are calling it the new ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. (Listen, selling 600 tickets in one theater is not a complete success, no matter how they spin it. Just factoring-in the lookie-loos and people who have never seen it and wanted to know what all the hub-bub was about probably accounts for half the ticket sales. Tell me it is a success when it plays in more than a couple hundred of theaters across the U.S. and sustains its popularity over the years like ROCKY HORROR did. Until then, you can put a pretty bow on a pig......- Editor) UPDATE #4: February 21, 2014: Apparently, the sequel, SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE (They held a contest and everything and this is the best title they can come up with folks! Proving once again that there are no really true fans of the first film, otherwise this one would have a much catchier title.), is filming in New York City. I'm sure The Asylum is going all out to throw money into the city's economy. And if you believe that, I can sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of these film are made for less money than it would cost at the craft table of an A-production. I wouldn't be surprised if the city's new mayor, Bill "Do as I say, not as I do" DeBlasio, is having the police handing the crew jaywalking tickets left and right to fill up the hurting city's coffers. Hell, The Asylum is even running contests for free walk-on roles, which is essentially begging for unpaid background actors. Could they be more cheap? How they got Judd Hirsch (I watched a YouTube video with footage of Hirsch with a rope around his stomach while standing on a cab and he looks like "What the hell did my agent get me into?") and Viveca A. Fox to do cameos still has me scratching my head, but it doesn't surprise me that they got Andy Dick, Judah Friedlander, Kelly Osbourne and Mark McGrath to appear in this crap. (SyFy plans on showing the film on July 31, 2014 and you can be sure they will be playing up the Twitter angle. But I bet people have grown tired of the whole experience and have finally seen the first film for the lousy movie it actually is. Still, expect SyFy to play this movie up like the second coming of Christ, only this Christ has sharp teeth and fins. And failing miserably. You can't create a cult film, it has to become one and I'm betting both of these films will be nothing but an asterisk in most film reference materials in the near future. The DVD & Blu-Ray release of the first film got more one star reviews than five star reviews on Amazon.com and most of those that gave it five stars said it was terrible, but in a way that makes you want to see if it gets any worse. And it does.) UPDATE #5: March 8, 2014: Somehow they got comedian/actor Robert Klein (as the ex-Mayor of NYC) and wrestler Kurt Angle to join the cast. (If the madness doesn't stop soon, this film will be known as the ISHTAR of 2014 [except, of course, the entire film cost less than Dustin Hoffman's salary in that 1987 film.]). UPDATE #6: April 12, 2014: The producers behind SHARKNADO 2: THE SECOND ONE are seeking $50,000 on the crowdfunding site IndieGoGo to shoot a bonus scene with “chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks. The extra scene will only be shot if the small studio (The Asylum) reaches its goal in 48 days. In return for pledges, donors can get a shark named after them ($45), record a scream to be heard in the TV movie ($120), tape a walk-on role on either a “death scene or heroic scene” ($5,000) and be credited with a much coveted associate producer title ($25,000). (Sounds to me that The Asylum bit off a little too much than they can chew. Begging for money on a crowdfunding site? Sounds a little suspicious to me.) UPDATE #7: May 08, 2014: SyFy has ordered SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO!  (my sentiments exactly) before the second one has even been shown. (Ugh.) UPDATE #8: March 13, 2015: Over a week into a strike on the Syfy sequel, producers The Asylum have sunk their teeth into IATSE over the labor action – and it looks like they intend to draw blood. “To accuse me, my partners, or my company of somehow being anti-union is insulting and untrue,” said Asylum COO and SHARKNADO 3 producer Paul Bales in a long and detailed statement today. Seemingly disinterested in reaching a deal with the strikers, Bales says that the bad experience the company had dealing with IATSE’s NYC local on 2014’s SHARKNADO 2 is what made them decide to go non-union with this sequel, which is set to air on Syfy this summer. “The IATSE’s actions on this film have confirmed that we made the right decision,” he adds. Citing his own union background, Bales on Friday also claimed that the union is guilty of “cyberbullying, threats&ldots;verbal Asylum logo and physical intimidation, staged pedestrian accidents, and mysteriously flattened tires” against those who replaced the crew who walked off the job on March 3. Seeking a union contract, IATSE has picketed Asylum’s Burbank offices as well as SHARKNADO 3 shoots in L.A. and D.C. Here's Bales'original screed against the IATSE: "Before I started with The Asylum, I worked at Screen Actors Guild for almost 10 years; first as a contracts representative, and then as Director of SAGIndie. In fact, I was instrumental in unionizing the SAG business reps and still consider myself a proud member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Five years prior to that I was West Coast Representative for the American Guild of Variety Artists. The Asylum, at my insistence, has voluntarily signed agreements with all of the entertainment unions and guilds when the budgets allowed. And while other studios have moved to Canada or elsewhere, we have chosen to keep our production business in the United States. So, to accuse me, my partners, or my company of somehow being anti-union is insulting and untrue. It is true that SHARKNADO 2 was made under an IATSE contract. However, dealing with the New York City locals was the worst experience we’ve had in making over 200 movies. After all of the manipulation and bullying, inefficiency, overcharging, lying, and featherbedding, we had absolutely no desire to repeat this experience on SHARKNADO 3. The IATSE’s actions on this film have confirmed that we made the right decision. Unmotivated by the crew themselves, the IATSE pulled the union members working on the film and coerced most of the non-union crew not to cross the picket line by claiming that they would never be able to join the union in the future. The replacement crew and the crew who have continued to work have been subject to everything from cyberbullying, threats, objects being thrown at them, verbal and physical intimidation, staged pedestrian accidents, and mysteriously flattened tires. Most disturbingly, the majority of the vitriol has been directed at the women on our crew, including the posting of their photographs, phone numbers, and license plate numbers to invite their harassment. Furthermore, of the 30-40 picketers who paraded around our sets in Los Angeles and Washington and our production offices, only about three or four of them had any prior involvement in this project. The crew was replaced within a day and production has continued unabated. The delivery and release of the film is not, and has never been, in jeopardy. The only thing the IATSE’s 1920s shakedown tactics have achieved is the unemployment of our original crew, erroneous stories planted in the press, and the persecution of a young and dedicated crew who want nothing more than to be a part of the cinematic history that is the Sharknado phenomenon."  It didn’t take long for the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees to respond to dismissive and disparaging remarks from SHARKNADO 3 producer The Asylum earlier today. “This new collection of lies is nothing more than an anti-union screed,” the union bluntly said Friday in a statement about the more than weeklong labor action. With this war of words as well as picket lines and replacement workers in the mix, it’s going to be a very long walk back from where both sides are now. Here’s the full statement from Vanessa Holtgrewe, Assistant Director of the IATSE Motion Picture Department: "Once again, The Asylum distinguishes themselves as not only misrepresenting the truth but outright lying about the facts. The IATSE stands with the original crew of SHARKNADO 3 who voted overwhelmingly for union representation. Many of the crew were on the picket lines in Los Angeles day after day, and their Facebook page, Strikenado, is filled with their testimonies, as well as those who have had the displeasure of working for The Asylum before. Like The Asylum’s original statement which mocked this hardworking crew, this new collection of lies is nothing more than an anti-union screed." (Well, I guess with fame comes all the pluses and minuses that go with it. If you are going to make a proper film, you need the IATSE. Every other legitimate production company has used them and it looks like The Asylum wants to stay independent, hire scabs and not work with Unions. Well, Asylum, you can't have your cake and eat it too. A tough lesson I hope they learn. If not, they will have to go back making no-budget mocumentaries. Which they will when they keep on refusing to work with Unions. Pay particular attention to where Bales mentions that he has voluntarily signed agreements with all of the entertainment unions and guilds when the budgets allowed. Looking over their catalog of titles, it seems like this is only the second time that The Asylum has ever worked with Unions. And staying in the U.S. instead of going to Canada? Well, that explanation is simple. They just didn't have a travel budget and most of their films were filmed here in the U.S. under the Union radar for what most films pay for craft services. Sounds like it has all caught up with them. Could this be the end of The Asylum as we know it?) Well, SHARKNADO 3: OH HELL NO! finally aired on SyFy (I watched the first 15 minutes and had to turn it off. Mark Cuban as the President of the United States? You gotta be kidding me! And an obvious Subway billboard plug?) and they left the finale wide open for a sequel, asking for input on Twitter whether Tara Reid's character April lives or dies when part of a satellite comes falling out of the sky and heads right for her, before the screen goes to black, in the eventual third sequel SHARKNADO 4: I HAVE A 64 I.Q.. I believe the filmmakers have already made up their minds (Reports are Tara Reid was extremely difficult to work with in the third movie) and this is just another cheap ploy to continue with the series. It had 2.814 million viewers on opening night (But it had over 2 billion Twitter hits. Does that tell you something?). That’s about a million viewers shy of SHARKNADO 2 last July 2014. Let's face it, the fascination is over, but that has never stopped The Asylum (or TV Guide) from beating a dead horse until it is nothing but a pile of flesh and broken bones. I noticed some severe edits in the first 15 minutes of SyFy's showing of the film, which means they were counting on children watching it, so, if you must, wait for the eventual DVD release and don't pay more than $1.00 for it.

October 10, 2013: AFM: Why the Found-Footage Genre Is Here to Stay. EXISTS, a Big Foot-themed chiller from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-director Eduardo Sanchez, is among the projects making a splash at this year's market. The found-footage film has been declared dead more than once, but at AFM the low-budget horror genre is in rude health, with a stream of new projects continuing to find buzz and buyers worldwide. Case in point: EXISTS, the Big Foot-themed chiller from THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT co-director Eduardo Sanchez – the grandfather of the found-footage movement – which International Film Trust sold to eOne in the U.K. and looks set to close worldwide by the end of the market. Sanchez may be a found-footage pioneer, but he, like most of the industry, largely abandoned the genre after BLAIR WITCH spawned a horde of copycat titles, none of which set box offices alight. (EXISTS went directly to VOD and refuses to reveal the financial status of the film). “The genre really didn't jell for Hollywood until maybe CLOVERFIELD, nine years later,” Sanchez tells The Hollywood Reporter. “But now you are seeing a new generation of found footage directors who are taking what [Blair Witch co-director] Daniel Myrick and I began and taking it to a whole new level.” Sanchez contributed an episode to found-footage omnibus feature V/H/S/2 (direct to limited theatrical/VOD; it made $21,833 in 12 theaters; the second sequel, V/H/S: VIRAL made even less money theatrically), which Memento Film International has had little problem selling worldwide. Other buzzy indie FF titles include [REC4] APOCALYPSE ("Limited theatrical/VOD" release; made $837 in 5 theaters), the concluding chapter in the hit Spanish franchise, which Filmax unveiled to buyers at this market, and AFFLICTED, the found-footage-with-vampires movie that premiered at Toronto's Midnight Madness section and immediately sold to CBS Films for the U.S. (It also went directly to the "limited theatrical/VOD" release, making an anemic $121,179 theatrically). “This is still the only genre where you can have a $4 million film and go and do $50 million at the box office,” says Marc Schipper, chief operating officer at Exclusive Media, which is shopping found-footage title PROJECT BLUE BOOK at AFM, explaining the inherent appeal of the genre (It looks like the film has been abandoned). The studios have certainly embraced it. Paramount continues to ride the Paranormal gravy train, with the latest, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE MARKED ONES (making $90,904,854 worldwide in theatrical release on a $5 million budget; which would make it the highest-grossing film in the titles listed here), a Latin-themed spinoff of the tentpole found-footage franchise ($718 million worldwide gross and counting) set to bow Jan. 3, 2014 and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 5 slotted for an Oct. 24, 2014 release (NOTE: It has been retitled PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION and has been moved to a October 23, 2015 release; not a good sign). Paramount is also pushing ahead with PROJECT ALMANAC, a found-footage meets time-travel title, for which rising talents Jonny Weston and Sofia Black-D’Elia are in negotiations to star (It also bombed at the boxoffice during the weekend of January 31 to Febuary 2, 2015, making around 8.5 million dollars in 2,893 theaters in its first week, with an estimated budget of $12 million). Warner Bros. tornado disaster found-footage pic INTO THE STORM ($47,602,194 in boxoffice receipts, but still not reaching that "$50 Million" plateau, since it was one of the most expensive found footage films to make, with an estimated $50 million budget), from Steven Quale (FINAL DESTINATION 5), will rip through theaters Aug. 8, 2014 and DreamWorks, after winning a bidding war for the found footage sci-fi project GLIMMER, penned by Carter Blanchard, is looking to begin shooting this summer, with Shameless star Jeremy Allen White attached (as of January 2015, the film was still listed as being in "pre-production" and Jeremy Allen White's name is nowhere to be found). “I definitely think found footage is here to stay this time,” says Sanchez. “I think it will change into something different, maybe a mix of found footage with conventional filmmaking, but that's where the next big thing is going to come from.” (And this is the exact reason why the horror film genre is going down the crapper. "Found-footage" is starting to affect other genres of films, too. Anything for a quick buck, even if it means extreme nausea and migraines for the audience. What's next, a found footage movie filmed in 3D? How much punishment does an audience have to take? UPDATE: Well, apparently not too much more, since almost all the films listed above did poorly at the boxoffice or went directly to Video On Demand. It seems the days of these "found footage" films making $50 million are long gone and audiences are tired of watching them while popping Tylenol. - Editor)

November 24, 2013: Hard to believe that FAMILY GUY would kill off their beloved dog Brian, but that is just what they did in the latest episode shown this day and it seems not to be a publicity stunt. He really is dead. Now I don't know the reasoning behind doing such a thing on an animated series, especially when no one ever ages on these shows (Bart has remained a ten year-old on THE SIMPSONS for twenty-three years!), but I wondered why they picked Brian? Was it because it was a dog and he would get the mostR.I.P   Brian Griffin

   1999 - 2013 sympathy? The episodes with him and Stewie out and about throughout the world were some of the best parts of the show and gave Seth MacFarland the chance to sing his heart out. Those days are long gone unless they can come up with a way to bring another dog into the show. Maybe Brian can be reincarnated into another puppy and start making mischief all over again, Needless to say, the ending was emotional, as well as hilarious (showing Brian's antics throughout the years in black & white flashbacks), but when a beloved character from an animated show you use to love (I haven't watched it in about three years because Sundays are crowded with good shows), but I DVRd this episode and it did leave a lump in my throat. Somehow, it was like losing a member of the family. R.I.P. Brian Griffin  1999 - 2013. (Let's not even talk about Taraji P. Henson's Detective Joss Carter's death on PERSON OF INTEREST a few days before this happened. That came as a total surprise, too, as well as Patrick Jane's [Simon Baker] killing of "Red John" on the episode of THE MENTALIST shown the same night as Brian's death.) I know they plan to kill off another character on THE SIMPSONS this season, but since it has such a huge cast, the death won't mean as much as Brian's. Let's just hope this doesn't become a trend. There have been a few memorable deaths of TV characters throughout the years, including the one-armed man in THE FUGITIVE (1967); Lt. Colonel Henry Blake's (McLean Stevenson) on M*A*S*H in 1977; Agent Caitlin Todd's (Sasha Alexander) unexpected head shot on NCIS in 2005; the murder of Agent Aaron Hotchner's (Thomas Gibson) wife Haley (Meredith Monroe) at the hands of The Reaper (C. Thomas Howell) on CRIMINAL MINDS (2009); Eddard 'Ned' Stark's (Sean Bean) beheading in GAME OF THRONES (2012; not to mention the "Red Wedding" episode in 2013); the murder of James 'Jimmy' Darmody (Michael Pitt) on BOARDWALK EMPIRE (2012; also the death of Richard Harrow [Jack Huston] in the fourth season finale) and a few others, but I personally will never get use to it. We have enough death in real life when it comes to family and friends. Do we need it on our TV family, too? UPDATE: December 15, 2013: Yes, we were all taken for a phony ride, when it was revealed that Stewie used his time machine to bring Brian back to life. So much for killing off a major character. I don't know if I should be happy that Brian is alive or livid at Seth MacFarland pulling a fast one on his audience.

December 3, 2013: A new study unveiled by The Library of Congress notes that a scant 14 percent of the feature films produced and distributed in the U.S. from 1912 - 1929 exist in their original 35mm format. That’s only 1,575 of the 11,000 or so features made during this nascent era of cinema, according to “The Survival of American Silent Feature Films: 1912-1929,” the first comprehensive report of its kind. Meanwhile, 5 percent (or 562 films) of those that have survived in their original 35mm format are incomplete, and 11 percent of LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927)

Considered A Lost Film Forever.the films that are complete (1,174) only exist as foreign versions or in lower-quality formats. “The Library of Congress can now authoritatively report that the loss of American silent-era feature films constitutes an alarming and irretrievable loss to our nation’s cultural record,” Librarian of Congress James Billington said in a statement. “We have lost most of the creative record from the era that brought American movies to the pinnacle of world cinematic achievement in the 20th century.” The study was commissioned by the National Film Preservation Board and written by historian and archivist David Pierce. Pierce also prepared an online inventory of information on archival, commercial and private holdings — who has custody of what films, how complete they are, the films’ formats and where the best surviving copies can be found. The hope is that this database will facilitate the repatriation of lost American movies. Films initially thought lost have been found in Australia, New Zealand, France and elsewhere. In August 2011, for example, it was revealed that the first three reels of Alfred Hitchcock’s THE WHITE SHADOW (1924) had turned up among a cache of unidentified American nitrate prints safeguarded at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington. The Czech Republic has the largest collection of American silent films found outside the U.S., the study discovered. “This report is invaluable because the artistry of silent film is essential to our culture,” director and film-preservation advocate Martin Scorsese said in a statement. “Any time a silent picture by some miracle turns up, it reminds us of the treasures we’ve already lost. It also gives us hope that others may beCLEOPATRA (1917)

Considered Lost Forever. discovered. “The research presented in this report serves as a road map to finding silent films we once thought were gone forever and encourages creative partnerships between archives and the film industry to save silent cinema. Among the most notable silent films considered lost in their complete form are Lon Chaney’s LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT (1927); THE PATRIOT (1928), directed by Ernst Lubitsch; CLEOPATRA (1917), starring Theda Bara as the Queen of Egypt; THE GREAT GATSBY (1926), released a year after the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel was first published; and all four of Clara Bow’s features produced in 1928, including LADIES OF THE MOB. Silent-screen legend Mary Pickford paid for the preservation of her films, ensuring that most of them survived. Of her 48 features, eight were lost from the first three years of her career. Pickford’s 1911 short, THEIR FIRST MISUNDERSTANDING, was discovered in a New Hampshire barn and has been preserved by the Library of Congress. And famed director Cecil B. DeMille showed great foresight when he mandated that production company Famous Players-Lasky strike prints of his films for his personal archive when he exited to form his own company in 1925. He kept the prints in a concrete vault in his Hollywood home, and more than 40 of his early features have survived. Said DeMille in a 1956 speech: “The [motion picture] industry will not come of age until it makes a determined effort to keep its own great classics alive -- and to present them regularly to the public in a manner worthy of their merit and worthy of the great names who made them.” (And we still have problems finding usable film prints of films from the 1960's, 1970's & 1980's for release on DVD and Blu-Ray. Films are an important part of our planet's history. To let them dissolve into vinegar or to throw them away like trash is one of the world's biggest tragedies. - Editor)

December 27, 2013: Fuck DUCK DYNASTY and the entire Robertson clan with their ancient views on gays, lesbians and blacks. That shit went out the window years ago and giving them an outlet to espouse their hurtful words amounts to nothing less than political correctness gone amuck. Once again religion triumphs over reason. And a special "Fuck YOU!" goes out to the A&E Network for lifting Phil Robertson's "suspension" less than ten days after they initiated it for the main reason that the Robertson clan threatened to move their show to another network if their patriarch was not reinstated. A&E promised Public Service Announcements for tolerance towards Gays and Blacks, but hasn't said if the Robertson clan would be part of those PSAs. If they aren't, what's the point? One can see DUCK DYNASTY

Religion or Reality

(or are they the same?)

the dollar signs in any corporate bigwig in A&E's eyes as they get to keep their precious money-maker and try to appease GLAAD and the NAACP. If I belonged to either one of those groups, I would be screaming for Phil Robertson to get before the cameras and state that even though it is his right to believe what he wants, he used an outlet where he should have kept his mouth shut and stuck to the scripts of his fake show. After all, he attended Louisiana Tech University where he played football, but turned down an opportunity to play professionally with the Washington Redskins. He received a master's degree in education and spent several years teaching. Does that sound like a redneck to you? Of course he's not and neither is any member of his family, yet they play them on TV with beards they have grown expressly for the show. I don't give a flying duck if they are devout Christians, Muslims, Hindu, Protestant or any other religion, what Phil Roberson said in the pages of GQ were intolerant of anyone not like him. When people like Paula Deen and Dog The Bounty Hunter lose their shows (and in Deen's case, her whole life, including all her endorsements) for saying the "N" word (in Deen's case, it was over 20 years ago and in Dog's case it was during a taped phone call that had nothing to do with his TV show) and yet Robertson gets off scott-free because he was paraphrasing "Scripture", it just shows that religion runs this country as sure as China owns it. There is no justice in this country any more, especially when millions of ignorant U.S. citizens side with Robertson because of his religious beliefs. A recent poll shows that 33 million Americans have no religion (I am one of them and proud of it) and another 14% are "not sure" if they do. That's a hell of a lot of people that aren't sure if God really exists, yet the country is run by tunnel-visioned politicians and business executives who would rather believe in something they have never seen or heard than have tolerance towards their fellow man/woman, all in name of the almighty dollar. I thought this country was makingThe Robertson Family

Would you want their fake asses

as your neighbors?

leaps and bounds when it came to Gay, Lesbian and Black rights in this country, but with one decision, they have managed to set this country back 60 years. Shame on A&E (I will never watch or DVR one of their shows again) and shame on the Robertson Family for succeeding in turning their religious beliefs into a political quagmire. I'm not religious, but I hope they all rot in Hell. All this coming from a company that produces duck calls to get ducks sexually excited so hunters can blow on them and shoot the poor flying creatures (Phil has publicly stated how he loves to shoot the heads off ducks while they are flying!). I hate to see the real percentage stats of those "hunters" who actually eat what they kill. Another double standard wins out over what is right. And yet Faith Based Consumer, who created the IStandWithPhil.com website, which yielded 260,000 signatures in support of Robertson, still want an explanation why Phil Robertson was suspended in the first place. I and many of my fellow non-believers want an explanation as to why Phil Robertson and his entire clan (including a son, Alan, who is a priest and preaches this hate every Sunday) have not been fired from TV. The answer to both questions is the same: Money. A&E Network knew all about the Robertson's beliefs before the first show even aired, so the burden of the blame lies heavy on thier shoulders. Follow your conscience and never watch another show on A&E again, especially DUCK DYNASTY and their family of fake-ass hillbillies who have enough money to buy their own network. And please don't buy any of their merchandise. Doing so just puts money in the pockets of racist family values. UPDATE: If you want to find out about the controversy right out of the Robertson's mouths (including Phil's inflammatory remarks in 2009 about parents marrying off their daughters at "15 or 16"), you can always turn on FOX News on 2013/2014 New Years Night and hear them tell the whole sordid story in their own words (Well, at least their Far Right side of it). How's that for fair and balanced? And while you are at it, make sure to watch A&E's marathon of DUCK DYNASTY episodes to ring in the New Year. Poke me with a fork, I think I'm done! UPDATE #2: A&E have been promoting the show endlessly like there was no controversy at all. Read Jess Cagle's editorial in the January 10, 2014 issue of Entertainment Weekly to read how he expresses exactly how I feel. Jess is a gay man, so I believe he has the right to say what he does. I don't always agree with what Jess says, but he hit the nail on the head this time. For those of you who don't get Entertainment Weekly, I scanned Jess Cagle's response HERE. ©2014 Jess Cagle & Entertainment Weekly HAPPY NOTE: The fifth season opener only opened with a little over 8 million viewers, down from over 12 million from the Season 4 opener. While still a hit for A&E, it shows that nearly 4 million viewers were offended by the Robertson clan's uncalled-for religious remarks. These four million viewers may very well still be religious, but they don't want their views splashed across the screens or printed page telling everyone how they feel. They have the right to feel the way they do, but they don't have the right to spread their hatred of gays and blacks in an open forum and expect to keep their flock. I respect those four million who refused to return to Season Five. From what I read in the newspapers, DUCK DYNASTY has been becoming stale as of late (Hamburger cookoff, anyone?), as the scripting becomes more apparent. My take on the whole debacle is that the show will last two more seasons and then finally be off the air. Phil then can go to all his church group gatherings and compare gays to beastiality, while his adoring believers fawn all over him. And the Robertson clan can finally shave off their beards and run their business again like the normal preppy family they use to be. The funny thing is that A&E doesn't even feature Phil in any of their bumpers for the show that they air 100 times a day. Most of the bumpers feature the antics of Uncle Si Robertson and Phil is not even mentioned or shown. It's not hard to read the writing on the wall. DUCK DYNASTY is dead meat. UPDATE #3: May 8, 2014: HGTV has pulled the plug on its upcoming reality series FLIP IT FORWARD, after a controversy emerged surrounding the anti-gay views held by its hosts, twin brothers David Benham and Jason Benham. "HGTV has decided not to move forward with the Benham Brothers' series," the network announced on its Facebook page. (Now that's how you deal with bigotry on TV. You listening A&E? - Editor.)

February 6, 2014: Goodbye Jay Leno and thanks for 22 years on THE TONIGHT SHOW. You handled yourself with grace and dignity not seen for a very long time on TV, Everyone knew that the whole Conan O'Brien Tonight Show Takeover/Jay Leno Daily 10:00 PM Weekday Show 2009 debacle was because of the NBC suits (O'Brien couldn't handle THE TONIGHT SHOW and was taken in by TBS, where ratings don't matter as much as the top three networks) and so was this latest move, because they wanted to skew the show to a younger audience. You can be sure I won't be watching that pipsqueak, Jimmy "Look at me, ain't I funny?" Fallon (they are moving the show from California to New York Makes me wanna puke.City and will start after the Winter Olympics are over), who is about as funny as a kid with cancer. At least you went out on top, with the highest ratings in your THE TONIGHT SHOW's career, even among the coveted 18-46 demographic, showing those NBC suits that you were still popular with those people you hoped Fallon would pull in. I hope NBC chokes on their decision and wants you back, because Fallon couldn't fill even half of one of your shoes. And you turn it down for a third time because, frankly, enough is enough. You can be sure of one thing: I will never watch the show again. You were always graceful with the audience; shaking their hands just before you did the monologue and I am really going to miss how you read those ridiculous "Headlines"every Monday night (and it broke my heart to hear you say please not to send any more headlines to the show on your last Monday), "Jaywalking" among the stupid people (and inviting yourself into people's households to get them to do ridiculously funny things) and the hilarious "Battle Of The Jaywalking All-Stars" game show. Now we get "The History Of Rap", "Slow Jammin' To The News" and other comedy bits meant to skew to the younger crowd, especially with that smirky jerk at the helm. NBC doesn't care that older audiences couldn't give a rat's ass for those bits. They may have played well at 12:38am, but they don't play well an hour earlier. Fallon plays for the camera, where Jay acted like the cameras weren't even there. That's quite a difference and one that doesn't get mentioned much. I feel like I am losing a friend every weekday night and now won't know what to do between 11:35pm and 12:37 am EST. You can be sure that I will not be watching that crank David Letterman or the self-aware Jimmy Kimmel. NBC can do something right and put out a Blu-Ray set of your best moments (there were many) that I can pop in my player during your regular hours. At least there will be something to watch. And do me a favor: No more talk shows. The TV is full of them and most of them suck. There can only be one TONIGHT SHOW and I hope the ratings plummet drastically after everyone has their initial lookie-loos. Note to all the people that don't like Jay: He only agreed to quit now as long as his staff gets paid until next September. That is the type of guy he is. Love him or hate him, he cared about the people he worked with. That is called total dedication to the people who made you stay on top until your last day. Goodbye old friend. It seems NBC's late night talk shows are being hosted by old Saturday Night Live cast members (Seth Meyers will be taking over Fallon's LATE NIGHT duties and Fred Armisen will lead the band!). No thanks, I haven't found that show funny in over twenty years and Will Ferrell was the only truly funny guy on during that period (at least the only one still alive). Lorne Michaels can suck it as far as I'm concerned. He won't be happy unless he owns all of NBC's late night shows and it looks as if he is getting his wish. Frankly, I'm 57 years-old and am tired of being treated like I don't exist when it come to TV shows. I still like the shows the younger people like, but it's hard to get involved in a show when you know that the network may pull it from the schedule at any time. Maybe that's why long-established shows like NCIS, CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, LAW & ORDER: SVU, BONES, GREY'S ANATOMY, CRIMINAL MINDS (which got over 13 million viewers on it's 200th show recently) and other older shows with nearly ten years or more behind them are still the best rated shows on TV. Or let shows like HOUSE M.D. (2004 - 2012) and BURN NOTICE (2007 - 2013) end on their own terms, even though they were still pulling in the ratings. The Baby Boomers still stick by them and have since we were younger (BONES has been in more timeslots and days than I care to remember, but the fans followed it). Just like we have stuck by Jay and THE TONIGHT SHOW. But not any more. You have to earn our trust, but yet you spit in our faces like we are some dead species. Eat a pizza and enjoy your many comedy venues, Jay, and I hope you have a long and healthy life. Long enough to see the juggernaut called THE TONIGHT SHOW  become dead and buried. A class act all the way. My best to you, your wife and your cat. UPDATE: On April 3, 2014, David Letterman announced his retirement from his late night show when his contract expires in 2015 (His last show will be on May 20, 2015). Late night talk shows will then become a young man's game. I'm not a fan of Letterman (he comes across as a little too angry at times, unlike his younger days at NBC when some of his comedy bits were pure inspiration [Dog haiku: "My dog dish mocks me." The "Barney Brittlebones" bit. The "Ass Cake" gag. Appearances by the late Larry "Bud" Melman; real name: Calvert DeForest.]), but today's younger hosts forget that there are plenty of people over 50 that still stay up late and watch talk shows, but they cater none of their comedy to them because they do not fit in the coveted 18 to 49 year-old demographic. Looks like my talk show days are over. Stephen Colbert will be taking over hosting duties, but since no one has really seen him act like himself (his entire act is satire), only time will tell whether he will be accepted on his own rather than a caricature. Time to switch over to movies or shows I have DVRed. UPDATE #2: On April 28, 2014, Craig Ferguson announced he will be leaving THE LATE LATE SHOW on December 20, 2014, when his contract expires. This comes as no surprise to anyone, since Ferguson had a clause in his contract that stipulated if he didn't replace Letterman when he left his show, he would get a minimum of 7 million dollars. Ferguson was one of the funniest late night anchors on TV, as well as a great interviewer (he won an Emmy® for his interview with Desmond Tutu and his full hour one-on-one with friend Stephen Fry was one of the most intelligent hours on TV), but you can only be snubbed so many times before you say enough is enough. Ferguson (who didn't get along with Letterman) is a talented actor and writer (and was very open with his audience about his past addictions), so he should have no trouble finding work. Now let's see who they replace him with. It might as well be Gary the Skeleton (you have to watch the show to get the inference), because I am through with all late night talk shows (It turns out that Ferguson's replacement will be British comedian James Corden [Who?], who will take over hosting duties on March 23, 2015. Until that date, the show will have a series of guest hosts.). The Press keeps building up Jimmy Fallon like he is the next Johnny Carson, but he couldn't shine Carson's shoes.

FEBRUARY 7 , 2014: I haven't been a fan of Woody Allen and his films for quite some time (apparently, I'm in the minority, since he or his actors get nominated for an Academy Award® what seems like every year) and only like his 60's & 70's films, but anyone with half a brain can see that the letter his fully-grown adoptive daughter Dylan penned to the New York Times accusing Mr. Allen of child molestation by raping her in the attic of their home when she was 7 years-old has Mia Farrow's name written all over it. Ms. Farrow never forgave Woody for romantically getting involved with her adoptive daughter Soon-Yi (she was of legal age and was adopted between Mia and Andre Previn; Woody was never married to Mia and Dory Previn [the wife of Andre, the married man that Mia stole away] wrote a song "Beware Of Young Girls" [a dig at Mia Farrow] in which the album also contained a song titled "With My Daddy In The Attic". Coincidence?: I think not.) and then marrying her and adopting two children of their own. Their marriage has been going strong since 1997, so the love must be there and there has never been any suggestion of impropriety of child abuse thrown at him except from Dylan. Even Woody's own adopted son, Moses, a psychiatrist, says his adoptive mother drummed it into their kids' heads constantly that Woody was a monster who did bad things. Moses and Woody are now on good terms because Moses knows the signs of psychological torture. I question the timing of this letter and Mia quoting that another one of her non-adoptive sons, Ronan, may be the offspring of Frank Sinatra, which seems to imply that Mia was cheating on Woody when they were together. When those proclamations proved false, this child abuse letter suddenly appeared just before Oscar® time. Here's hoping Woody comes out of this unscathed and Mia never finds a job in show business again. False accusations, when drummed into your head over-and-over somehow become true when you are a small child. False accusations also ruin careers. I wish Woody nothing but luck. Sexual child abuse is one of the worst crimes in the world, but being falsly accused of it runs a very close second. February 8, 2014: Dylan pens another letter (This time to the Hollywood Reporter. Coincidence? No.) that's long on accusations but missing the most important thing of all: facts. I have a feeling that this will be going on right up until the Academy Awards ®. I hope Woody keeps his word and doesn't write any more letters and lets Mia and Dylan sink in the quagmire of their own making. In this day and age it is beyond me why such well-timed letters are even considered as truth. Dylan could have easily released her letters in September or July, but then they wouldn't have much of an impact would they? The fact that Mia got some sympathetic judges to vote for her years ago and deny Woody right to visit his own adoptive daughter Dylan (Timed to when Woody announced his love for Soon-Yi) says a lot about our judicial system and gave Mia plenty of time to drum bad things about Woody into all her kids' heads. Any moron with the brain the size of a pea can see Mia is a vindictive woman and doesn't deserve to have any children, adopted or not. That's your judicial system for you. You didn't hear this from me, but I hope Woody's Oscar®-nominated movie BLUE JASMINE wins Woody the Best Screenplay award and Cate Blanchett the Best Actress award just to piss Mia off. (NOTE: March 2, 2014: Well, at least Cate Blanchett won an Oscar® for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role. I can just see Mia Farrow throwing something at her TV.).

February 12, 2014: The new reboot of ROBOCOP is going to be rated PG-13? Everyone do themselves a favor and show your non-support for these watered-down theatrical releases and wait for the eventual R-Rated or Unrated Blu-Ray and DVD. If it's Wait until the home video release.one thing I am sick and tired of is going to a theater to see a film and then find out that it was cut to shreds to get a lower, more family-friendly rating, only then to find out that the uncut version will be released on home video. Meanwhile, the production companies make more than what they would if they released the same version of the film both theatrically and on home video. Show your loyalty to the director's original vision and skip the theatrical release and rent or buy the home video version. Maybe the production companies will finally get the hint, although I doubt it. They are like brick walls and your wallet is actually your head. The Brazilian director of the new reboot, José Padilha, called this film "The worst experience of my life. For every ten ideas I brought to the film, the studio refused nine." Welcome to Hollywood, José! Besides, no one can top director Paul Verhoeven's 1987 classic of sarcasm and violence. So much of that film has come true in the ensuing 27 years, including Detroit going broke. NOTE: The new version is getting crushed in theaters by of all things, THE LEGO MOVIE. The movie has grossed $40 million around the world, but it took over $100 million to make it. It will do much better on home video and VOD, as long as an R-Rated or Unrated version of the movie exists. If not, it will be a giant fail. UPDATE: The Blu-Ray & DVD are Rated PG-13, so why bother?

February 18, 2014: Here's a good reason why Comcast should not be allowed to buy Time Warner for $45.2 billion: It has already purchased NBC Universal (and now own not just basic channel NBC, but such channels as SyFy, Bravo, MSNBC, Chiller, Cloo, Telemundo, USA Network, other channels and a controlling interest in DVR service TIVO) in the past for $13.5 billion and we all see what they have done with those TV channels, especially the idiotic decision to replace Jay Leno from THE TONIGHT SHOW with that little smirking turd Jimmy Fallon (The NY Post devoted it's February 18, 2014 cover saying Fallon nailed the gig "big time", which in normal speak says he sucked.). If Comcast does buy Time Warner (and it looks like a done deal), it will choke the internet since it will control about 38% of internet traffic (When Comcast bought NBC Universal, it committed to an open internet through 2018, meaning that it would not discriminate against companies like Netflix in providing Internet services, but what happens after 2018?). The useless FCC hasToday NBC, tomorrow the World!!! said nothing except "We'll look into it.", yet as 2018 rapidly approaches (it is less than four years away) we will have a juggernaut telling us what sites we can or cannot use if we use their internet pipeline. The FCC better get off their fat ass and start doing their job, first by not allowing this latest acquisition to go through and then by amending the 2018 deal that Comcast made with the FCC to not limit internet traffic. The internet should be for everyone to use at any time, not to be told that the site you wish to visit cannot be accessed with your current service provider. Think about it: You want to watch a streaming movie on Netflix in 2018 and you are told that the service is not available on your internet service. Scary, right? I have always said that in the future there will be three or four companies in the world that will run everything. Don't let it start now and don't let it be Comcast. They already have proven to us how their decisions affect our everyday lives, and not for the better. The decision to change the names of the Sci-Fi Network and The Mystery Channel to SyFy and Cloo lies squarely on Comcast's shoulders and just show how they are contributing to the dumbing-down of America. Don't let them do any more damage. They will surely get rid of all of Time Warner's print media and replace it with their online subscription versions and do other major damage to the things we take for granted. A merger like this spells disaster to all everyday citizens. The only people this merger helps are those already with enough money to buy countries. And that will probably be next on their agenda. The FCC has already proved their non-worth, so send an email to Time Warner and tell them to reject the deal. As The Washington Post reported (who I usually almost disagree with on a daily basis, but agree with here), this deal does not pass the "smell test". The merger will leave Comcast with a virtual cable and internet monopoly in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York City and Washington, D.C., and it will be able to exact price concessions from content providers, forcing some out of business, limiting innovation and variety. We have seen enough of that already. Do we really want to see it happen more frequently in the future? Use the power you have and voice your opinion any way you can. As have been reported on other sites, Comcast would become the "bully in the schoolyard" if this acquisition goes through. Haven't we already dealt with enough of them? Comcast (the largest cable company in the U.S.) has been accused of already giving Netflix slow internet speeds (it sits in the bottom four internet providers) while giving its preferred movie streaming sites more bandwidth, so why give this site any more power? Or less of your own personal privacy? The reason I refuse to keep my important information in the "cloud" (just another new catchphrase for storing your information on a server) is because you never know who has access to it. People need to open their eyes and start questioning things that affect them personally. And this acquisition is the perfect place to start. NOTE: In similar news: Dish Network is hosting its own elimination chamber, with the satellite service saying it will no longer offer WWE’s pay-per-views, including April’s “WrestleMania 30.” The move comes as WWE is Be prepared for another price increase.about to launch a digital network on Feb. 24, 2014 which will include all of its 12 PPVs and a slate of original series beginning after Sunday’s “Elimination Chamber.” Company is charging $9.99 a month for subscriptions to the service. Dish said it was upset that the network was being launched without WWE’s TV partners. “As WWE enters the increasingly fragmented media world by themselves, Dish will continue to consider the value of WWE pay-per-view on an event by event basis,” it said. Imagine, dropping a new pay cable channel because your feelings are hurt. Of course, the FCC will do nothing about this either. NOTE #2: February 24, 2014: Netflix and Comcast have struck a deal that will allow Netflix to directly access Comcast's broadband system. The only reason Netflix did this was because they saw the writing on the wall with the Comcast/Time Warner merger. If this is a harbinger of things to come, nearly all streaming services will have to purchase their own pipeline to the internet and the only people it will really hurt is you, the customer, with higher prices. The internet was supposed to be free for everyone to use (besides the over-priced monthly charges for the privilege), but apparently in the future that's not the way the internet will be. It will be just like buying tiers from a cable provider. Cablevision already offers three tiers of speed for their internet, so get ready to spend even more for your streaming movies and using the internet in general. Don't say I didn't warn you. NOTE #3: April 22, 2015: In its review of Comcast's bid to purchase Time Warner Cable, the Federal Communications Commission is recommending a "hearing designation order," according to the Wall Street Journal, a process so onerous that, if it proceeds, could put an end to the proposed $45.2 billion merger. The FCC will refer the transaction to an administrative law judge, says the Journal. "This on top of Department of Justice staff recommending a lawsuit to stop the deal ... would appear to be a death sentence for the transaction," said Btig analyst Richard Greenfield. (Let's hope that this "hearing designation order" quashes this merger for good. It will help the people rather than the corporations in so many ways they cannot be counted. - Editor) NOTE #4: April 24, 2015: Hip, hip hooray! Comcast pulled out of the merger between them and Time Warner, basically saving millions of people from spending more monthly on their cable bills. For nearly the first time since they had been created, the FCC finally put enough pressure on both companies to make Comcast cry "Uncle!" It was clear that this merger was bad business not for either company, but for the millions of people each of them serve. Thank God level heads prevailed.

February 21, 2014: Just a word of warning for those religious fanatics that think they must see the film SON OF GOD when it opens in theaters on February 28, 2014. If you get a sense of deja-vu while watching the film, chances are you will realize that you have seenViewers are going to be in for a surprise. And not the good kind. most of the film before as part of the ten-part, 20-hour History Channel mini-series THE BIBLE (2013). The movie will take selections from the miniseries and add scenes that were left on the cutting-room floor, although Christ (played by Diogo Morgado) appeared in five of the 10 two-hour episodes. The fact that the "film" is Rated PG-13 is really a head-scratcher, too, since Executive Producers Roma Downey and Mark Burnett would think that at least a PG-Rating would be more palatable for most of the viewing public, especially parents trying to teach their kids about the life of Jesus Christ. Well, since I'm an Athiest, it makes no difference to me, since I have no desire to watch the movie and never was tempted to watch the original mini-series, but it just seems strange to me that some parents will not take their young kids to PG-13 films, no matter the subject matter. And it also seems strange to me that none of the advertising material state that 90% of the footage came from a TV mini-series. Hey, we're not talking about Mel Gibson's super-gory PASSION OF THE CHRIST (2004; and don't forget to purchase your Christ merchandise!) here, we're talking about an abridged mini-series getting a theatrical release, but like all religion, some truth is held back from the public. Religious people beware. UPDATE: February 28, 2014: Paramount has added an “explanatory message” to its Biblical epic, NOAH, at the request of a religious broadcasters group, the studio and the group announced on Thursday. The decision followed an appeal by Dr. Jerry A. Johnson, President & CEO of National Religious Broadcasters, to help audiences better understand that the feature film is a dramatization of the major scriptural themes and not a line-by-line retelling of the Bible story, the statement said. The statement added to the film is: “The film is inspired by the story of Noah. While artistic license has been taken, we believe that this film is true to the essence, values, and integrity of a story that is a cornerstone of faith for millions of people worldwide. The biblical story of Noah can be found in the book of Genesis.” And there we go again. Letting religious groups dictate what we see on their terms. If I were a boardmember of Paramount, I would have told Dr. Jerry A. Johnson to go fuck himself. He doesn't own the Bible, therefore he should have no say in a film that depicts Noah and the flood. I bet if the film was made by a low-budget company and starred Kirk Cameron, Dr. Johnson would have kept his big biblical mouth shut. NOTE: February 28, 2013: The reviews are in for SON OF GOD and hardly anywhere do the reviews mention that it once was part of a TV miniseries (of the twenty-some reviews I read, only a handful mention it in passing). The real question by reviewers is that towards the end it becomes so bloody and gory, that most of them question the PG-13 Rating, saying if the same thing was shown in an action film, there is no doubt that it would receive an R-Rating. Religion wins once again. And here's the kicker: It beat the Liam Neeson film NON-STOP in Thursday advance ticket sales and is probably the only film in the theatrical roster that is immune from the Oscars® TV telecast on Sunday, since devoutly religious people don't watch such things (I've got news for you, even Athiests like myself don't watch self-congratulatory back-slapping award shows, either, but NON-STOP managed to beat it in the end). If this film does good in theaters, expect a whole slew of religious films within the next couple of years. Besides the already mentioned NOAH, Christian Bale will star (as Moses) in EXODUS, directed by Ridley Scott and released at the end of 2014. Think of this more of a GLADIATOR-type of film than your standard religious-preachy film. There will be the plagues, the Burning Bush and the parting of the Red Sea, but this will be more of an action film than a religious one. One wonders who will try to get to get Scott to add something to the beginning of the film that states it doesn't quite gel with the Bible. Knowing Scott, he will probably tell them to take a hike through the desert. Since Ridley's brother Tony committed suicide by jumping off a bridge and religion says suicides can never get to Heaven, I doubt  Ridley really gives two shits about religion. UPDATE #2: March 31, 2014: While NOAH was the highest grossing film of the week, raking in nearly $44 million, a small religious film (endorsed and partially financed by the Robertson clan of DUCK DYNASTY [see article above]) called GOD'S NOT DEAD (now in its second week) incredibly made it to the fifth spot, making a total of $21.8 million in less than one third of the theaters showing NOAH. What's upsetting is that this film manages to portray non-believers as heathens and science as bogus nonsense that can be explained away by religion. That a film can do this and still make more than its budget back in the second week is truly troubling, because it shows that there are a whole lot of narrow-minded people who refuse to believe that science and religion can co-exist. Even I'm willing to accept that, but this film is not even able to acknowledge it. In this film, God is responsible for everything that happens in this world, even the junk science they spout (I haven't seen the film and don't plan to, but I read excerpts from the script that truly made me cringe. Not in the fact that it is being spoken, but that there are still people that believe that this planet is only 6,000 years-old!) It takes all kinds to make up a planet, but stupid is still stupid and sometimes faith is false. Next they will be showing me Polaroids of Adam and Eve riding a dinosaur. How did Kevin Sorbo (as the Atheist professor) and Dean Cain get involved in such intolerant trash? UPDATE #3: April 13, 2014: Up next is the film HEAVEN IS FOR REAL (2014), based on the book on the New York Times best sellers list which is supposedly based on the true story of a boy who died, saw Heaven and then became alive again. It befuddles me which part is true: That the boy died and was revived (most likely) or that he actually saw Heaven (most doubtful). Either way, it will bring in droves of believers at least for the first two weeks. UPDATE #4: Well, it look like HEAVEN IS FOR REAL isn't real at all because the 4 year-old boy, Colton Burpo, now much older, has admitted that he lied about the whole thing. Of course, the religious faithful believe that he is being forced to say such things by "Godless Souls" and believe his original story. Meanwhile, the best-selling book based on Colton's recollections, will now be listed as fiction rather than non-fiction and will have a message in the beginning of the book explaining and apologising for their error. UPDATE #5: The good news is that the theaters are being filled with so many so called "faith-based" flims, they are all tanking at the boxoffice. The recent dismal September 2014 boxoffice receipts of the film THE IDENTICAL, a Christian-messaged film, is the beginning of the death knell for future religious films. Kirk Cameron's SAVING CHRISTMAS (2014), whose tagline is "Putting Christ Back In Christmas", is now going the VOD/limited theatrical route in November 2014 and has one of the lowest ratings on Rotten Tomatoes (0%; you can't get any lower than that!), a really big deal when it comes to films. Cameron himself released a YouTube video begging and praying for people to increase the ratings (which he has since pulled off the site), but it has not worked and has been nominated for many Razzie Awards® for Worst Film and Worst Actor of the year (among other technical nominations). And rightfully so. I dare you to watch a more fractured film than this. It's obvious by the look in Cameron's eyes that he has lost any bit of sanity he has left. (NOTE: SAVING CHRISTMAS was the biggest winner at Saturday night’s [02/21/15] Golden Raspberry Awards®, if you can call it “winning” to be named the worst film achievement of the year in four different categories. The faith-based film from the former GROWING PAINS child star “won” in the Worst Picture, Worst Actor (Cameron), Worst Screenplay and Worst Screen Combo categories, with the last award going to Cameron “and his ego.” The awards meant that Razzie voters considered Cameron’s film a lesser achievement than THE LEGEND OF HERCULES, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, LEFT BEHIND,  and TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, even though that last film had led all films with seven Razzie nominations. And former Razzie winner Ben Affleck was given the newly-created "Razzie Redeemer Award" for turning his career around [both in acting and directing] after the awful film that will be forever known as GIGLI - 2003, showing even the Razzies have a heart and can admit when they are wrong.) - It seems there is a God and he has a great sense of humor! - Editor.

March 2, 2014: It looks like GRAVITY (2013) took the lion's share of statuettes during the Oscar® telecast. Seeing the film in a theater was an experience, and it definitely was worth Alfonso Cuarón's win as Best Director. But I am glad Matthew McConaughy won Best Actor for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB (what a performance, both in this and HBO's TRUE DETECTIVE, along with Best Supporting Actor Jared Leto, who was simply amazing as the transgender Rayon) and Cate Blanchette as Best Actress for BLUE JASMINE. Especially deserving was 12 YEARS A SLAVE as Best Film of the Year (and Lupita Nyong'o as Best Supporting Actress), the first film to win an Oscar that was directed by a black filmmaker (Steve McQueen; and give John Ridley a statuette for Best Adapted Screenplay) and Spike Jonze for his Best Original Screenplay for HER (although it did remind me of a little film called ELECTRIC DREAMS in 1984), but GRAVITY walked away with more Academy Awards® than any other film (Best Original Score; Editing; Cinematography; Sound Editing; Sound Mixing; and Visual Effects). I'm always happy when a sci-fi or horror film wins a statuette, but GRAVITY was sometimes pure tedium to sit through, something the Academy members like, maybe so they can take a pee break. All-in-all, a normal Oscars® telecast with no surprises. See, your fearless editor does go to the movies to see other things besides genre films and if I were to recommend one of these award-winning films to see, it would be DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. You'll laugh, cry and if you lived through the 80's, you will also relate. One of the best films about the 80's (and A.I.D.S.) you will ever see and Matthew McConaughy and Jared Leto both suffered in this film for their art (just look how much weight McConaughy lost for his role). McCounaghy is a revelation and has many more awards in his future. He's come a long way from playing the bongos nude while trying to avoid the police in his real life. And Leto is no lightweight, either. Why director Jean-Marc Vallée (C.R.A.Z.Y. - 2005) was not at least nominated is one of the Academy's usual gaffes. And don't get me started on Bruce Dern in the film NEBRASKA. It had everything the Academy likes, great photography (in black & white, no less), a slow pace and Bruce Dern like you never saw him before. At least he was nominated for Best Leading Actor (and ex-SNL performer Will Forte was simply fantastic as Dern's son), but it was a tough field this year. I went to go see the film by myself because I couldn't get any friends to go see a black & white film (time to get some new friends!) and was blown away with Dern's performance. I doubt he will ever get the chance to do a film like this again. And there lies the shame.

Let's get very serious for a moment: The August 11, 2014 suicide of comedian/actor Robin Williams should bring to light just what clinical depression can do to a person. It proves that having all the money and fame in the world cannot beat this dreaded disease. While having cancer is bad, some forms of it can be cured, but clinical depression has no cure. Every day, 117 people leave this world by taking their own lives because they believe it is the only way out. While some of those suicides may be from bullying and other factors, clinical depression is the leading cause of taking one's lives. People say, "But don't theyRobin Williams, RIP understand their actions affect everyone, especially their loving family?" The answer is yes, they do, but the depression is so bad it overwhelms their desire to stay alive. It is apparent that psychiatrists and all the drugs they prescribe do absolutely no good. They are only a stopgap measure and leave the person walking around like they are in a fog. After a while, the human body becomes acclimated to the meds and a different set is prescribed. That is not a soultion. That is like sticking your finger in a leaking dike until all your fingers are stuck in holes, yet more holes and leaks pop up. We have to come up with a radical different way to treat clinical depression. It is very apparent that what we are doing now is not working. Until we know how the human brain works (we are gaining ground, but not fast enough), there will always be people who suffer from clinical depression. I have witnessed the dreaded disease (and it is a disease, not a "condition") take the lives of two loved ones, plus my Facebook friend Andy Copp. We have to try harder, increase funding to come up with a cure and wipe out this dreaded disease. Until we do, 117 people will take their lives every day. I don't know about you, but that number is not acceptable to me. I know people who rather not talk about depression, but it should be discussed out in the open, including with children, so they can understand the signs. If Robin Williams did one thing by taking his life, it was bringing clinical depression out in the spotlight (although I would still rather he be alive). Now is the time to discuss it openly before the next big thing comes around and people forget about clinical depression and what it can do to people. Mr. William's wife also revealed that Robin was also suffering the early stages of Parkinson's Disease, which probably put Mr. Williams over the edge (And now every photo I see of Robin, all I see is sadness in his eyes). Let's not let this awful opportunity pass us by without coming up with some solutions for this disease and I hope the trolls that made fun of Robin's death to his daughter Zelda on social media sites, (including Twitter and Instagram), posting awful remarks and Photoshopped photos of her father's death (which I won't describe here due to the family wanting privacy; and a big "Boo!' to the Coroner's Office and Police Department for graphically telling the Press the manner of Mr. William's death after the family begged for privacy), all get caught and are punished accordingly. No child should have to go through what poor Zelda did, but the Internet is full of "keyboard warriors' who are nothing but cowardly little twerps. Zelda was forced to quit her accounts on these sites because of those taunts and photos, proving once again that the internet is full of both good and bad. But the bad overrides all the good intentions with just one insensitive comment. Let's try and be more understanding from now on. Suicide is never the answer, but until we understand clinical depression and the way it screws with our brains, there will be more. You can count on that. UPDATE: August 12, 2014: It has been a year since Robin Williams' suicide and platitudes are coming from every star and friend that knew him, but nowhere did I see any talk about trying to curb suicide. Yes, everyone is allowed to have fond memories of their friends, but you would think the manner of his death would be discussed seriously. And I have read very little. And until we finally have a serious sit-down and discuss the problem, there will be many more. And over the past year there have been many deaths attributed to suicide, both famous and not-so-famous. Let us make Robin Williams' death actually mean something. Make a difference. I'm sure Robin Williams would want that more than anything. Contrary to the old M*A*S*H song, suicide isn't painless. It leaves many hurt people behind. But people that take their own lives don't worry about such things because the disease has taken over their mind. And, yes, it is a disease. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Especially psychiatrists, who would rather fill your body with mood stabilizers than get to the root of the problem (Don't get me wrong, mood stabilizers work, but they are not a permanent solution, as the human body builds up a resistance to them). We actually need more people out there who actually CARE and posting a Suicide Help Line phone number is not the answer (Most people who seriously want to commit suicide don't care about such things). Look for the signs and if you see them, sit down with the person and offer all the help you can. Believe me, it makes a world of difference. SIDE NOTE: Jim Carrey's girlfriend, Cathriona White, committed suicide by taking prescription meds on September 28, 2015. Police discovered that the names on the prescription bottles (a drug sleep aid, a pain killer and blood pressure medication) were an alias that Jim Carrey has used in the past and all the prescriptions were written by the same doctor. If Carrey had anything to do with supplying her with those prescriptions, he should be charged with assisted suicide. Jim Carrey has long been known to have bi-polar disorder, but that is no excuse if he obtained the medication for her. If she stole them from Carrey, my apologies, but why use an alias in the first place? Being a celebrity is no excuse for that behavior and doctors should not enable that behavior. It's fraud, plain and simple. It's no different than stealing a doctors prescription pad and writing your own medication scripts. I've always been a proponent that pharmacists should ask for ID before handing over filled prescriptions. It would stop a lot of overdoses and suicides. UPDATE: October 26, 2015: Actor and model Sam Sarpong, known for co-hosting MTV’s YO MAMMA (2006 - 2007) with Wilmer Valderrama, died Monday, his rep confirmed. He was 40. Sarpong died after jumping off a bridge in Pasadena, Calif., according to E! News. The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner has ruled his death a suicide, with an autopsy pending. Seriously, how many people have to die before we take this suicide situation with the attention it deserves?. It happens a lot more than you think, especially among reality show participants who no longer have their 15 minutes of fame.

According to Entertainment Weekly: Sherlock Holmes has appeared on stage and on screen numerous times played by dozens of actors, and now, thanks to a recent discovery, fans of the world’s greatest detective will be able to view a lost but key piece of his on-screen history. The French film archive Cinémathèque Française announced on Wednesday that a silent film version of Sherlock Holmes produced in 1916 was discovered in their collection a few weeks ago. Produced by Essanay Studios, the film, simply titled SHERLOCK HOLMES, stars William Gillette as the titular detective, a role for which he was known around the world. Gillette is also credited with some of Holmes’ trademark characteristics, including his deerstalker hat, magnifying glass, and pipe. A nitrate dupe negative of the film was stored away in the archive’s vault, but is now undergoing a restoration process thanks to the San Francisco Silent Film Festival in conjunction with Cinémathèque Française. The film, directed by Arthur Bethelet, is not only the last surviving appearance of Gillette as Holmes, but it is also his only portrayal ever committed to film. For those who want to witness a piece of Holmes and cinematic history, the film will make its European debut at the Cinémathèque Française’s festival of film restoration, Toute la Mémoire du Monde, in January 2015. The film will then premiere in America at the San Francisco Silent Film festival in May 2015. (This is a great piece of news. It tells us that maybe some other hidden treasures will be discovered. We have the technology today to restore them, so film archive vaults around the world should start doing an inventory check before the film itself totally disintegrates and even modern technology cannot save it - Editor)

According to Entertainment Weekly on January 17, 2015: Fox’s new agenda is looking a lot like their old one. Confirming some prior reports, the network’s leadership says they are seriously chasing a reboot of THE X-FILES and are possibly interested in bringing back PRISON BREAK too (along with yet another edition of 24 as well — but that’s another story). On THE X-FILES front, Fox chairman and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman say they have been in talks with series creator Chris Carter about reviving the supernatural procedural, which was a major hit for the network from 1993 to 2002. The executives also revealed they hope to have original series stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles on the show. One thing all three titles have in common is they’re properties of 20th Century Fox Television, which Walden and Newman ran prior to adding the Fox broadcast network to their plate last year.“It’s true that we’ve had some conversations on X-Files,” Newman said. “We’re hopeful of being able to bring that back at some point.” Walden added: “Gary and I both worked [at 20th Century Fox Television] through the entire run of THE X-FILES. It was a great experience. We’ve maintained good relationships with Chris, David and Gillian. We’re very hopeful, but it’s hard. The actors are very busy. They have a lot going on. Chris has a lot on his plate, so it’s just trying to carve out the time.” Amazon recently declined to make Carter’s new post-apocalyptic series project THE AFTER, so the writer-producer may be more open to revisiting his past. More problematic is that Duchovny has an upcoming NBC event series, AQUARIUS, while Anderson has a recurring role on NBC’s HANNIBAL. Both actors would presumably have to get contractually clear of their commitments to Fox’s rival before signing onto an X-Files relaunch. As for BREAK, the team sounded more skeptical of a reboot coming together, but also very interested. “There is some speculation in the press about PRISON BREAK, which honestly was slightly news to us,” Newman said. “Although we’ve made it clear over the years to the studio that we would bring PRISON BREAK back in a heartbeat. It’s probably the perfect event series. If our old partners in that show are interested, that would be great. ”It wasn’t clear if the executives planned to do PRISON BREAK with a new cast or not, but the show’s stars Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller are currently recurring as villains on The CW’s THE FLASH. (I was never a big fan of PRISON BREAK, but since THE X-FILES was [and still is] my favorite TV series of all time, I would love to see it come back. It would be a dream come true, as long as they kept the conspiracy theory plotline to a minimum. I believe that is what killed the show [I like the duo tackling strange monsters of the week]. I even went to see the two X-FILES movies [not to mention the convention that came to NYC in 1998, where I met the beautiful and warm Gillian Anderson], even if the second one was weak when I first saw it, but it has grown on me over time. I really, really hope this happens! - Editor) UPDATE: It's now official. New episodes of THE X-FILES will start to be filmed in the Summer of 2015, with both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson returning to their iconic roles. The Bad news? It will air on FOX as a six-episode "Event Series". I guess six episodes are better than nothing, but it hardly puts a dent in audiences' hunger to see the duo back together again, the first time since the 2008 theatrical film. Let's hope that the ratings go through the roof and make FOX order more episodes from original creator Chris Carter, who is overseeing this Event Series. No air date has yet been set. UPDATE #2: FOX, in it's ultimate stupid wisdom, will air the first episode at "10-ish p.m." after the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, January 24, 2016. The following night, THE X-FILES will have its time period premiere at 8 p.m. on Monday. This raised questions about the strategic value of both using that football game as a platform to relaunch what is a very established property, while also simultaneously burning off one-third of the network's inventory of the six-episode limited X-FILES return. This can only do damage to the series, since the first episode will not be DVR-friendly, because it has no concrete start time (Look at what CBS does with their Sunday series after football overruns. The one show that should start at 10:00 p.m. usually gets canceled after airing there for one season; even established shows like CSI:). This could hurt the series overall, since if people miss the first episode, they may not want to watch the rest (diehard fans will, but new viewers to the show probably will not). Nice move FOX, you jackasses.

From Variety: March 26, 2015: WWE Studios has formed a partnership with Gene Simmons to launch label Erebus Pictures to finance and produce movies. The alliance is launching with a three-picture co-production deal starting with TEMPLE, originally acquired and developed by WWE Studios. The moniker Erebus is taken from the Greek God “representing the personification of darkness.” It will sell worldwide rights on all titles and use WWE’s TV shows, including MONDAY NIGHT RAW and SMACKDOWN, along with digital, social media and the WWE Network, to market its titles. “The horror genre continues to fascinate me as it proves to be endlessly thrilling and engaging for audiences,” said Simmons, who has been in rock group Kiss for four decades. “Horror films fall into a genre that thrives on genuine passion, and I believe this partnership truly capitalizes on that sentiment and supports our vision,” said Michael Luisi, president of WWE Studios. TEMPLE, written by Matt Savelloni, follows a team of trained operatives who find themselves trapped inside an isolated military compound after its artificial intelligence is suddenly shut down — and then begin to experience strange and horrific phenomena. A director will be announced shortly, with principal photography expected to start this summer. Erebus Pictures’ second feature will go into production later this year. Simmons is repped by legal team Kleinberg-Lopez. Bradley Buchanan negotiated on behalf of WWE Studios. (I'm going to hold my tongue until their first movie as a team appears. I hope it is more like SEE NO EVIL [2006] than the pathetic Soska Sisters sequel SEE NO EVIL 2 [2014]. While Gene Simmons has proven himself to be quite the capable actor, in films such as RUNAWAY [1984] and WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE [1987], only time will tell if he knows what makes a good horror film. I mean, he's no Rob Zombie, is he? Remember KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM OF THE PARK [1978]? Let's hope these three new films are better than that one. - Editor)


PATRICK (2013)










THE EVIL (1977)




THE DARK (1979)


INCUBUS (1981)







SQUIRM (1976)





THE POWER (1983)


THE BEING (1981)

TORSO (1973)






EATERS (2010)








LURKERS (1987)











FROGS (1972)








WAX (2014)





















HAUNT (2013)




100 TEARS (2007)










DO NOT DISTURB (2008/2013)



INSANE (2010)






AVENGED (a.k.a. SAVAGED - 2013)




DRACULA A.D. 1972 (1972)

MORBID (2014)


PIGGY (2012)



SLEDGE (2014)






BODY MELT (1993)


MAD DOG (1977)



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