UPDATED!!! Sometimes I have to question my own sanity. If you thought my Binder Scan Offer was amazing, wait until you get ahold of my COMPLETE SCAN COLLECTION. Yes, that's right, over the many years of my life I have collected thousands of VHS tapes, DVDs, Movie Ad Mats, Posters, TV Guide Ads and other genre movie memorabilia (only a fraction which have been used on this web site). Nothing has gone though my hands without first being scanned and converted to a .jpg, .gif or .bmp file. As of last count, that has been over 83,000 scans. Now is your chance to have a copy of nearly every genre film scan I have ever made, collected on five DVD-Rs. All titles are listed alphabetically for easy retrieval and most files are descriptive about whether it is a VHS, DVD, Movie Ad Mat, TV Guide Ad or Poster scan. The fifth disc also has some bonus content: Scans that have never been seen anywhere else from my extremely rare personal collection. I created these scans specifically for this new offer! This web site is proof of my dedication and love of genre films. What you may not know is that from the early 1960's to 2013, I have collected a shitload of genre-related film flotsam and jetsam. Over 83,000 scans of material. Now, for the first time, you can own scans of every image in my collections, over 21 gb of information on 5 DVD-Rs, for the incredibly low price of $65.00 + $5.00 postage (overseas postage is the same). Those of you that have purchased my Binder Scan Collection will be happy to hear that this new collection does not duplicate any scans from that collection. Click the thumbnails below to get an idea of the quality of the scans in this new collection (Many of the scans in this collection are in 300dpi, so what you are seeing here is just 100 dpi reductions.).

If the above examples make you salivate, imagine over 83,000 more images! And did I mention that these five DVD-Rs make a kickass slideshow on DVD players that can show .jpg images? This is a limited time offer, so act quick. For the time being, I accept cash (send at your own risk, but I am an honest man), money orders and PayPal (UserID: [email protected]). If you would like more information or if you would like to order the DVD-Rs now, please email me at [email protected] with your address and method of payment or logon to Paypal and use my User ID. Mention "Complete Scan Collection" in the description.  Or send payment to:

Fred Adelman
215 F Overmount Ave.
Woodland Park, NJ  07424-3251

Please make moneys orders out to "Fred Adelman". For a limited time, I am now offering a combo deal: Both the Complete Scan Collection and the Binder Scan Collection for a combined price of $85.00 + $5.00 shipping. If you are using PayPal, mention "Combined Scan Deal" in the description.