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Dear Fred:

I recently discovered your site and was enthusiastic, being a TRUE fan of horror films and a contributor for several genre magazines. I was a French correspondent for Famous Monsters of Filmland in the early Sixties and co-founded the French mag "L'Ecran Fantastique" in 1969 and one of the organizers of the annual Paris Festival of Horrorand SF Films from 1972 to early 1980's.
You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in your speculation that MY BROTHER HAS BAD DREAMS is an alternate title for Robert J. Emery's SCREAM BLOODY MURDER...but the story is complicated.
About twenty years ago I met Michael Weldon in Paris during one of his trips in Europe and told him what follows about this film. But apparently he forgot my explanations, or didn't understand what I said (in my broken English) and in his book PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO he published totally wrong credits/synopsis under his entry for SCREAM BLOODY MURDER. In fact he melted TWO DIFFERENT FILMS in the entry.
Following is the explanation...
In 1972 a film by the title of SCREAM BLOODY MURDER was shown at the Cannes Festival Market. It was directed by Marc B. Ray and starred Fred Holbert, Leigh Mitchell, and Angus Scrimm (under his true name of Rory Guy) in an early role. It was very bloody. The next year, 1973, it was re-presented at the Film Market in a cut version renamed CAPTIVE FEMALE. Later, it was released on video in France as "Le Manchot" (literally "The One-Arm Man"). But, the same year 1973, ANOTHER picture called SCREAM BLOODY MURDER was also presented at the Cannes Market. It was directed by Robert J. Emery and starred Nick Kleinholz III, Marlena Lustik, and Paul Vincent. After his Cannes showing, this film apparently totally disappered from the Earth's surface. For years I tried to locate this second SCREAM BLOODY MURDER, without success - and, as I told you, the fact that the PSYCHOTRONIC BOOK melted the two films in one was another problem, as many other film writers simply recopied the false informantion for their own "reference" books.
Then, some years ago, the second SCREAM BLOODY MURDER re-surfaced under a new title, MY BROTHER HAS BAD DREAMS. Even if the first one was presented in Cannes Film Market one year before the second film, BOTH were produced the same year (1972) in the same country, and with the same title!!!
But the story doesn't stop here. The Marc B. Ray's SCREAM BLOODY MURDER (aka CAPTIVE FEMALE) was based on a screenplay by Marc B. Ray and Larry Alexander. The following year, 1973, an apparently similar story by the same writers was used (and credited) for a film called THE SEVERED ARM directed by Thomas S. Alderman!!!
Well, I think the problem is solved now...

Jean-Claude Michel

Hi Fred,

I first saw HARDGORE at a Times Square grindhouse back in the mid-70s and the print that was screened credited the director as Michael Hugo.
The only reason I noted the director at the time was because it was the same name as a cousin of mine.  Of course, it's highly likely that Michael Hugo was just a pseudonym for whomever.
A couple of years ago, I managed to get a VHS bootleg of the film, but the copy does not contain any screen credits apart from the main title, which looks to have been freeze-framed, possibly to cover up print damage.  As far as I know, the film has never had an official VHS release and any bootlegs floating around are from old 16mm prints.
So there you have it.  Hope I could be of some help.

Thom Parkinson


My name is Patty. I run the website on William Girdler ( I see you've been to my site already.
I noticed you wrote that Pat Patterson committed suicide over DR. GORE. May I ask where you read that? It's not what I thought, but it's just as believable as what I've heard.

Patty Breen

Hey Critical Condition,

Recently visited your website for the first time and loved it. Great job. Wanted to ask a trivia question of you. Unfortunately, if I knew the answer, I wouldn't bother asking. When I was very young (I'd guess around ten or eleven years old) I caught a movie on t.v. of the (I think) 70's drive-in horror variety. As these were my favorites (natch) I spent a great Sunday afternoon watching it. About the only thing I can remember about the film is the ending. The main character is a woman who has been getting sucked deeper and deeper into this satanic coven throughout the running time of the film (a'la "ROSEMARY'S BABY"). At the end of the film she is surrounded by the black robed coven who chant "Hail, Diane, Princess of Darkness," over and over as she screams and the closing credits roll. I think somehow she inadvertently made a pact with ol' Lucifer and was stuck as his bride or some such thing. Obviously the details I have to go on are pretty fuzzy.  I can't remember the name of any of the actors in the film nor what exactly took place before that final scene.  If I remember correctly, it really freaked me out of my little mind.  It was probably the first horror film I'd ever seen where evil, in the end, triumphs over good (and in a big way at that).  Up to that time I'd been ensconsed in the works of Univerisal studios and various Vincent Price films where I was actually rooting for the monster the whole time only to see him wind up dead or mutilated or whatever by the roll of the closing credits. This sucker was different and the impact on me was extreme.  All these years later, I can still hear those united voices chanting as if I'd only watched the film yesterday.  Any ideas on what this might be? Any info you could share would be greatly appreciated. I've recently begun reviewing several flicks from early childhood via the wonderful medium of DVD ("THE BEAST MUST DIE!," "ASYLUM", "HORROR EXPRESS", etc.) and would love to try and track this puppy down on disc or tape just to see how it has stood the test of time. Please get in touch at your convenience. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.  I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Matt Pinkerton

I first thought the film was the 1973 supernatural thriller WARLOCK MOON (aka BLOODY SPA) starring Joe Spano and Laurie Walters (as Diane), directed by one-shot wonder Bill Herbert. I was wrong. Turns out that it was a 1972 made-for-TV flick called THE DEVIL'S DAUGHTER starring Shelley Winters and Belinda Mongomery (as Diane), directed by Jeannot Szwarc (SOMEWHERE IN TIME - 1980). Matt found the film on eBay and now has his childhood memory problem resolved. - Editor.

Hey There,

I stumbled on your excellent web site and couldn't help noticing that you seem to have a talent for identifying those almost-forgotten horror movies from god knows when.  Maybe you could help me with one that has stumped quite a few people so far.  Many years ago, probably in the early 70's or thereabouts, I saw a real low-budget suspense/horror film (with a cast of two) set in an isolated farmhouse somewhere in the hills of California.  The plot involved a young, newly-married couple who had just moved in to this, their first home.  He goes off to work every morning, leaving her all alone.  At first everything is idyllic, and then the weirdness starts (of course).  Every day, after he leaves, she starts hearing a child crying, which leads to our leading lady searching desperately for the child.  She tells the husband about this and he questions her sanity.  The crying continues, and each day she is able to get closer and closer to the source before the crying stops.  Finally, she determines that the crying is coming from a big, old, abandoned shed at the back of the yard.  Once inside the crying gets much louder and more insistent.  She searches frantically through all of the old tools and whatever and finally finds the source of the crying: a pickled foetus in a mason jar. 
Please tell me that I really saw this, and it wasn't just a bad dream from eating anchovy pizza.

Scott Smith

I haven't got the slightest idea. Can anyone out there help Scott? Email me and let us know! - Editor

Hello! I have the answer to Scott Smith's query regarding the horror movie about a farmhouse where cries of a baby are heard. The wife goes to investigate the cries and finds the cries are coming from mason jars. This is the 1972 made-for-TV movie "SOMETHING EVIL", directed by Steven Spielberg, starring Sandy Dennis and Darrin McGavin. I have a copy on VHS.

Chris Hanson
Hamilton, Ontario

I tried to pass on Chris's email address to Scott, but his email address has changed. Scott, if you are reading this send me an email by clicking HERE.  - Editor

Just caught your website.  Laughing my ass off.  Good stuff.

Steve Latshaw
Hollywood California

I hope you know that I'm just kidding when it came to reviewing your films (i.e. BIOHAZARD: THE ALIEN FORCE - 1994 and JACK-O - 1995). Any film that gets made and released gets props from me, even if I don't care for them. I did like DEATH MASK (1998), though I haven't had time to write a review for it yet. Check for Steve's incredible output as screenwriter!!! - Editor

Help!!! Horror Film Question:

I'm not sure what this place is all about but I'm gonna ask this question anyways. I'm trying to find out what a certain horror film is that I have a memory of from childhood. The only memory I have of it was of some sort of a hole in the ground that was some kind of pit or pool of lava perhaps. It was full of zombies or some sort of living dead type monsters which were red I believe that would just swim around in the pool. Whenever a person would get pulled into the pit they would become one of these creatures. This is the creepiest memory i have of any film ever and I can find no trace of it anywhere on the internet no matter what I type. I try zombies and lava pits and pools and everything but no results. Do you know of any way for me to find any clues about what this film was?

[email protected]

Sounds like a film called THE PIT (1981) about a psycho boy who throws his enemies ointo a big hole in the woods occupied by monsters that chew them to pieces. It a Canadian film directed by Lew Lehman and starring Sammy Snyders, Jeannie Elias and Sonja Smits. It is also known under the title TEDDY. If this is not the film that you were thinking of, let me know and I will do further research. - Editor

Thank you very much for your response. It was a pleasant suprise. I'm not quite sure whether this is it. I'm purchasing it off eBay for a couple bucks just in case, but my best bet is that it is not it. Because like I was saying my memory is of them being red, slimy, mutalated people swimming around in some sort of opening in the ground. So they were in a place filled with liquid and if I remember correctly they seemed to be burning in agony, so it seems as if it was some sort of lava. I don't recall any goblin type things and I don't believe the hole was in the woods, it may have been in the floor of some building. I recall people approaching the hole and the things inside would reach up and grab them and pull them in and then once inside they would become one of these things. Though I saw this probably around fifteen years ago at a friends my memory of it is still pretty clear because it left such an impact on me. I know that alot of things frighten people more when they are kids and they just look back and laugh but i do not believe this is one of those cases. I don't remember how much of it I watched. I dont know wether it was some made for tv thing or what but it was so powerful that I assume it was a film. I'm also purchasing SHOCK WAVES off eBay because of someone describing the poetic manner in which the zombies would pull people in with them, though I do not recall them being dead Nazis with goggles at all. So I'll see what happens with "THE PIT" cus theres still a possibility that it could be it cus it is the closest , and if theres anything else you can find out I would appreciate it tremendously because as you have probably noticed I have developed an obsession with finding this, which I've actually had for many years but up until now I had no idea how difficult actually finding the film could be. But if I ever do find it i will be extremly satisfied.

Can anybody help him out. I'm stumped on this one even though my brain says that I should know this. We've all had obsessions and we know how it feels when we cannot get the right answer. If you think that you know the answer please click here to send the answer. - Editor

UPDATE: The film turns out to be the very bad horror/comedy LITTLE DEVILS: THE BIRTH (1993).

I was reading your review on "RAVAGE" and was very glad to see an unbiased account of the movie. I wrote and produced it. When I say produced, I mean that lightly. It was very difficult at that time to get budgeting for an SOV movie. I am currently working on a one called "CRIME FAMILY", another action movie. It is being shot on DV (Canon XL1S) and I am directing. This one won't have as much blood, but it does have a lot of action. The acting, I believe, is up-graded. Anyway, I am looking forward to having you critique it when we are done. If you would like to check out our progress go to I would invite any criticisms or helpful comments before the damage is done. We sincerely want to make the best movie that we possibly can. Thanks very much for your time.

Bryon Blakey

I checked out the website and I must say, Byron, that it looks very promising. Everyone should click on the above URL to see the movie in progress. - Editor


I emailed you before about a couple of titles I was searching for, SPINE and HAVE A NICE WEEKEND. I recently picked up HAVE A NICE WEEKEND from a local Family Video store and they ordered a used copy of SPINE for me. I'm still waiting to receive it. I've been having a lot of luck lately with finding the really rare things. A couple I'm still searching for are MONSTERS & MANIACS (a horror compilation tape) and Andy Milligan's THE GHASTLY ONES. Also, I have a copy of Donald Farmer's DEMON QUEEN that doesn't have box art. I'm happy with the print I have, I would just like to get a cover for it. Do you know anybody who has this flick with box art?

Mario D.

The GHASTLY ONES can be purchased from Movies Unlimited ( for $18.99. I have attached a poster and a little-seen ad mat for the film. I did find one place that was selling MONSTERS & MANIACS: it is (URL address withheld for Mario's sake), but they want over $50.00 for it. Not a good price for a 1988 VHS tape, especially since it came from the infamous Donna Michelle Releasing Group. Good luck with DEMON QUEEN. Why anyone would even want to own this film is beyond me. Has Donald Farmer ever made a good film? I hear he moved to France and is making films there now. I could find no copy available, not even from eBay. If someone out there reading this would like to part with their video box of DEMON QUEEN, please email me here and I'll get the message to Mario. I think it's Mario's lifelong ambition to collect the worst films imaginable. God, I love this guy!!! - Editor


I'm glad you liked the "WICKSBORO INCIDENT" and gave us a good review.  "THE LOOKING GLASS" will be completed sometime in the fall, and I look forward to your response on that one.  To sum it up, as a filmmaker, my priority is the 'story'.  As I'm sure you know, the story takes a back seat in most of the films of today, overtaken by quick pacing and visual effects.  I grew up in the seventies, and the influence of the films of that time is a large part of who I am as a filmmaker.  And believe me, I have many stories to tell!

Wish you well,
Richard Lowry

For those of you who haven't seen WICKSBORO, I recommend that you do so. Director Lowry has made a minor masterpiece that blows THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT away. - Editor

Hey Fred, 

This is your bud Mario. How's it going? I've been finding a lot of good rare and unusual movies lately. A few things I'm still on the hunt for are REVENGE OF THE TEENAGE VIXENS FROM OUTER SPACE ('80s sci-fi comedy), MOONSTALKER (rare late '80s slasher), and Roberta Findlay's TENEMENT (aka GAME OF SURVIVAL). Be sure to keep your eyes open for these. Also, do you have the original Sun Video VHS of LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET? I'm looking for this to go with my DVD since I collect alternate cover art. BTW, I wholeheartedly disagree with you on this movie. I always loved it. Oh well, to each is own. Right?

Mario D.

Long time no hear. Boy, your taste in movies is still the same. Thank God for that. As far as the titles you mention, the only one that I know is available is Findlay's TENEMENT. I saw it up for auction a couple of weeks ago on Ebay. Sorry to say that I do not own the Sun Video version of LAST HOUSE ON DEAD END STREET. I had a very bad dupe of it that I picked up at a convention. I recently purchased the Barrel DVD of the film and, I must say, my opinion of the film has changed a bit. I don't like it as much as you do, but it is better looking and more understandable in it's clear DVD form. I may change the review on my web site (something I don't normally do; I usually stick with my first impression) based on the DVD version. - Editor

Hello from Jay (Beyond Dream's Door) Woelfel,

Hello there, I just ran across your review of my first feature BEYOND DREAM'S DOOR and wanted to thank you. 
Thanks especially for saying you're glad it was shot on film, because at the time especially I/we who made the film wanted to shoot on film and found a way to afford to do so.  You also like the music and I'm happy to say the the new DVD features an isolated score and is remixed in 5.1 stereo that improves the movie a good deal, especially I think the acting in the film since now you can hear them much more clearly than we were able to do at the time.  In fact the release version was a very rough mix that I immediately redid at the the time and have now really redone.
As to my ability to display imagination in some of my follow up films, as you probalby know, my desires to be creative have frequently been limited by uncaring producers and too short post production periods and I feel I've now separated myself from those problems and also had the chance to do the music for one of my own films again with my current film GHOST LAKE.  ( You do not mention IRON THUNDER, a film I think is one of my best.)
As to errata type of things, the film was made with a student production crew, but was not posted by the university or truly a student film--though the difference seems small to many it was important one for me and us who made it, but no real offence taken.  Technically it was shot at THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY, as Ohio University is a different and rival school that does have a film department.
Here is a link to the distributor site of my current film--originally intended to be my follow up film to Beyond Dream's Door, it finally got made in a way where I have final cut of the film and we've taken the time to make our, though still smallish, money go where it should.
They have a trailer linked to the site so you can see a bit of the film as well.  Oh, I did not choose the headbanger music in the trailer and there is none of that in the movie itself which should be finished by July (2004) and released later this year.
At any rate it's nice to see Beyond Dream's Door remembered and I've passed along your review to others who made it, many of us are still making films to this day and that is kind of where it all started for us.
Best regards and thanks, 
Jay Woelfel

It's nice to hear from a director that's proud of the films he has made. Too many time we hear directors complaining about how lousy their films turned out because of studio tampering or short shooting times. Mr. Woelfel is to be congratulated on turning out, in what I think, is one of the finest independent shockers in a long time and I can't wait to see GHOST LAKE. The reason I didn't mention IRON THUNDER is because I haven't seen it yet. I won a copy at auction on eBay and will be reviewing it very soon. I have made the required changes to my review of DREAM'S DOOR to reflect the errors that Jay pointed out. I only wish all filmmakers took the time to write reviewers and point out mistakes and/or thanks for writing a good review. My hat's off to Jay for taking the time to make this reviewer a happy man! - Editor

Hello, Fred. 

Hello. I'm trying to find the title of a 80's horror movie I saw several years ago.Here's what I know:
1. The basic premise of the film is vintage slasher.
2. I think it was a student film of some kind. The credits said that it had been filmed in Oklahoma. I believe that is was filmed in Tulsa, but I can't say for sure.
3. In the movie, the sheriff is played by the real-life professor of the Oklahoma film class. We tried to contact this man after seeing the movie and he was deceased. I can't recall anything about him other than the fact that he did live in Tulsa, OK.
4. The plot of the film had to do with a series of murders on campus that are unsolved. The "sheriff" has a daughter that is either attending the university or teaching in some capacity. Eventually, the daughter discovers some kind of cult history that relates to the murders. The last scene I remember has the daughter (and maybe the sheriff, etc.) in a field. There is supposedly some kind of pagan/satanic ritual going on.
5. The "daughter" appears to be way too old to be attending the school. I don't know how she ended up in this student production. She constantly refers to the sheriff as "Daddy". This is somewhat comical because the "sheriff" is pushing the age limit for a law enforcement officer as well.
As I mentioned, Fred, this was an EXTREMELY cheesy movie. On par with the production values of BLOOD LAKE (1987) if you've ever seen it. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. My friends and I have been trying to locate this movie or more info about it for several years.

Bryan Hix

The plot sounds like the shot-on-video production called BLOOD CULT (1985). It was filmed in Tulsa, Oklahoma as was its' sequel REVENGE (1985) and many say it was the first shot on video flick to be released expressly for the home video market. BLOOD was directed by Christopher Lewis, who also directed REVENGE, and THE RIPPER (1986)All films are available on DVD from - Editor

Hi again, Fred. I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for your help. I know it sounds a little dumb, but you absolutely made my year! The film we saw was indeed BLOOD CULT. When I read the synopsis and reviews on Amazon, etc., I nearly fell out of my chair laughing! I had no idea there was a sequel...if it's half as good (read bad) as the first one, it should become one of our new favorites. The sheriff was played by Charles Ellis. That is how I confirmed that this was the one. One of my friends remembered the name from when we first saw the vid and the description mentioned that the man who had played the sheriff is now deceased. My hat is off to you for incredible knowledge regarding these movies. I sincerely thought that I would never know the name of this movie. We had watched it more than 10 years ago! Again, thanks so much for taking the time to help out. I can't wait to buy both pieces on Amazon and pop 'em into the DVD.

Best Regards

Anything but PUPPET MASTER. That's all I get when I do a search. I'm looking for a cheezy (at least that's what other people think) puppet horror movie. They come out of the tv and kill people in unusual, yet graphic ways, i.e. they pull some girls spinal column out and use her head as a puppet. Can you help me?


The film that you are looking for is director Joe Castro's unbelievably-bad TERROR TOONS. Castro has directed other bad films such as CEREMONY and LEGEND OF THE CHUPACABRA. My advice would be to poke one of your eyes out with a pointed stick and call it a day. - Editor

Dear Mr. Adelman

First off, thanks for providing all of us hungry for something other than that crap Hollywood churns out a place to come and enjoy when movies didn't depend on the prettiest actors and CGI to generate entertainment.
Actually, I have been enjoying your site for some time, and it got me looking for films such as THE SEVERED ARM and THE TOY BOX, both of which I have found via DVD and finally watched. Granted, low-budget is usually a mix of enjoyment and disappointment, so it is an acquired taste.
Being a filmmaker myself, I'm hoping that the new crop of independent filmmakers coming out learn from Hollywood's mistakes. You don't need a big budget, or the sexiest stars, or the latest special effects. All you need is bulldog tenacity and imagination, and you'd be surprised at what fun ensues.

Keep up the good work!
Wilbur Scott

PS: I love the FILMS ON THE FRINGE page! Perhaps one day one of my films will show up on it (I don't know if that'd be a good thing, though!)

Thanks for the kind words. I'm also tired of the Hollywood pablum that we have to pay $10.00 to watch in theaters while there's so much good stuff out there waiting to be seen but without a distribution deal. Send me one of your films and I'll make sure that it gets on the FILMS ON THE FRINGE page.  Are you the same Wilbur Scott from Michigan who directed THE CORPSE? If so, I would love to see this short film or any film you have directed. - Editor


Are you familiar with a rather tame horror movie from the 50's or 60's that I remember seeing on local TV afternoon movie shows? The plot was something like this:
A young woman is riding in a car with her boyfriend (psychologist?) and she starts screaming because they are approaching a house that she has recognized from  her frequent nightmares.  She didn't know the house really existed until the car ride.  Eventually they learn that she experienced a terrible murder or other crime when she was in the house as a child.
I've been trying to learn the name of this movie for years.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Mrs. Fizzywig

The movie you are thinking of is TERROR IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE (1958) which is still available on DVD and VHS from Rhino Video. You can buy it on It's tame but was well known at the time of it's release because it was the first film to contain subliminal messages inserted at certain times, with quick flashes such as "Visit The Snack Bar" and "Buy More Popcorn" inserted in the film for one or two frames. Not enough for the eyes to see, but just enough for the brain to register. It was found to be unlawful and the practice was stopped immediately. More information can be found on this film at The film was shot under the title MY WORLD DIES SCREAMING but was released under the other title. - Editor

While your comprehensive site has turned me on to several films that I intend to rent, I have some reservations about the juvenile nature of your criticism. Must everything be compared to something else, and judged on the basis of similarity to another thing... There are only so many plots out there (especially in the extreme film genres), and as to the "boring" nature of much of the fare you pan, I think this says more about your attention span than any properties inherent in the work. Need you be so childishly perjorative and dismissive? Maybe watching ALL of those films has deprived you of patience and perspective...
I do agree with a lot of your positive assessments, however.
Give NEKROMANTIK another look...

Joseph "God" Jordan

"Childishly perjorative and dismissive" is a critical term. I am a critic. Thererfore, I wear that tag proud. As for me giving NEKROMANTIK another look: forget it. Either people love it or hate it. I happen to fall into the latter category. I found it amateurish, boring and extremely overlong and I can assure you that watching ALL those films have not deprived me of patience and perspective. Just the opposite, actually. I know how much sweat and time it takes to make a film no matter how bad it is. While some turn them out like chattel (take Todd Sheets for example) others only end up making one film in their life time. The only thing I ever liked that Jorg Buttgereit directed was an episode of LEXX titled  "791". He hasn't done very much since then.
You are correct that there are only so many plots out there and many of them are recycled. What sets one apart from another is a sense that the director is trying to do something different with it. In NEKROMANTIK, the only sense I got was that Buttgereit was going for the gross-out factor. I've seen it done better and I've seen it done more entertainingly (is that even a word?). When the mag Film Threat raved about the film, I went out and rented it. I stand by my review and would not change a thing about it. Just like Dirty Harry said in THE DEAD POOL: "Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one." (It's one of my favorite quotes).
Thanks for viewing my website and voicing your opinion. That's the reason why I started this website in the first place. I know that not all my reviews are going to be agreed with, but it is MY opinion and should not be taken as everyone's opinion. One man's feast is another man's famine.
This is the first time I've been called juvenile and childish, though. Don't think I like it too much.......but coming from someone with an email handle of "genocideshow" and the middle name God, I can see why you like NEKROMANTIK. - Editor


I am searching for a movie from the 80's I think, in the martial arts genre but i don't remember the title (or actors).
I wonder if you could assist me with some information if possible. I saw the movie in the 80's on VHS and I just remember some fragments out of it. I remember that I liked it though :-)
It is about a group of "ninjas" that are guided by a handicaped master in a wheelchair. Suddenly one day the ninjas starts to get killed one by one by a sniper that shoots them. If I remember right one time a killing was scened with a sniper shooting from a roof in an industrial area. Through most of the movie the sniper's identity was not revealed (maybe at the end). That's pretty much what i remembered from this movie. I think it was an American movie with American actors. The man in the wheelchair was (maybe?) bald and/or had sunglasses (not sure)
Do you possible know what movie this is? Would be fun to know if you do :-)
Greets from Sweden,
Daniel H

That film you are thinking of is KILL SQUAD (1981). The sniper turned out to be the guy in the wheelchair and he had his head cut off by an axe that was stuck to a barn door after the last of the remaining heroes kicks him into it. I loved this film and I do own a copy of it. The biggest name in this flick was Cameron Mitchell. The film was directed by Patrick Donahue. I hope this helps joggle your memory. - Editor

Hey Fred,

Just came across your site and I'm eating it up. Really great stuff. You know it annoys the hell out of me that you have to put some magic search words to come across a site like yours. I've searched under exploitation , gore, and a million other combinations and never saw your site which is the type that I was looking for. (I'm shaking my head). Oh well.
I have a question that has become a lifelong mystery and all I can do is describe the scene and hopefully the archives in your brain will come up with it. I was going to say it's pretty obscure but hey c'mon that's why I'm here.
It was an old vampire flick. Can't give you a year, or tell you the studio, Hammer etc, but it was old because I was a kid and I'm in my forties now. So definetly 35 years old at least.
The scene was of a female vampire in her coffin you know taking a nap and I remember it was in the hallway of whatever building and it was like on an angle. In other words it wasn't laying down horizontally, maybe 90% vertical as if it was leaning against the wall. So someone comes along to stake the vampire and holy fire hydrant once the staking starts the blood is flying like John Holmes juice after a round with Seka. I mean up in the air down the hallway it had to go ten feet up as this guy is pounding away. You've seen a million more pictures than me but I've seen my share and like you I want to go absolutely nuts when something is censored or they will not show the actual staking , stabbing whatever. I've always liked erotic horror, (Argento, Hammer stuff, Older Italian and Spanish horror films where the woman are beautiful and usually die in sexy ways. I do like the staking, stabbing etc to be completely uncut uncensored especially if it's done in an erotic way. If this brings to mind many a flick be my guest a recommend some for me)) So this scene is pretty vivid in my memory. It might be because I was just a kid that I seem to remember the geyser of blood and maybe now it would more tame but i doubt it. I remember it was pretty over the top blood especially for that time but being so young i wasn't as observant of the name of the movie as i would be if I was a little older and turning into the lifelong horror nut that I am today. The scene I remember the name of the movie no chance.
Thanks Fred I hope I have jogged your memory and you can come up with this for me and it would be really cool to get some suggestions from you for flicks that you might think I'd like. Man i wish I could look through your selection. Thanks a lot


Can anyone help Alex out here? My mind is drawing a blank. Email me HERE with an answer so poor Alex doesn't have to suffer anymore. It sounds like a Paul Naschy film to me, but I'm probably wrong. As far a search engines go, I'll never pay for something that I can get for free. That's word-of-mouth. You get the best people and make the best friends that way. - Editor

I have been looking for the 1969 TV movie SEVEN IN DARKNESS for years.  It is a unique disaster movie about a plane crash whose survivors are all blind.  It features Milton Berle in a dramatic role!  Do you have this one in your collection?

Marc Russo

SEVEN IN DARKNESS has never had a release on video or DVD. It's not even available as a dupe on eBay. It had the distinction of being the first Movie Of The Week on ABC and I remember watching it as a 12 year old when it first aired. If I find a copy of it somewhere, you'll be the first to know. - Editor

Best horror site ever! Hands down....but I see no thoughts on one of my favorite slashers from the early 80's.. "MOTHER'S DAY" by Kaufman...
AND there's a weird movie called 'PANIC' I've never seen anyone review...all I remember is a mutated zombie-like man on the cover, I think he was in the sewers or something... it looked like it was from the 80's...I have yet to see it online after years of searching...

Mike Sosnowski

MOTHER'S DAY is one of my favorite horror films of the 80s. It's a great slice of early 80s Americana and twisted family values. I usually do not do reviews of films that have had a theatrical release, which MOTHER'S DAY had. But that's not really the reason I haven't reviewed it. One of the actors in it is a good friend of mine. He still acts in films today. I don't review films with friends in them as not to seem biased. I own both the VHS and DVD versions of this film.
PANIC on the other hand is another story. This is a 1982 Italian-made piece of crap originally titled BAKTERION. It's deadly-dull and would only get a couple of lines for review on my "Short Reviews For Sucky Films" section on my web site. By the way, it stars the late David Warbeck. I do have this on VHS. I bought it from a Mom and Pop video store that was going out of business for $2.00. - Editor

I found your site doing research on early photographs some match in the search process.
My wife loves these old gaggers for some unknown reason probably why she tolerates me. and We enjoyed reading about films we never heard of she finds hers at $1 DVD and Video basket sales so they are pretty much PG.
I have watched plenty of them and wondered why I watched but wondered even more why anyone would have made this film.
Keep up the site we will be visiting and possibly purchasing a few of these titles.

Bill and Jo Ann Lewis
1857 Provine St.
Fort Worth, Tx 76103
[email protected]

Glad you like the site. It's the first time that I've heard the films called "gaggers" though. - Editor


This film was shot under the title, "Matthew".

Bill Reynolds
(The newlywed guy that Matt brained at the stream with a rock... that stream, by the by, was colder than hell; runoff snow (November) filmed in the [Big] Tajunga Canyon area.)

Thanks for the info, Bill. Good to see that you are still around. Got any other stories about the film? - Editor

Hello again, Fred.

In terms of the character, Matthew: My understanding was that he was originally to have been a much younger person though, I'm not sure where that would have gone in terms of holding the hooker hostage.  Still, somehow Freddy (Holbert) wound up reading for Marc (Ray), he saw him in the role and as a project of this kind was want to do, the creators started making changes right and left (again, as I understood it all.)
One of the more graphically gory shots was cut from the picture.  It involved Matthew's axing Mack to death.  The scene called for a CU on the back of Mack's murdered head and the axe coming down upon it.  The prop head of Mack had been fitted with a fresh calve's brain and when the blade popped the skull... well, there it was to have been in living blood-red color.  The team couldn't pull it off however, so the shot, though filmed, was dropped and in doing so, created that rather jumpy cut just after Matthew's final swing of the axe.
Another shot that had to be deleted: After Matthew takes me down (in the stream) with the rock, I had a final line up to him, "You hit me, man."  (Clever dialogue back there in the early 70s.) -- which was cut, probably due to my Shakespearean-like delivery (we're talking facetiously, now) and the scene went right to him pounding me to pulp and letting me 'plop' into the snow runoff that made up that stream in Big Tujunga/Sunland (in November!).  Anyway, I'm down for the count and Freddy tosses the rock away -- a sponge actually, cut like a rock.  You may have noticed a jump cut there too, because that sponge went part way up the bank, rolled back down into the stream and began floating along with the current.  (Is it me... or, would that tend to dissipate the validity of that particular stone as being a killing weapon?)
Marc B. Ray, our director, later wrote for the New Mickey Mouse Club (go figure).  Our cinematographer Stephen Burnum, went on to film the likes of "Rumble Fish", "Apocalypse Now", "St. Elmo's Fire", "The Untouchables" and "Hoffa", for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.
Thanks for you interest in the pic.  I'd love to see someone snap up the rights to it, do a proper digital clean up and transfer it to disk.  The VCI package is, apparently, a mess; from the descriptions I've read online,  it sounds like someone found as clean a VHS copy as they could and just dubbed it across.
Finally, under the heading, 'Who'da Thought?'; our film, which went through at least four title changes, often has its director misnamed (throughout the Net). Credit sometimes goes to Robert J. Emery who, coincidentally, shot another film called SCREAM BLOODY MURDER right around the same time in 1971/72.  Because of this, both directors will at times end up on the same bill; Robert J. Emery and Marc B. Ray.  Marc however, is the solely responsible for the version with Fred Holbert.
I don't know where any of the cast and/or crew is today.  At the time, it was a job, I shot two (different) days, and slid on down the road.  I didn't keep in touch with anyone from the production.
The only other time you'd have gotten a peek at my kisser in a feature came by way of a brief on-camera stint in BLACULA, also from 1972.  (I'm the cop who kills his girlfriend and, demonstrating little brilliance, rushes the vampire who proceeds to kill me via knocking the crap out've me.)

Bill Reynolds / Lex (is THAT a 70s name... or what???)

I live for emails like this! - Editor

I just wanted to say thanks for a decent and honest review of MASTER BLASTER. Not the original title by the way. When I wrote it it was called GAME OF CHANCE. I sold the script while in the hospital after getting my right arm mangled by a shotgun blast in an airboat. Hence, the leather arm guard you see me wearing throughout the film. The ending, WHICH I ABSOLUTELY HATED! by the way, was changed by the producer that bought the script from me in the hospital. It underwent a major re-write and it was a very difficult shoot for me.
I auditioned for the role of Hawk after just being out of the hospital a couple of weeks. I was discharged on January 15th and was doing the pool hall fight 2 months after getting shot.
I've been in the biz a lot of years. Done a lot of films. Both big and small. Read a lot of critics trashing the work with no concept of behind the scenes. Directors, writers, producers, language barriers, no money, impossible odds etc...
I make no excuses...It is what it is...but I just wanted to express my thanks for an honest and pretty accurate description.
Happy Thanksgiving
Jeff Moldovan
Original writer of Game of Chance ( Master Blaster ) 
Jeremy Hawk
By the way...The actress I did the," love scene with under the tree," had really bad breath and banner planes flew through the shot every 5 minutes. She was also cast because she was dating one of the producers. Who is now in a Mexican jail...

Again, I live for shit like this! Thanks, Jeff,  for the background info. Great stuff. - Editor

Hi There,

I've just spent a very enjoyable hour combing through your fantastic web-site and thought I'd just convey my admiration, it beats the hell out of any other horror/exploitation sites I've seen! I've been delving into the world of regional American cinema recently and found your reviews a wonderful source of information, giving me pointers for many more unexplored avenues. Thanks!
Also found myself in agreement with many of your opinions - some of the most obscure films can yield the greatest pleasures, especially if you've done your homework and watched all the classic major titles already - sometimes all it takes is a single bizarre idea coming at you out of left field to make a film worthwhile. And discovering these neglected treats is part of the fun - the old hunter-gatherer instinct in action I suppose!
Anyway, congratulations for putting in so much good work. By the way, I write on horror films myself (I edited 'Eyeball', a British film mag, and wrote a book on Lucio Fulci's films, called 'Beyond Terror'). I see you liked Fulci's Zombie and The Beyond, so check out my publisher's web-site if you'd like to know more (
Best wishes and apologies for the fragment of e-mail flotsam before this!

Steve Thrower


Stumbled onto your profile of George "Buck" Flower while I was searching for his address...I worked with Buck on "RADICAL JACK" and was psyched to see your page on him. I called him tonight to ask if he had ever seen your profile on him which he hadn't. (He just got a computer recently I think.) Any way, I am forwarding the page address to him and hopefully he'll get in touch with you.

Paul Schnabel

Uncle Fred:

Nice that somebody remembers my fifteen minutes in the business.
I'm normaly not too bright, but on computers my stupidity really shines.
I'm fairly competent on the telephone though. Feel free to call me at (phone number removed for privacy reasons).

I'd love to talk to you.
Buck Flower


Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for giving such a strong review for SATAN'S CHILDREN. I played the role of Simon in the feature (if one wants to call it that).  Your review of my performance was very generous, all things considered.
I now call Seattle my home, just about as far from Florida as you can get (unintentional, I assure you, but possibly subconsious), and still occasionally act in films and commercials (no one seems to need a 6'6" actor these days who plays heavies).  If you look veeerry quickly, you may see me in a couple of Twin Peaks episodes, and in the background of some bigger films like Raise the Titanic, Airport '79, Assasins - that sort of thing.  I spend most of my days as a full-time professional writer, and have won a few awards for screenplays and one novel.  No deals so far, I'm afraid.  But one stays busy...
In any event, many thanks to you.  Much success in your website. I just knew that somewhere that film would resurface in the future.  Now if I can just keep it away from my kids...



I didn't know where exactly to post this, whether you have a forum/discussion group, or perhaps a "need to know" section.  I will say that in a search for the title of a MudMan/Monster movie in which the mud man's hand is caught in a cabin door and crawls off, we ran into dozens of people who remember this movie and scores of people that want to own it or see it again.  It was the hardest search I've ever done on the internet, and it took the collective memories of lots of people to solve the mystery. I thought a few people at your site might be interested in this. Can you pass it to the correct page or link.  Let me know.

Thanks --
[email protected]

MudMan movie solved!  After a lot of research by a lot of avid detectives, we've concluded that we're all remembering the same movie about a Mud Man/Monster and a hand that gets chopped off in a cabin door.  It was a Canadian-produced 1978 TV pilot for CBS called "THE WORLD BEYOND", directed by Noel Black and one of the stars was JoBeth Williams.  Although currently unavailable on video/dvd, a few of us have requests in to the director Mr. Black, and are exploring other avenues for getting a knocked-off copy of this one-hour movie. Any further help or information would be welcomed.  Also, if any individuals would like to be included should we procure a copy, let me know.  Thanks to all that helped in this search.


I was wondering if you knew where I could find a copy of Wally Koz's "555".  I have been looking for this movie since I saw it as a teenager.  The only time I've EVER seen it was in a small video store in South Georgia that has since gone out of business.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!  I've searched the internet and nothing comes up except links to sites like yours (a very nice site, BTW) that list the movie, but NO WHERE can I find a place to purchase it...

Jason Pearce

Try eBay. You can get practically any video at one of their auctions. You may have to pay a steep price for it, but that's one of the drawbacks of collecting. - Editor.

Dear Mr. Adelman

I have been looking for this title of this 1992 film for years. It is based on the Riverside/Lake Elsinore Serial Killings. The murderer did the favor of dumping one of his victims near where they were filming this movie in Corona, CA. Maybe the director, Jim McBrearity, never released it. The film is a semi-sequel to SORORITY GIRLS AND THE CREATURE FROM HELL (1991), both starring Debra Dutch.

Chad Castagana

The film you are thinking of is ROADSIDE JUSTICE (1992). It stars Gene Sorenson, Simon Shamonui, Debbie Dare and Lynette McBrearty. It was directed and produced by John McBrearty who also directed the above mentioned SORORITY GIRLS. It is not available on video and I believe it was shown only once on the USA Network sometime in the early to mid-90's and then disappeared from view. I hope your brain stops burning now. - Editor.


I am looking for a pretty obscure movie called "THE WILD GYPSIES"  I think its on your web site.  It made a big impact on me in the 60's.  I recall it was a hedonistic expose of the sex crazed gypsy culture.  Of course I could have been (probably was) on drugs. Is it available on DVD?

Colin Taylor
Accra, Ghana

Unfortunately THE WILD GYPSIES is not available on DVD. I did find one place where they sold it on VHS. New World Video used to sell a legal version, but it has long since been out-of-print.  Go to: to purchase this film. It's a dupe so be wary of quality. This is a rare film to find available for purchase in the U.S. I hope this helps. It was directed by the notorious Marc B. Ray, who also directed the oddball SCREAM BLOODY MURDER (1972). - Editor


Re: Movies that you have listed for Buck Flower that he was not involved with:

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG. BULL DURHAM. FUNNY FARM. BIRDY. Believe me, Buck Flower wishes he was in the aforementioned. I believe the actor that you have me confused with here was George Buck, a very fine actor in his own right. 

THE SEX PROPHET. PIG KEEPER'S DAUGHTER ( Which I believe is the same movie as SASSY SUE).  TOBACCO ROODY.  The last was a pretty good little film. The others Buck Flower is just as glad he wasn't in.

Buck Flower

Thanks for the info. I will remove the credits from the list. Are you sure that you did not appear in the other Bethel Buckalew-directed films? (PIGKEEPER'S DAUGHTER and SASSY SUE are indeed two different films. I've seen them both but don't remember seeing you in them. Someone else who I used to trust told me that you were indeed in them!) I know you appeared in Buckalew's BELOW THE BELT and COUNTRY CUZZINS. I will take TOBACCO ROODY off the list also. I will not take SEX PROPHET off the list since I have a copy and it is indeed you in the film. Don't worry, you are fully clothed. You may remember it being filmed under a different name. It looks like the hardcore inserts were inserted after the film was finished. It's not even listed in the Internet Movie Database ( unless you are a member and even then it doesn't give any details. I hear it's a pretty good seller in Australia! I bought this film from some underground company that sells "black market" tapes and, even though the picture quality is blurry to say the least, your unmistakable voice can be heard. Ahhh, your voice. Nobody in the world sounds like you. What have you been doing lately? Any new films in the can? I read your book with Charles Napier and nearly peed my pants! I hear that you two are going to write another one. I hope so. Thanks for setting the record straight and please do stay in touch. I look forward to hearing from you soon. - Editor

I'll take your word for THE SEX PROPHET. Still can't figure out which little classic that was.  Not surprised I was dressed. It didn't take long back then, after I had appeared necked on screen, before they started paying me more money to keep my clothes on.   As for PIG KEEPER'S DAUGHTER, I was supposed to be in it. Big Buck (Bethel Buckalew) even wrote me a role, but I got called to Lubbock, Texas to either be in or direct a play. SASSY SUE still evades my old mind, but so many things do... I forgot to thank you for your feedback on the book.  Charlie and I both really appreciate it. Also, on behalf of George Buck, wherever he may be, thanks for deleting his credible credits from my list of sleaze.


Hello, Mr Critic

I am not one to judge one's taste in movies, so I am not even going to bitch about that, however, MY FATHER WAS ACQUITTED of his drug charges.  You posting that my mom was an EX-COCAINE queen is not legal.  Please remove this remark from your website as it is defamation of character, besides, he does have children trying to live down the misconceptions of his name.  Thank you kindly.

Kathryn DeLorean

The movie Ms. DeLorean was talking about was MARY MARY BLOODY MARY (1975) starring her mom Cristina Ferrare. Out of deference to her family, I will remove the "Ex-Cocaine Queen" reference from the review (even though it's against my better judgement). I never meant to say that she used cocaine, only to mention that Mr. DeLorean was arrested on cocaine charges (which he was later exonerated). King. Queen. Get it? It's this kind of political and litigious bullshit which makes me want to puke! - Editor


I used to watch the horror movies they played on Channel 50 in Detroit growing up, it must have been the mid to late 70's. I recall one movie about a mummy who comes back as a woman, but she was afraid of cats, and at the end of the movie a bunch of housecats come into the house and bascially tear her back into mummy dust or whatever. Its been a long time but for some reason that one scared me.  I'd like to watch it again. I'm thinking it had something to do with a scarab?  But that could have been a separate one, there were alot of Egyptian themes on tv at that time it seams.

Phil Smith

The movie you are thinking about is an old 1973 TV Movie called THE CAT CREATURE. It's a lovely story about and ancient mummy possessing a modern-day girl who is strictly unable to handle cats (a running theme in a lot of mummy movies). And yes, a scarab was involved! The film was directed by veteran Curtis Harrington, written by the legendary Robert Bloch and starred Meredith Baxter, David Hedison, John Carradine and Stuart Whitman. Movies of these types were very typical in the 70's as all three major networks were turning out one every week. They are very hard to find now. Try eBay. There is always someone on there that sells dupes of these films. - Editor


Can you help me... I am looking for THE UNEARTHING (ASWANG) , released in 1993/1994.

Thank you,
Russell Deetz

Good news! THE UNEARTHING (aka ASWANG) is available on eBay ( for as little as $1.99. It's a great movie to pick up for your permanent collection. It's also available on DVD from Mondo Macabro under the title ASWANG. Not a bad for a  film that was made in Wisconsin. - Editor

Hi there....

I had the pleasure of partying and going to see a bluegrass band this past weekend with Buck.  I met him through an acquaintence of mine and she happens to be very good friends with him.  I live in upstate NY in a town called Binghamton. He is residing up this way but when I spoke to him at the show he said he had plans to move to Nashvillie. When my friend introduced me to him I wasn't like WHOAHH! AN ACTOR!  But more impressed with his sense of humor and good taste in music. Quite the character I must say. It was interesting to talk to someone that has been in movies on a personal level like I did. He did not make me feel uncomfortable nor brag in anyway. I had no idea he was Tim Robbins' dad in "Bull Durham"!!! One of my favorite all time flicks! So it was so awesome to talk someone that obviously knew the movie and had a love for baseball like me! Anyways...I was so intrigued I did a Google search on him and came across not much as you said in your article. Sounds like a low key guy.

Mike Ondreyko

Sorry to say Mike that you have two actors confused. Who you met was character actor George Buck, not actor George "Buck" Flower. George Buck appeared in a lot of Alan Parker's films, Including BIRDY (1984), ANGEL HEART (1987) and COME SEE THE PARADISE (1990) as well as playing Tim Robbins' dad in BULL DURHAM (1988). Mr. Flower alerted me to this fact after I mistakenly listed these films in his filmography. I'm sure Mr. Buck is also a nice guy! - Editor


I´m a filmfreak from Finland, and I´m searching desperately the movie "WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS", and your text about the film was the only one I found from net. Now I´m asking is it possible to order that movie or something..


The film is available on VHS from eBay (  Beware because there are two movies named WHEN THE BOUGH BREAKS. I believe the one you want stars Martin Sheen. The other one is a TV movie starring Ted Danson. I use eBay all the time to pick up hard-to-find videos and DVDs. I've never had a bad experience with them. Check to see whether NTSC videos will play in your country before bidding on them. - Editor


I was wondering if you could help me out with the title of a horror movie, and if whether or not it's available on dvd.  I believe that was released to television during the early 1970's.  It was about a family (if memory serves me right) who ends up staying in a town dominated by devil worshipers (it's not "The Brotherhood of Satan"), rather, from what little I do recall of it, there is one eerie scene where the inhabitants are standing outside of the family's bedroom at night, dressed up as animals.  Another scene included one of the cultists remarking "we have a covenant with death", and finally, the family in another scene, is driving away from the town, only to be rerouted back to it with a sign indicating "San Lemas", inverted "Nas Salem".  It was pretty good at the time.  Also, do you know whether or not a made for television movie called "The Haunted", based on the true story by Ed and Lorraine Warren, will be out on dvd.  Again, thanks much!

Mr. Granat

The movie you are talking about is BLACK NOON (1971), a TV movie starring Roy Thinnes, Yvette Mimieux, Ray Milland, Gloria Grahame, Henry Silva and Lynn Loring. It was one of the better made-for-TV flicks and I still remember watching it when I was a kid. It was directed by Bernard L. Kowalski who also made NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST (1958), ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES (1959), SSSSSSS (1973) and dozens of TV series and films. You can probably pick up a copy of it on eBay ( as a dupe since it was never released on home video legally.

As far as THE HAUNTED (1991): Sorry to say that there's no release date for a DVD. It's a shame too. It's one of the better haunted house thrillers to come down the pike in a long while. The SciFi Channel shows it a lot, so you may want to tape it from there. I have attached an original Ad Mat of the film when Fox TV premiered it. Enjoy! - Editor

I was told to contact you as you might be able to help me.  I have tried for the longest time to get even just one episode of this show (SHADOW THEATER).  It was on the USA Network circa '89-'90 or so.  It was hosted by Robert Englund and he hosted horror clips and whatnot, plus did skits.  Among the things I've tried are:
Contacting a friend who knew someone at the USA Network.  The friend said the person they knew confirmed it did air, but couldn't help me out.
Contacted Robert Englund's official website, but I got an email back from his wife and she said even Rob didn't own an episode!!
Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I remember the show well. It aired in '89 and only ran for about 8 episodes. I do not own any episodes and I have extensively searched the internet for some help. I'll let you know what I find out. Meanwhile, here's an ad mat for the show which appeared in TV Guide in '89. Hope you enjoy it. - Editor

I was wondering how I could get a copy of SLEDGEHAMMER (1984).  It was directed by David Prior.  Thank you so much.

Ryan Harbison

I sent Ryan a copy of SLEDGEHAMMER on DVD-R and sent him an email asking him how he liked it. This is the response that I got back:

Yes, unfortunately Ryan did receive it...   I'm his mom and my maiden name was Jeanine Scheer.  I played Mary in the movie which is why Ryan was so determined to find it.  I was hoping no one would ever see that movie.  I had never seen any part of it before, it was worse than I had even imagined it would be!!  Thank you so much for being so nice to send it though.  Can we pay you something for it?  Thanks again for going out of your way.
Jeanine Harbison

It seems kids never let their parents off the hook for past indescretions! Ryan sent me the following email:

That you so much for getting that DVD to me. We thoughly enjoyed it and my mother was shocked to find that there was an actual copy of the movie floating around out there - She has never seen the final product. I am planning on writing a sequel for my summer project.  All in all the acting wasn't too bad but the screenplay, cinematography and editing could have used some help.  Again thank you so very much.  You made our night.  Any suggetions would be very much apprecited.


Film it on digital video if you can't afford to shoot it on film. Make the killer more supernatural and make the sledgehammer the only object he kills with. You can get very creative with a sledgehammer! - Editor

For no particular reason I was thinking about an old friend tonight, and knowing he was an actor of sorts, decided to “google” him and see what he was up to, only to find your web site and discover that George Aloysius “Buck” Flower had passed away 6 months ago.  You mentioned that you didn’t have a lot of background on him, so I thought I would give you some.
“Buck” and I were friends and roommates back in the late 50’s and early 60’s.  Maybe we hit it off so well because I am only one day older than he is.  I can no longer remember just how or where we met, but it was in Pasadena and we became fast friends.  He was going to PCC for awhile, then dropped out.  We were running with the PCC “theater arts” crowd however, along with a few of the people from the Pasadena Playhouse.  Drinking, smoking and other endeavors were the rule of the day. 
As life has it, we headed in different directions.  He to New York, I to my first marriage.  We never really regained our relationship after that.  I eventually lost track of him.  I located him somehow several years later and we shared a birthday at his house in LA.  I lost his address after that and never saw him again.  I regret that.
I believe it was the summer of 1958 or 59 that Buck and I left Los Angeles headed for Eastern Oregon.  We had another guy with us, his name was Ron.  Ron owned the car. No money though, and bald tires.  An older Chevy as I remember.  I had about $50 and Buck was broke.  We were headed up 395 and were in the middle of the desert when the tire went flat.  No spare.  We ran on the rim until we came to an old gas station and I bought a used tire for $5.
Just after we got into Oregon, Buck and I had a falling out with Ron.  We split up, Ron going his way in the car and Buck & I hitchhiking.  We eventually made it to Buck’s parents ranch in Monument.  I still remember our meal that night.  It was the first time I had ever eaten mountain goat and the best damn homemade sourdough biscuits in the world.
You wouldn’t have thought that his dad had a penny.  Bib overalls, driving an old beat-up Chevy.  As Buck told me however, he held the mortgages on several of the ranches around him and was worth a bundle.  Buck never saw any of it though.  His father wanted him to get “real” work and give up that “actin’” stuff.  Buck wouldn’t do it, and his father cut him off and out of the will.  My understanding is that he left everything to Buck’s kids.
There were 5 of us that summer, living in a rented cabin.  Me, Buck and three local boys that Buck had grown up with.  I remember that one of them looked exactly like James Arness of “Gunsmoke”.
Buck and I were working at a local sawmill while the others were out with a logging crew.  It was a really interesting summer.  Many stories I can tell, and more than one “life lesson “ learned.
Don’t know why I felt it necessary to write this.  It’s sad to lose your friends, even ones you haven’t seen for years.  Makes you feel old. 
If anyone wants to hear me.

Andy Bottelson
[email protected]

Hi there,

I was googling around the other day, and I googled myself (!) and found a link to your site; the horror page.  It was nice to read a review of the movie (BLOOD SONG) I thought had disappeared.  We knew it as "PREMONITIONS" while making it and I never knew what became of it.  You're right, Frankie did a good job, but pretty much quit after that.  I don't know why.
Fun to read,
Jennifer Enskat (hitchhiker)

Hi there.....

I was on-line searching for a movie I was in many years ago called BLOOD SONG and found your site. I was a senior in high school at the time an was elated at that a movie was being filmed at my high school. I was pleased to meet Frankie Avalon and all of the cast. I became good friends with Noelle North and I have many photos from the production. I was especially pleased to introduce my mother to Frankie Avalon, who was teen idol in her days of youth. I was in many scenes, though several were edited from the picture, but I am in a close up in the classroom. I was able to hang out with cast and watch filming in several locations and the assistant director liked me and made sure I was in a scene that other kids did not get to be in. I corresponded with Noelle for a time, but lost contact until 1985 when I moved to Portland, Oregon. I have not heard from her since...mostly my fault for being young and too involved with too many things. I am an entertainer/pianist and have met many celebs in the club I headlined in years ago. I  am currently working on some new projects for next year, such as a CD & Video promo...maybe starting a a book of my experiences on the stage. Thanks again for a great website.

Patrick Anderson

Wow! Two people involved in an obscure film such as BLOOD SONG took the time to write me and tell their experiences. This is what running a web site is all about. Good luck to both Jennifer and Patrick in their future endeavors and thanks for taking the time to share your stories. - Editor

Hey Fred:

Pass the word, this festival is in Chicago and GHOST LAKE is in competition at the festival so it could maybe win some trinkets.
I'm letting people know outside of the LA area to tub thump back there in the heartland.
Hope you're well.
Jay Woelfel

Jay, I'm always happy to tub thump for your films. If more people did it, more films would get made by you. I've sat through some bad crap films lately and could always use another one of your films to cheer me up and give me hope. - Editor

Yo, I just saw on KJIL here in L.A. (they are located in San Bernadino), a movie I had not seen in 20 years!
A really nasty gory movie.  I did not get the name of it though. It starred Louise Fletcher and some really witchy chick named Fiona Lewis. Another actor was named Scott Brady.
This film concerns a mysterious college where, after people have been there, they turn into zombie-like murderers.
It turns out this evil doctor from years before was experimenting with behavior altering drugs and brought about the death of this guy's wife who opposed this mad doctor years before. The doctor tries to brainwash his son into murdering his father . .
Blah blah blah. It is a 1981 film, with the music by Tangerine Dream.
Chad Castagana, of the Planet Earth

That film is STRANGE BEHAVIOR (1981) and was directed by Michael Laughlin, who later went on to direct STRANGE INVADERS (1984). STRANGE BEHAVIOR (also known as DEAD KIDS) is a favorite of mine because of the use of Lou Cristie's song "Lightning Strikes" during a party and everyone is dancing to it. It also has a particularly nasty needle in the eye scene. Tangerine Dream has never made a bad album or score for a movie. Check out their eerie score for Michael Mann's THE KEEP (1983). You get goosebumps just listening to it. They never got the recognition they deserve, except for a small circle of discerning fans. - Editor

Dear CritCon Man,

Maybe you can help me.  I'm at my wit's end.
There was a movie in the early/mid 70's where a cruise ship full of passengers strays into uncharted waters and winds up in a sea of sea monsters, man-eating plants, quicksand islands, etc.  It might have been a Philippine horror flick and it might have been shown on "Chiller Theater" but honestly, those are just hunches. I distinctly remember a scene where a man disappears down a hole lined with claw-like teeth, reminiscent of the sand pit creature in "Return of the Jedi".

Chas. Lellman

The film you are referring to is Hammer Films' THE LOST CONTINENT (1968). It is available on DVD from Amazon ( for $10.99. It's one of my favorite films of the late 60s due to it's plot that switches gears halfway though as our hero and heroine (Eric Porter and Hildegard Knef) must deal  with killer plants, pirates, and a sea full of strange creatures. I remember seeing this film as a kid on TV in the 70's on Chiller Theater and some of the scenes that you describe still stick in my mind. I haven't seen this film for years but, thanks to you, I'm going to purchase it to see if it still holds up today. I hope so! - Editor

Someone just showed me your review of my film SONNY BOY. I want to thank you for your insights. I've just signed with a distributor for my film BABY LUV which is now called BABIES FOR SALE. No one is giving me any money for another film yet, but I appreciate the suggestion.

Thanks again,
Robert Martin Carroll

The film financiers are idiots. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback of my review of SONNY BOY saying that it is one of their favorite films. The "Powers-That-Be" can't see talent if it is staring at them in their faces. Good luck with BABIES FOR SALE. I can't wait to see it.
Here's hoping that you make another film very soon! - Editor

Recently came across you site while looking up Buck Flower...I had been watching TV over the weekend, and a film called "RADICAL JACK" was on...had realized at the time that Buck had moved to higher ground.
I moved to LA in 1980ish...met Buck...what a unique a low-budget DP, we crossed paths a few times, along with some of his buddies...
Do you have a e-mail address on Verkina Flower?
Also, I've been trying to catch up with a low-budget director that used to put Buck in all his films...David DeCoteau. He did a few films for Charlie Band/Full Moon, I had a email address for David, he was in Canada...if he's some one you are familure with...maybe you can pass his email addres along..

Many thanks,
Phil in Oregon
Cameras & Copters
Another Grip and Lighting Truck

I gave Phil the email address of both Verkina Flower and David DeCoteau. Dave now runs Rapid Heart Pictures ( which makes horror and action films that seem to contain a lot of gay content (see my review of LEECHES). Not that there's anything wrong with that. - Editor

Hi Fred--

Love (LOVE!) your site and opinions. I too, have purchased videos off eBay and copied them to DVD. Attached is my list. Also, I now have TiVo and can burn movies from commercial-free channels like Turner to DVD, so I'm happy!
BLOOD AND LACE, with that horrendously shocking last minute twist is a classic -- but I don't see it on your list. You've seen it right?
Didn't see those listed -- too old?
Anyway, if there's anything on my list you'd like, let me know.

Jeff Stevenson (NYC)

Yes, I have seen most of those films. Don't you think BLOOD AND LACE is the bloodiest PG-rated film in history? If I wrote reviews about every film I saw, I'd have no time to do anything else, like watch more films. LET'S SCARE JESSICA TO DEATH is one of my favorites. It's creepy without being bloody and is a cult classic to me. I try to review films that are rare and usually not written about on other sites. I remember watching THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED and seeing the patchwork woman made of murdered body parts and nearly losing my lunch at a local theater in the early 70's. God, those were the days. I may do a review of that one. I have to watch it again. Never was a big fan of Riccardo Freda (whom I mistakenly identified as Jess Franco in my return email to Jeff), so I don't care for THE HORRIBLE DOCTOR HICHCOCK and, believe it or not, I have never seen MILL OF THE STONE WOMEN. I believe it's available on DVD and may pick it up. I hear it's pretty good.
Thanks for the nice words about my site. I try to be as partial as possible, but c'mon some of these films are a complete waste of time. I just voice my opinion and try to give all my readers their chance to voice theirs also.  - Editor


I hadn't noticed your web site before I performed the search for "DRIVE-IN MASSACRE" but I see we have some overlap--though you've probably seen about 10 times as many of these films as I have.
Love EQUINOX and have a strange fascination for THE ALPHA INCIDENT and all things Rebane--the repellant wodenness of everything is disquieting.
Actually saw THE BEYOND at a Toronto theatre last week.
I recently bought a VHS copy of EYES of FIRE --that film is amazing. I'm sure the Blair Witch guys used it as inspiration. If you haven't seen it, I recommend it highly and would be happy to send you a copy if you like.

Peter Kenter (aka: TVNorth)

I have seen EYES OF FIRE. It's a great atmospheric film set in the frontier days. I plan on writing a review of it in the near future. Director Avery Crounse later went on to make THE INVISIBLE KID!
I also have a weakness for all things Rebane. He has emailed me a couple of times complaining about being screwed by Fred Olen Ray and running for Governor of Wisconsin. I wish he would make more films. Check out the reviews for his films THE GAME, INVASION FROM INNER EARTH, THE DEMONS OF LUDLOW and his last film, BLOOD HARVEST on my web site. You can actually see him progress as a director if you watch his films in cronological order. - Editor

EYES OF FIRE is one hell of a film and I was really getting Blair Witch deja vu watching it. I checked out Crounse's photography as well. A Canadian group, The Tragically Hip, named its most popular album "Trouble in the Hen House" after one of Crounse's photos featured on the album cover.
One thing about THE ALPHA INCIDENT that really blows me away is the awful "come hither" attitude of that two-bit floozy who tries to suck up to the sexist pig. "Not bad...." says he, while I gag.  I don't have access to Rebane's later films but I own all of his most popular. Always wondered if Ennio Morricone ever heard his theme for INVASION FROM INNER EARTH? I actually puzzled over this film's meaning for awhile--then stopped cold turkey.

Peter Kenter (aka: TVNorth)

INVASION FROM INNER EARTH (also released as HELL FIRE on VHS minus the ending and a couple of other scenes) makes hardly any sense. There is a bit of dialogue in the film in which one of the characters says that the alien force may have been living underground for millions of years. It will drive you nuts if you try to figure it out. - Editor

I have enjoyed browsing your site.  I am a doing a college project which requires me to design a movie poster.  I want to do a horror poster for a fictitional film called The Bait Shop.  I need to draw a eerie-looking bait shop in a swamp and am looking for material to help me with the details.  Do you know of any "swamp shacks" I can use for a model?

Thank you for any help,

Watch the films BLOOD HOOK (1986), 1984's JUNIOR or Tobe Hooper's EATEN ALIVE (1976). They all contain eerie shacks that should give you a good model. Lorenzo Lamas' film SNAKE EATER (1989) and POOR WHITE TRASH PART II (1974) also have good swamp shacks. - Editor

Hi there,
I've looked through ur listings to see if I can match a film to my sketchy memories of one I watched at least 20 years ago or there abouts.
It was a horror and all I can remember is a women or girl getting hit over the head with a hammer or something but the hammer is soft and floppy for the 1st few hits then it becomes normal and tough and knocks her out.
Something about her laying eggs rings a bell too?!
Could involve a clown of some sort maybe...
Any ideas?
Martin Kearns

The film I think you are talking about is XTRO (1983), a truly bizarre British film which contains all the scenes you describe. It is available on DVD from I hope this helps. - Editor

Hello Fred

I happened to of found your website the other day. Very Cool. Have been reading a lot of your reviews.
Any way I was wondering if you might be able to help me with the name of a film? I do not have a lot to go on. But I remember watching it on Saturday Nightmares, a horror program that use to air on the USA Channel in the 1980s not sure if you know of the show? I only remember one scene of the film in which a zombie like looking guy is living in a basement of a house with a lot of stuffed animals and at the end of the film a guy comes down and hits the zombie like looking guy in the head with a 2x4 that has a nail sticking out of it and the zombie guy falls to the ground with it sticking out of his head and dies..I think?. I was reading your review of THE UNSEEN (1980) and it sounds like it just might be the film? I have looked at the pictures you posted of The Thing from The Unseen. But I am not sure if that was the zombie like looking guy I remember or not. Might a scene like that take place in the film?
Thanks for any help you can give me


It is indeed THE UNSEEN. The scene you describe with the nail in the board appears at the end of the film. It gets planted in the thing's head as we watch him slowly pull it out while crying. He wasn't a zombie though. Just a misunderstood man-child that was the outcome of brother/sister incest. The thing in the basement was played by Stephen Furst, who played Flounder in the ANIMAL HOUSE film. He has since shed about 100 pounds and now directs films, including the recent supernatural western STAGEGHOST (2000). - Editor


Since you have been very vocal in espousing the situation between myself and Bill Rebane both on your website and on the DVD Maniacs forum I thought you would like to know that Rebane's message about us on your site loomed large in a liable/defamation complaint that resolved itself earlier this month as part of a bigger lawsuit that found Rebane liable on all counts and ordered to immediately pay Retromedia $66,000 in damages.
The arbiters court affirmed Retromedia's right and title to both SPIDER INVASION and BLOOD HARVEST, they also extended our license term for an additional two years beyond its initial length for the damage caused by Rebane's illegal double-selling of those exclusive rights, affirmed our right to sublicense the films (which we did to Rhino/Mystery Science Theatre) and confirmed the infringement of our rights by BCI/Brentwood (who thusly made sufficient financial restitution to us).
Rebane has been legally barred from talking about us publically or writing about us in the future, he has been ordered to remove his website wherein he sells a version of SPIDER INVASION, and has been ordered cease and desist under law any further selling or trafficking of these rights until our extended term expires.
That's just the tip of the iceberg... he has been ordered to pay all court costs, including an additional $5000 for filing a wrongful nuisance suit against us in small claims court in Wisconsin (which was thrown out at the time as being improper).
Your website provided the needed evidence of defamation of character and libel.
If you could please stop posting about how Retromedia "screwed" Bill Rebane and how he made us "pull" BLOOD HARVEST from release we would greatly appreciate it. I'm sure you can understand how these fabrications could wrongfully dampen our reputation and in light of the recent rulings you might want to correct or delete them as you see fit.
Many thanks in advance.


Well, color me embarassed! I have deleted Mr. Rebane's email and all references about him and Retromedia. The last thing I want is to cause bad blood between me and anyone else. I'm not too sure how I feel about my website being used as evidence in a court case. That was not my intention. It was only meant to entertain. - Editor


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